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Article By Lou E Green Because of the simpleness and easy of constructing a pergola is very sensible, it is no marvel that lots of take this project on as one of their first DIY home improvement projects. Article By Lou E Green Join 500 homeowners and receive our lesson plan on  preparing to build your own pergola.
Article By Lou E Green What if your yard or deck or patio or roof line that you want to use for a pergola is not perfectly straight and doesn't have those nice square corners on all sides? Article By Lou E Green The kitchen pergola is a perfect blend of an extremely useful and stylish addition to a backyard.
The customer service has been excellent and as it is the first time I have ever bought directly from a company abroad I was apprehensive and so every time I contacted you for an update you were prompt and reassuring I would definitely recommend you.
We look forward to when the thermo wood has settled and properly sealed itself in the next month.
My Sauna arrived at the depot yesterday at 20.00 Hrs, the delay was mostly due to the illegal immigrants in Calais causing all trucks to be examined.
The sauna seems to be very well built, and is a very nice design with an interesting and appealing look to it.
Dear Albert, My Sauna arrived at the depot yesterday at 20.00 Hrs, the delay was mostly due to the illegal immigrants in Calais causing all trucks to be examined. Good morning Albert, I’ve attached some photographs showing the hot tub in its final place.
Thanks Albert and please make sure you praise your delivery guys too they represent your company perfectly. Hi TimberIN , we have had lots of interest from friends so have shared your web page , hope you get at least a couple of inquiries. I'm Jane Wrigglesworth, writer, editor and grower of cut flowers who keeps herself pretty busy.
To have a gazebo in your garden, you have two options – you can buy gazebo kits or you can buy wooden gazebo plans. Wood Gazebo : Download free shed plans, garden storage, wood working sheds with designs and patterns. Never miss get special Offer for Download free shed plans, garden storage, wood working sheds with designs and patterns. Having fresh fruits and veggies and being able to enjoy fresh flowers throughout the years makes for a healthier and happier life.A  However, in most of the country, this is not possible because of the changing seasons and temperate weather. A  This is where a greenhouse comes in because it allows you to have all of these things regardless of the season and the weather outside.A  Now, a traditional greenhouse can be pricey and difficult to make, but there are many DIY greenhouse ideas that you can use to build one easily and on a budget. Check out the following DIY greenhouse ideas for some inspiration and plans to create one of your own in your backyard.
There have been over 2,000 downloads, hundreds of comments left in the download request form and numerous emails sent by those that are kind enough to share their results. I had originally designed a vegetable planter box because I wanted to grow some tomatoes and herbs in an otherwise empty area in my side yard. In the course of two seasons, there have been over 2,000 downloads, hundreds of comments left in the download request form and numerous emails sent by those that are kind enough to share their results. This variation has an extra 2x4 along the width to add additional support for the wider box. Please sign up with your email on the banner above or in the box below and take our survey.
Shipping to UK is free of charge. Also shipping to Ireland, Scotland and throughout Europe!
The hot tub is up and running and works perfectly heats with 2 bags of logs and we had no leaks. After arriving at 8am and a quick coffee we all went about working out how to get the tub into place over 100 yards through the garden. At the weekend we set about installing the filter plus the external log burner, as well as filling up the tub with water. We are sure we will get years of use from the tub on starry nights in winter and summer, both relaxing with friends or having fun with the kids; the simplicity of the workmanship makes it an attractive addition to our outdoor space.
It may take a week or so to place in the spot I have for it, but I will send you pictures etc, when this is done.
As per previous feedback on your website, the whole service from order to delivery was brilliant. Everyone was very impressed and couldn't wait to try it out - adults and kids all had a great time.
It was delivered by the nicest delivery guys, it was easy to assemble and within a few hours it was hot enough to use.
Will post some photos soon when i can get the wife to keep her clothes on ;-) Apart from some sap problems, we cannot fault it.
