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In 2013, nearly 22 percent of the Black Friday purchases were completed on mobile devices, says Tech Crunch. A study of mobile device user behavior by Google reports 48 percent of the mobile users studied searched from their smartphones or tablets. The increased use of mobile devices to purchase products and services means your business needs a mobile-friendly site to capture that traffic. Responsive design makes websites look good and function efficiently on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
To capture the mobile shopper’s dollars, your site needs to make it easy for the consumer to search, browse, select and checkout. When you think about a responsive mobile web design then a very tricky question arises How I will add all the main functionality for the very small access medium. Before we jump into the details of how affiliate marketing can help you become MORE profitable than MLM, without all the typical network marketing pitfalls, let’s take a look at my income figures. You’ll notice income from a variety of sources, and all screenshots with my watermark on them to prove that they are mine.
You can absolutely achieve the same things I have, but you have to start somewhere…the beginning! A lot of readers of my website assume because I dona€™t have very good things about Multi-Level Marketing, that Ia€™ve never tried it. Around 2010, before I found the training courses that earned me $6k and beyond,A I was busy researching how to make money on the internet. One of my first attempts to earning income online was an MLMA company called People String.
When I signed up, I was told to get my friends and family to join by telling them about the exciting new network I joined, and that they could earn money too just by joining my network. All of the negative responses pretty much demotivated me, but I decided to try to do it by myself, and make money inside the network. My interest faded, and when I started making money in other places, I left the website for good.
It turns out, that just a short time later, the social network portion of the company became defunct. Part of what I do here on One More Cup of Coffee is to review companies that claim to teach you how to make money, so of course, I review a lot of MLM companies too. From reading comments on my website, I was surprised to find out that my own failure with MLM was very common. Being a big recruiter isna€™t a bad thinga€¦if your downline can get results by selling product. If youA are a recruiter in order to make money, and your downline is recruiting to make money, and their downline is recruiting to make money – who is selling product? Are people making good money by selling this companies products, or by building a team of recruiters?
If you are confident that your company has good products to sell, the next question you should be asking is, if they provide you with the right tools to reach an audience that wants to buy them. Again, many network marketers will turn to friends and family as their first option to make some sales. But considering you have to purchase the products at wholesale cost, then pay for the entertainment to find potential buyers, your margins become razor thin.
Of all the companies Ia€™ve reviewed over the past two years, the few MLM companies that give you a website rarely teach you how to get traffic to the website, and turn that traffic into sales. No type of business is perfect, but I think network marketing sets up a lot of folks for failure. Leta€™s talk about two other aspects of MLM real quick before I tell you how I earn money, and how you can get started doing the same thing. A lot of times with MLM programs they have crazy incentives like free cars, vacations, or other non-money prizes.A However, incentives like these usually come along with fine print! Speaking of spending money, have you calculated the cost of joining one of these companies yet?
Membership fees could be a monthly cost of maintaining your a€?levela€?, or a one time fee to upgrade to the next level.
On top of that, you may be required to maintain product on autoship to be eligible for certain incentives or bonuses advertised. All of these costs add up, and at the end of the day, your take-home paycheck is going to be money earned minus money spent.
What I do is called affiliate marketing, and the first thing you should know is that ita€™s free.
Companies like Amazon, Apple, GameStop, and Netflix are totally free to join as affiliates.
There are literally thousands of famous (and not famous) companies with programs for you to join. Being able to compare and contrast similar products is another huge advantage of affiliate marketing over network marketing. How many MLMs do you know that will allow you to openly criticize some of their products, and promote competing companies instead? One of the big criticisms I hear about affiliate marketing is that it does not leverage the multi-level commission tier of MLM, and is therefore less profitable. However, despite this fact, folks are still able to earn very good money…like, six figure incomes. So for me, network marketing type of business model relies too heavily on things I cana€™t control! Since there is no upline or sponsors in affiliate marketing, ultimately, I will reap 100% of the benefits of my efforts.
The key to being successful in the business of affiliate marketing is getting your business online, and reaching people from all over the world. There are over 2 billion people that use the internet every day, and that number grows every year.
