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Tuff All Terrain 4x4 wheels and Tuff All Terrain 4x4 wheel and tire packages are built tough for on and off road use. Durable construction and aggressive styling make these 4x4 wheels a favorite of Jeep, truck, and SUV owners everywhere. Unlike similar products, CalDigit has made sure that the device is capable of withstanding whatever is thrown at it. The IP certification is designed to designate and standardize the rating of solids and liquids into mechanical devices.
The Tuff was dropped repeatedly multiple times on different areas and it functioned seamlessly without any damage.
Feel confident in taking the Tuff on any adventure knowing that it can even endure harsh underwater environments.

Immersion protection is effective while the silicon plug for the USB-C port is fully closed.Dust ProtectedWorking in extreme environments?
The Tuff's protection from solid particles will prevent dust and sand from damaging the drive.Universal ConnectivityCalDigit believes that USB-C is the perfect interface for use with small portable drive solutions, as it gives users the best possible connectivity options. The implementation of the USB-C interface allows the Tuff drive to be used anywhere with the majority of computers.This is due to the fact that the USB-C interface is backwards compatible with previous versions of USB thanks to the use of the included USB Type-C to Type-A cable. The Tuff drive can be bus-powered meaning it does not need to be connected to an external power source to operate the drive.Beyond Rock SolidModern computers such as the 2015 MacBook featuring the Type-C connector are designed to achieve maximum battery life and over its lifespan. To optimize laptops battery usage, external storage devices like the Tuff need to stand up to the stringent power consumption requirements that are demanded by these new USB Type-C computers.Other portable drive manufacturers are not able to meet these requirements and as a result they are not able to bus-power when connected to a Type-C computer.
CalDigit on the other hand went through a process where we scoured the globe for the best component manufacturers to create a device where every single component was tested over 30,000 times in a row for power management reliability and rock solid connectivity.This stringent testing was also placed on the cables that are included with the Tuff. The included cables that we picked were in turn tested rigorously to determine their power management reliability.

The Tuff is beyond rock solid not just from a design point of view, but also from a power management view.Choose your StyleAre you working on location backing-up various types of data? Video files or high-resolution photos can take up a lot of hard drive space, and co-ordinating those files on location can be tedious.
If youre filming on location your camera A video files could be on the orange Tuff, camera B files on the blue Tuff, and any additional files on the green Tuff. If youre working on a production where multiple Tuffs are being used, the Archive Boxes will keep everything organized including the USB cables.

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