Will post some photos soon when i can get the wife to keep her clothes on ?? Apart from some sap problems, we cannot fault it. Many thanks for everything, it looks great! I have sent you a photo of the sauna on the trailer and where we will situate it.
This easy-to-make obelisk featured in New Zealand Gardener magazine (where I have a monthly DIY column), and it was a real hit with the readers.

A FREE online magazine with crafts, DIYs, recipes, green cleaning solutions, and backyard sustainability. I write for the fabulous NZ Gardener and NZ House & Garden magazines as well as having a weekly column in Your Weekend (the weekend magazine for the Dominion Post, The Press and Waikato Times).
To finalize which can be more convenient for you, it is best to take a closer look at your two options.
After several requests from readers, I made the vegetable planter box plans available online so that StarkSilverCreek readers could build their very own.
I have seen variations of the planter box with no legs sitting flush against the ground, with wheels so that they can be moved around, painted in white instead of stained, and many more great ideas and suggestions. It is a strange feeling seeing a planter box that looks exactly like the one I have in my side yard, built and located half way across the world in Australia. The log burner is a great feature, although you do have to be careful to have dry quality wood otherwise there is a lot of smoke! Already in just over 24 hours the kids have had great fun and the adults have enjoyed sitting under the stars.
I will send you more when we finally have it in its right home! We are very excited to use it and are impressed with the quality of workmanship we have seen so far, obviously we have not been able to test it out fully yet.
Among the different types, wooden gazebos are a big hit when it comes to gazebo home building projects.
It is a great place to host family gatherings, romantic dinners and even simple tea times with friends.
All of us have one additional thing to say to you, we are selling this website very difficult. It gives expert suggestions with stage-by-stage strategies, photos and diagrams to make each undertaking straightforward to tackle.It is bursting with plans for above 12,000 woodworking projects!
The hot tub eventually reached the end of it's journey (Kaunas to Insch, NE Scotland) late on a Thursday night. Another amazing attribute to these high quality tubs is that you can literally put them anywhere. You will also receive an actual blueprint for the structure along with a detailed set of instructions (for the pricing and assembling). You will locate programs for birdhouses, backyard furniture, outside sheds, full size decks, and every little thing in among.
The quality on the information found in Wood Gazebo (Wood Gazebo : Sean Nalewanyjworkout Routine) is well above anything you will find on the market today.
However the delivery drivers could not have been more helpful in ensuring the tub was properly installed before they left.
You will also receive a list of retailers which are most likely to have the required materials…. The price is amazing and we will no doubt be buying another for our holiday cottage business very soon.
Ita€™s been said her laugh can be heard from San Jose all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. No, in my neighborhood, that’s what shotguns and democratic party yard signs are for.
All programs are full from begin to finish, and contain material lists, in depth diagrams, and explicit stage by phase directions. The image that comes to my mind upon reading that definition is that the space that is being defined is enclosed by the fence – like a prison yard. There is a fundamental shift happening when we design fences where we are trying to use them to define edges or planes instead of defining spaces. This allows us to create a visually pleasant and viably usable exterior area while trying to capture that random 10′ of side yard space. There are things to try and avoid when turning your boards horizontal – the main thing being the joints where one board ends and another begins.
You have to stagger the boards in order avoid having your fence look like is was built out of fence panels from aisle 12 – not that there s anything wrong with that.
They also didn’t put a pressure treated base board at the bottom so that they could sink it into the ground.
If you have a small dog, or even one that sorta kinda likes to dig, the bottom of that fence wall is an open invitation for a doggie jailbreak.  See? I totally made this model in 15 minutes)What I have put together here is a crude series of diagrams to show how you can build an extremely durable and long lasting fence with horizontal boards. The last project I priced out had a 10′ metal posts and their cost, plus the labor to dig the hole and the bag of concrete brought the cost of each post to roughly $65. It adds up quick but set properly, they will last the length of your fence and are worth the expense.
Since we are designing a fence that will have horizontally oriented dress boards, we need a stable surface to attach them.
