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We will share with you some unique ideas on how to make pet toys but you will have to keep in mind certain things. Want to save some money, recycle seemingly useless stuff, and try out your crafty side on your pooch? Sock It To Me: Put some dog treats in the toe of a sock and knot the sock on itself close to the toe end.
Stuffed Stuff: If your dog’s like mine, it doesn’t take him long to practice his dissecting skills on new stuffed animals. Cheap Home Made Dog Toy from Toilet Paper Roll: Looking for making cheap toys for your dog? DIY Dog Toy for Destructive Dogs: Those who have destructive dogs at home, make this fleece braided ropes. Rope Ball Surprise Dog Toys at Hands Occupied: Make this soft ball for your dog and any other pet. Tennis Ball and Rope DIY Dog Toy: If you have a tennis ball at home and some unused ropes you can make a DIY dog toy for your loved pet.
Dog Toy from Old T-Shirts: Make a ropy dog toy with your old t-shirts instead of throwing them in the dustbins.
Free and Super Easy DIY Dog Toy: Take a peanut butter container which is filled with a small amount of peanut butter. Homemade Fox Tail Dog Toy: A simple and fairly way to reuse your old tennis ball and make an entertaining toy out of it. DIY No Sew Denim Dog Toy: If you have multi dogs at your home, this toy is a must have toy in your home.

Homemade Denim Dog Toys: Reuse your old denim jeans to make an interesting toy for your dog.
DIY Interactive Game for Dogs: Take a muffin tin with some tennis balls to play some interesting games with your pet. Make your Own Interactive Dog Toy: This interactive toy is great for removing the boredom of your playful dog. Water Bottle Socks Dog Toy: Homemade bottle dog toys can be made with just a sock and an empty plastic bottle. Old jeans and socks, the two most common materials for homemade toys, , should not be used. No matter how simple this sounds, your dog will love to scratch and throw and struggle with the bottle until the last bite of treat is out.
Here are a few ideas for do-it-yourself dog toys that help the environment and provide easy enrichment and mental stimulation for your furry friend. Thread a long piece of thick cotton rope through the holes so the rope goes through the ball.
One minute he’s racing around with the stuffed animal in his mouth, and the next, our living room’s a mess of stuffing and the poor teddy bear is decapitated.
It will be very easy for them to bite and the toy will surely last for some more months for sure. Dig a hole with a drill in the container cap so that your dog can understand the essence of the peanut butter. This easy tutorial will show you how to make a DIY Dog toy with some easy procedures and spend time with it.

If the dog associates your smell with something he is allowed to chew, he will end up chewing all your clothes and socks.
Discard or recycle toys that are deteriorating so your dog doesn’t accidentally swallow a piece. Stuff an old sock with stuffing and squeaker, sew up the end, and your dog’s got a brand new stuffed toy. Instead of using actual stuffing, you can stuff the sock with the other old socks or leftover fabric. Give the sealed box to your dog and watch him tear it open with gusto to get at the treats.
You have just made a brilliant ‘tug of war’ toy, which is equally good for fetching or chewing. How about some homemade toys which are low on budget and safe from all the toxic materials?
Since your dog doesn’t know the difference between a branded and a homemade toy, he’ll be perfectly fine with it as long as it’s interesting. You can also braid three old sport socks together or lengths of old towels together to make this toy. Soaking the toy in beef or chicken broth (then letting it drying completely) will make the toy even more enticing.

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