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After readingA a reviewA of the Drobo FS, I became obsessed with network attached storage (NAS). Nevertheless, maybe you run a small business and prefer to think of a NAS as an appliance a€“ something that has a warranty and a customer support email address.
I guessed that 4 x 2TB hard drives with single-drive redundancy would suit me, leaving a usable space of around 5.5TB. I chose the motherboard because it hit the sweet spot of price, power consumption, number of SATA ports, and availability. If I turn BitTorrent off and allow all the drives to power-down to standby mode, power consumption drops to about 29W. ZFS originally stood for Zettabyte File System (due to the immense storage limit of 256 x 1015zettabytes), but it is much more than just a file system. For a NAS device, a couple of features are worth looking at in more detail: data integrity and RAID-Z.
Going from left to right, directory 1 contains a pointer to file A, file Aa€™s checksum, and some other meta-data. This all means that ZFS can check your data at any time a€” and it can often repair data after a variety of problems. ZFSa€™s answer to RAID 5 is called RAID-Z1, but it has important advantages over hardware RAID 5. RAID 5 also has a performance problem withA partialA stripe writes, because the old stripe data must be read before being modified and written back.
FreeNAS is based on FreeBSD, but with a few clever changes that make it great for NAS servers. A NAS server is a huge step forward from the horrors of USB external hard drives (or, further back in time, burning DVDs and CDsa€¦) for backups. Power and temperature improvements form underclocking the CPU, and ensuring that the GPU is powered-down. Although Solaris offers the most up-to-date ZFS support, with features such as de-duplication and snapshots, I didna€™t plan on needing these and so I was happy to settle for the older version of ZFS in FreeNAS 0.7.
The SATA ports in the case are close together, and I was lucky to only have two L-shaped SATA cable connectors; otherwise they would not fit.
Initially, I toyed with the idea of an integrated NAS and HTPC, but decided that there would be too many compromises; dedicated devices would be far better. Since I do image and video processing on large images on my desktop over NFS I need the speed to be better than this. Still searching the web I found a silentpcreview article which recommended a build based on a Lian Li PC-Q08B enclosure. Zotac G43-ITX (709DKK = 124USD) – This is a socket 775 mini-itx motherboard with 5 sata channels, e-sata and HDMI output. Core 2 Duo E7500 3 MB (960DKK = 170USD) – This was the cheapest Core 2 Duo socket 775 processor i could find.
The total price including the disks was 5700DKK (970USD) which is the same price as the QNAP TS-459 Pro+ Turbo NAS without any disks.
First I did not think much about the fact that my new disk had 4K sectors (also called Advanced Format), but when I started to create my raid I quickly realized that I had done something wrong. After the 3-4 hours it took to initialize the raid I needed to create a file system on the raid.
The Zotac motherboard has a HDMI port and the HDMI output was immediately recognized on my Sony KDL-40W5500 LCD television. The great thing about this build compared to a atom or arm based build or even a stand alone QNAP NAS is that I have more than plenty of performance to watch youtube videos, run grooveshark or watch HD video recorded on my digital camera. Hehe – til geng?ld slipper du lidt du far det bla lys af den 14cm koler der sidder foran.
For the insides I’ve got a core i5 2500k, 8gb of ddr3 1600mhz and an ASUS P8H67-I motherboard.
As you can read in my followup article: Rebuilding and updating my Linux NAS and HTPC server I had to rebuild my NAS again since it was hurt by lightning.

1) Nightly backup via rsync of everything to like-minded Linux oriented friend’s server. 2) Monthly rsync-based backup to external hard drive – I am using rsnapshot for this. Regarding bitmaps I remember I investigated it, but I think I forgot about it, so I have enabled it now. It used to be the case that Christians got banned from the church group for sporting tattoos! You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Granted, this here project isn't nearly as inexpensive as the $100 underwater ROV from years back, but at least this one is propelled by something a bit more advanced than a pull string. Il professor Paul Nicholls, docente presso l’Universita di Canterbury in Nuova Zelanda ha pubblicato una mappa animata dove si puo vedere il susseguirsi di tutti i terremoti e le scosse di assestamento che hanno colpito il Giappone dal 11 marzo scorso, data del terribile terremoto che ha sconvolto il Giappone. A un mese esatto dal sisma e dallo tsunami dell’11 marzo 2011, nella sola giornata di oggi sono state registrate 23 scosse di terremoto quasi tutte nella zona della centrale nucleare di  Fukushima. Questo articolo e stato pubblicato in Ambiente e contrassegnato come Attivita Sismica da nibiru-2012 . Commentieli 98 su L’America si prepara alla terza guerra mondiale?eli 98 su L’America si prepara alla terza guerra mondiale?sedna-nemesis su Trovato il bosone di Higgs? Some basic instructions would have been nice a€“ it took 5-10 minutes of fiddling to figure out how to get drives inside. In fact, the checksums themselves have their own checksums further up the chain, and so on until the root of the file system (known as the uberblock).