By placing the more expensive posts at a greater interval and using traditional horizontal rail placement, we can then place the vertical rails at an increment that works out with standard size (and cost effective) 6′ 1x dress boards. The fence I showed above is a fence that is appropriately priced for a modern home and  it is designed to last more than 10 years.

We also specify that the boards be seasoned, than they are dipped to apply the stain rather than having the stain sprayed or painted on after installation. Also, I have NEVER build a fence before (nor really anything larger than a rabbit bed box) from wood. I asked a few people out giving quotes for the larger fence issue, but they didn’t even understand my question. Without taking the design into consideration, you could insert a wood post at the halfway mark between the metal posts (wood columns are relatively cheap in comparison to metal). We are planning our new fence with our neighbor and come up with a beautiful side and a back-of-house side. Bob BorsonThe expense is in the structure and support of the dress boards – if you are looking to have both sides look good, the easiest way is to simply apply the dress boards on both sides.
Michael PowellJust a quick warning to fence builders, one panel on level ground is fine, but when you have any kind of a slope, the horizontal rails wander off into thin air. You either have to find a way to step them down a slope without leaving gaps big enough for children to crawl through, or panel vertically, as is usually done.In the latter case, the posts are vertical, the ground board and horizontal rails follow the slope of the ground, and the cladding rails stand vertical using the ground board to align against.Here in Wales, we cope with slopes, hills and mountains, so we prefer the upright approach!! We generally try to avoid sloping the tops of fences – stair-stepping being our preferred method.
A couple of question: How do you attach the boards to the metal posts Where do people dip the boards, onsite at their shops and for how long? Truth is, I don’t know where my contractors dip their boards, I just tell them to do it and it happens.As opposed to green boards? Taking on my own fence install this month as my guy wanted 2500 bucks for a standard, Spruce, dog eared, privacy stockade fence. I always wondered how it would work on a fence because my brain is trained to think that all treated wood needs to receive the same level of treatment if it is exposed. The idea of charring all four (and as much as 6) sides of a fence slat sounds so incredibly labor intensive as to put me off the idea a little bit. Robert W.I have built outdoor furniture using the method, and it is DEF a labor intensive and MESSY process.
And I’m going by your suggestion of metal posts (no sugi ban there), but everything else will have to be treated.
Bob BorsonHi Todd, The orientation of the dress boards will not make a difference in the fences ability to avoid getting blown over in a hurricane.
In either scenario, the structure that is doing the real work is the same – and they are a combination of both vertical and horizontal. I am designing my small backyard(finally!!) and loved the idea for the horizontal fence so googled and reached your blog.
Vadim IvanovInteresting, but I came across the problem of “how to block direct visual connection with the interior of the property using the fence design and came up with a working solution of fencing with triangular posts. We’ve just put up some similar to this in red cedar for a garden design we are just about to finish. We painted the fencing behind black(as it couldn’t be removed and built this fence baton by baton! Here is a link to our blog to show how we did it mixed with slate paving, pleached trees and rendered walls. The horizontal rails are attached to the metal posts in the traditional manner + the vertical rails are attached to the horizontal rails. I might resort to a sketch on paper and cross my fingers.When you space the metal posts at 8′, how long are the horizontal rails? I love them.We are going back and forth on doing a 16 foot cinder block wall or a horizontal slat fence or a gabion wall in our front yard.
Will definitely file this away in the back corners of my mind for the day I finally have my own home. I have a personal design philosophy that whenever you get used to seeing something a particular way (i.e.
Just by using lumber that is slightly different proportions, you are going to bring attention to the design and take a nothing utilitarian item and make it a feature…sort of a 2-for-1.
I love them and you don't see them being used for much more than creek-bed retaining walls and erosion control.Send me a picture once you get it done!
We have to put up a new fence in our backyard and this got me thinking much more creatively.
I put that excerpt in because most people are familiar with the quote despite not knowing the context so it serves my purpose to a certain extent. Therefore, anything you read on this site is not a substitute for actually working with me.

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