In fact, of the people on the internet right now, only a small portion of them are shopping online. Think about how many teenagers right now are going to be getting their first credit card in just a year or two. The earlier you get in on this gig, the more time youa€™ll have to get a foothold in any industry you choose.
Ia€™ve now been working full time for over 4 years, and my business earned multiple six figures last year.

Despite not being the a€?picture perfecta€™ success story, I have the confidence that Ia€™ll never need to work a typical 9-5 again. With no previous experience in online business or affiliate marketing, I joined a website called Wealthy Affiliate in 2010.
Wealthy Affiliate is a community of newbies and professionals all learning how to start and grow their businesses.
They currently offer a free Starter membership for anyone that wants to look inside the community and see whata€™s up.
For those of you that are curious about how Wealthy Affiliate works, Ia€™m happy to give you some details about what they teach, and how youa€™ll be making money online. The first step in building your internet based business is going to be picking a topic of your website.
Youa€™ll be able to pick a topic that fits you, and what youa€™re interested in or have knowledge about. Your main responsibility as an affiliate marketer is not web design – ita€™s creating helpful information. Because ita€™s so easy to make a website these days, it means therea€™s a lot of competition out there.
Ranking your website and keeping people coming back is part of the training inside Wealthy Affiliate.
I have tested this training myself, and was able to take my website from 0 to over 1000 visits per day in just 10 months. This link can be placed in a banner advertisement, or within the body of text on articles you write. So now that you have a pretty good idea of whata€™s taught in Wealthy Affiliate, are you ready to get started?
Remember, ita€™s free to create an account, and you can start your lessons or even chat live with other members immediately. Learning how to set up your business and get it generating income is just the basics of what this community offers. Therea€™s actually a few other cool things related to creating your websites and ranking them in Google, but you can discover those things as you move through the training (ita€™s all part of your lessons). With your free account, youa€™ll be able to create two websites, and follow 10 step-by-step lessons to get your business off the ground. The special deal they are running right now is that if you upgrade to premium within 7 days of creating your account, you get a discount, and only pay $19 for your first month. So now that we are 100% clear on whata€™s inside Wealthy Affiliate and how you are going to make money by following your training, ita€™s time to get started.
Remember – I am an active member of the community, and you can contact me at any time with questions you have.
Looking for an alternative to Shopify to build your ecommerce store website? In this article, we go over your top 5 Shopify alternatives to help you build either a good online store.
Wix vs Squarespace – Both Wix and Squarespace has some really nice design templates to make your website look great. About Us Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! We wanted to build a website to start a side business, and felt overwhelmed, confused & scared about how to actually do it, which builder to use, and making wrong decisions. As of January 2014, 42 percent of American adults owned a tablet and 58 percent owned a smartphone, according to Pew Research.
Tablets were used in more than 14 percent of those sales and smartphones in more than 7 percent. Almost 55 percent of those users purchased the products they were searching for within an hour. If searches are difficult, web pages are difficult to view and the checkout too complicated, a competitor will caters to that mobile user. Responsive design can help with that, but if your checkout is already complicated, then it won’t fix all problems. Being able to use credit and debit cards, PayPal and eChecks means more ways for the consumer to give you their money.
Ia€™ve been earning money on the internet since 2010, and working full time from home since 2012. It also means I can sell a portion of my business for a lump sum profit, while keeping a portion as passive income. Start your first affiliate website hereA and I’ll even help you while you build your first business!
Not a single person signed up of all the emails I sent, and I even got a few responses from people askingA if I was trying to scam them!
If your downline is also focusing on recruiting because thata€™s where the money is at, the network marketing company becomes a product based pyramid scheme. The best case scenario is that your company has some really good things for you to sell, and a couple of your buddies purchase on a regular basis. Although you are making sales, the money youa€™re making is pocket change – not income. The most common trick I see is the a€?win a free cara€™ incentive, so leta€™s use that for an example.
But the fine print says that the company only pays to lease the car, and if your sales drop below a threshold, they no longer pay the lease! Two of the main costs associated with running a network marketing business are membership fees and product autoship. The high cost of running a network marketing company is why most individuals end up investing more money that they spend.
Leta€™s talk about how I earn money, and why ita€™s so very different from anything youa€™ve done before. By joining their affiliate program, you essentially become a freelance advertiser for their company.