RAID-Z avoids the dreadedA write hole, where loss of power during a write operation can (silently!) leave the data drive and parity drive inconsistent. If a drive failure happens during the write, the original data is still accessible and the file system knows that the write operation didna€™t complete. RAID-Z uses dynamic stripe width, soall writes are full-stripe writesA and this problem can never occur. If anything ever goes badly wrong with the OS, I just burn the OS image to a USB drive and upload the settings file.
Also, IA couldna€™t writeA a bootable USB image for 8 (although the CD image worked ok in VirtualBox).
If a single drive fails, the strain ofA resilvering, which may take aA long time, might knock out a second drive. For example, FreeNAS is great for ZFS support and other NAS tools, but how would I get a driver for ION-accelerated HD video out of the HDMI port?
So I started to look into more expensive NAS enclosures, but even though I think I would have been perfectly happy with a QNAP TS-459 Pro+ Turbo NAS enclosure performance wise, it is silly expensive (6000DKK = 1050 USD) without disks. I contacted them to ask if some specific mainboards would fit and if they would update the page to cover more recent mini-itx boards, but after it took them 3 weeks to answer and at that time I have already moved on. I can now add it is only really quite if you under voltage the fans a bit, but once this is done is very quiet. Since I had plans for HLDS server and perhaps even virtual machines I did not want a unpowered celeron. I do this even though I am aware of FreeNAS and Openfiler, but I prefer the flexibility of a distro which is not single purposed.
Since I am using RAID5 + 1 spare I can afford one disk to die and the raid setup will start to rebuild on the spare disk giving me the time to order a new disk online. So now I have placed my server underneath my TV with a HDMI cable to the TV and a audio cable to my stereo. It is almost completely silent, quite powerful and cheaper than buying something comparable from the shelf. Det er lidt et bovet look, men det fungere fint og stille efter den blev lidt lav sp?nding. Skal have fornyet min snart 5 ar gamle NAS og ville gerne noget som kunne real-time transcode, hvilket nok er lidt urealistisk.

Jeg far i hvert fald meget mere ydelse og features end ved en f?rdiglavet NAS med en atom processor.
This way I have 6 archives, but since it uses hard links it doesn’t take up more place than the diff of the files. Newer Atom CPUs, such as the D510, should be more power-efficient overall because of the on-die memory controller and graphics, but none were readily available. After all this box is nothing but underpowered, single-purposed Linux servers with a webgui, surely I can do this better my self.
For those interested their answer after three weeks was that the Intel DG45FC and DH57JG would fit their case. I won’t to go details on how to install Linux machine, but I will say I used UNetbootin to boot the machine on a Debian squeeze netinstall image. After having surfed google for a while I found that had partitioned my disks wrongly such that blocks were split over two physical sectors on the hard drive. Since the enclosure I have chosen does not support hot-swap and the disk have no separate lights for each disk I need a way to find out which of the disks to replace. Since FreeNAS 8 currently doesn’t support encryption, I have been looking at alternatives to FreeNAS 8 and was thinking of going the Linux route, your article is interesting and informative.
It is a interesting read, but reformatting again seems to much hassle since I already am able to saturate my gigabit network as it is which is my measure of success at the moment. CPU and hard disk temperatures are normally 35-45A°C, depending on the ambient temperature.
Because the NAS will be running 24 hours a day, it should cost about A?43 a year to run (1W roughly equates to A?1 over a year).
Also, parity-based redundancy is far more efficient, in terms of hard drive space, than the full mirroring offered by Greyhole a€“ especially as more drives are added. This does mean that every write to a file involves recalculating several checksums, all the way back to the root node (the uberblock). Building my own server would also give me the power to run a HLDS server, saturate my gigabit network, running the LAMP stack, a squeezebox service and such. I had used fdisk to partition my drives, but the default is apparently to partition in DOS-compatible mode, where the first sector is sector 63.
I might test your steps but add in disk encryption, will have to see if there is a method of mounting the encrypted volumes via a GUI, or I could probably set up SSH and use that to mount. I was to redo the build again – 64K seems as the right choice, but it is not really bad with my 512K chunks.
We work hard to provide safe, quality homes and are proud of our professional and skillful on-site management and maintenance personnel.
But ZFSa€™s copy-on-write policy (see below) and transactional nature mitigate the performance penalty. Really reassuring to see you completed the build and it was quiet:) By the way, what are you using to undervolt your fans? With great amenities and engaging neighborhood events, our mission is to create communities where our residents feel completely at home. Furthermore, ZFS is designed to take advantage of Moorea€™s law: CPU cycles are cheap, but hard drives are slow.
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