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You can erect what is an essentially pre-fab metal building for considerably less than the $25,000 tinynot spent.
I've known people that have recently put up what served as a barn for 3 grand all the way up to someone who put in a livestock palace for a couple hundred thousand. We recently had a 30' x 40' x 12' pole barn built, with one roll up door, one entry door, four windows, one 12 foot by 40 foot overhang, scissor trusses, and a 16 foot area with extra high ceiling framing, and a cement floor. Having livestock cattle in a fully enclosed , non insulated .non ventilated, building is an unhealthy disaster. We recently had a 30' x 40' x 12' pole barn built, with one roll up door, one entry door, four windows, one 12 foot by 40 foot overhang, scissor trusses, and a 16 foot area with extra high ceiling framing, and a cement floor.
I'm about a cool front away from building a simple pole barn to put my tractor and stuff in. This thing has been argued on here ever since I have been reading ( for quite a time) I for one have both types and can say the Laminated from treated 2 X 8 was when they first started doing that may be 20 years ago.
So why are used telephone poles out?I built a 40' X 140' building with used poles in 1994 and fully expect it to out last me.Didn't take em to a sawmill either. Just don't leave any square solid poles lay around to long or they will be cork screws in a hurry. Guy I help occasionally had used telephone poles cut square by a someone with a portable saw mill.
Quoting Removed, click Modern View to seeYou'd have to get a real sweet deal on the sawmill work. May be lucky to get anybody to cut them, with creosote and staples.Got about five pounds of copper off the one they left me.
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If you are interested in making a Pole barn in West Virginia consider buying a kit to do it yourself instead of dealing with contractors and workmen. Post construction became very popular in the 1930’s during the depression when the need to take care of your farm was still in evidence, but materials and the cost of hiring workmen was at a premium. Pole barn in West Virginia is mostly used to store cattle or produce but can also be seen in the construction of modern banks and churches.

There are many companies that will help you to build a Pole barn in West Virginia, just look online for information about vendors in your area who may be able to help you if you decide to have a pole barn built for storage on your property.
I call mine a shop, it is a 40x60 with 14 ft ceiling steel building and has a garage door, entry door and concrete floor, nothing fancy.
It'll cost considerably less in one state than another, shoot, it can vary widely within a state.
I was pricing some treated 4x6 beams at home depot and started wondering if I ought to go with old telephone poles instead. One thing to consider in all of this is your labor and how much of a PITA some of the options may be. Cut'm to length, save the 8' scrap ends for fence post, shim here and there to keep it square and rock on. Have one large pole bld that I used my woodmizer to cut 7 X 7 center cut from old light poles.
Be sure to note that there is a lesser treatment for above grnd use such as the supports of a deck, and the much more rigorous treatment for the timbers that are in ground contact. Pole barns are simple and easy to build and can be found all over the bucolic New Jersey countryside. Pole barn in West Virginia can be made of many materials, from vinyl siding to corrugated metal and cement boarding or shingled roofs. Pole barns allow for large, lofted spaces that are not encumbered by columns and yet are still affordable to build – making them the ideal building projects for new churches or libraries. The kit will come with all the parts you need to complete the construction of your pole barn – all you’ll need is a post hole digger of the appropriate size.
For example, the idea of using a round pole and scabbing 2-2x8's on the side for a "square" wall surface seems to me to be a PITA to do in order to save a few 2x8s. My pole barn was built in the 50's with used Camp Breckenridge lumber and used light poles. I still prefer the solid 5X6 to the laminated 2x6"s as it ususually a much stronger piece of timber. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Pole barns, although simple in architecture, can be styled in many ways to integrate with your property fully.

Some homes are also being built in this style because of how modular the interior space of a pole barn is. If you’re going to build your own Pole barn in West Virginia, it’s best to start with a small project, like a shed, before tackling the major cattle barn for your back field. In this area, the treated posts are a good grade of Southern Yellow Pine.Pour a concrete cookie into the compacted hole for the pole to sit on, but do not pour concrete around the pole. This will give you a chance to determine if you enjoy building your own barns or if you’d rather higher professional help for the task. It's all wood - 6x6 posts in cement, with pre-fabricated siding material that we have to paint. They where shot I ended up blocking the wall up and cutting the post off above the ground level. James, I'm thinking about doing something like that but closing in 3 sides and adding a closed section inside to store tools as well. We also got a good deal on the posts and lumber by buying it all at once and combining with neighbors to get an entire truckload from Tennessee. We built the entire barn ourselves with very little outside help and the only heavy equipment we used was a rented man lift to put the siding on the upper level. We hired some locals with a bobcat to spread around 3 truckloads of gravel on the inside and around the outside edge. But I would say the 20,000 price is probably very close to what we spent on materials alone. They are two different companies both are in fine shape.If you can get the better post then fine. I do nail plywood joiners over the stamped steel attachment plates, in any building that get live stock in it.

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