Think of any type of product, and there is a way that you can sell it online, and make money. This is your own advertising business, and you can decide how exactly you want to pitch the product.

There is no way to leverage the work of a downline within the affiliate marketing business model.
If you have ever been the leader of a team in any type of activity, you know that therea€™s always a few people that simply wona€™t do the work. You may recruit 100 people to your business, but of all those people, how many will actually devote the time and energy to growing their business? Ia€™m totally dependent on other people being motivated, strong-willed, and savvy business people. Imagine that – I can give myself a raise any time I want just by working harder (or smarter). However, in the next few years, this number is going to EXPLODE as technology makes online shopping easier and easier.
As people start connecting their watches, cars, and even sunglasses to the internet, sales of products is going to be the norm. It took me just three short months of training to make my first sale (only $5), and after 18 months of growing my business I was able to quit my job and start working from home. With step-by-step training, they taught me how to build my first website, get traffic to it, and eventually make sales. Inside my website, I wrote tutorials about how to brew beer at home, plus things like equipment reviews, recipes, and my own delicious experiments. You can even speak to other members, including myself, if you want to bounce some ideas around.
It allows for a lot of customization, but is also easy to run for newbies that want to keep things simple.
So how can you make sure that your website is ranked #1 in Google and getting visited by hungry buyers every day? Youa€™ll learn how to find low competitions areas of any industry (even highly competitive ones like weight loss). This was done using the research and writing techniques taught within the training youa€™re about to start.
By placing this link on your website, you get credit everyone time someone clicks and buys.
Banner ads are quite outdated though, and youa€™ll learn techniques to get people to buy stuff after reading your articles. Youa€™ll also have access to 500+ training modules within the community, as well as live chat with other members.
There is only one level of premium membership, so dona€™t worry that youa€™ll be sold any kind of platinum,A diamond levels or other crazy stuff! I have built my own six figure business by following their training, and you have access to me via the private and publish message boards inside. Here are top 5 website builders choices where you can create websites or ecommerce online stores without knowing how to code. Shopify has more beautiful & professional designs, BigCommerce also has a lot of functions.
After years of trials & errors using different website builders, we're here to share our experiences with you. Those numbers continue to climb as more people realize the convenience and efficiency that comes with using mobile devices for searching and purchasing. Forbes even suggests if you’re not ready for the mobile user in 2014, your chances of success are small. The size, amount of content and navigation controls will adjust for the particular mobile device.
It would be a shame to lose a mobile customer because your platform doesn’t support credit card processing. You will have to go beyond the traditional one and you will have to think bigger than that. A look at some of the easiest (and free) ways to create your own, including Tumblr, Jimdo and Weebly. It was supposed to be a brand new social network that was going to take the world by storm, because you could earn money just by searching in Google while signed into your network. It was really exciting to actually be making money online, and even cooler to know that I could help people achieve the same goals. They start with high expectations, get frustrated quickly, and quit or move on to the next business opportunity. Therea€™s no other way to say it – the big earners and the people with the biggest teams. Aside from the obvious truth that these parties are just guilt-tripping your friends into buying stuff to jump-start your business, running a business this way is unsustainable. You could be left on the hook for hundreds of dollars per month because your performance slips temporarily.
Therea€™s no cost to be an affiliate, and you get paid a straightforward commission for each sale you make.
Then, after they start a downline, how many of those folks will have the motivation and fortitude to recruit and make sales? I can give up TV, or work through the holidays, or spend my free learning how to grow my business. I may not be able to lead a team, but Ia€™m a highly motivated individual and willing to work hard for myself. You can create an account, talk to other members, and even start your first affiliate website with free lessons! There are thousands of different pre-made looks to choose from, that do the web design part for you. They may just give you a down payment, and then you’re on the hook every month for the next decade. For every single problem I faced during the initial phase of my first business, I was able to turn to the community to answer my questions.
Each customer makes their choice of which one they prefer, but because Ia€™m an affiliate of all three companies, I get paid no matter which one they choose. Sometimes, I just needed a bit of motivation, and would chat to the other members to see what they were working on.

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