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It was clear, Carter had a mission in mind to take these three scrapped steel light pole pipes and convert them into a car stopping flag display. At this point you might be picturing, Carter taking a flatbed down to pick up nice black poles and hauling them up for install, but these were not in nice condition.
With more than adequate metal knowledge, Carter and I spent time talking about his options.
Walking through the internal system and helping Carter get the right flagpole parts for the job, we began to see the light at the other end of the tunnel. Along with the American Flag, Carter flies the Alaskan State Flag and a custom flag he designed for his business, The Petroleum Center where he manages investments advisory accounts. Now, atop the bluff facing Kachemak Bay, sit two flag displays which look out across the southern part of Cook Inlet into the Gulf of Alaska. He went on, "I really want to make something nice." Anyone who has dealt in transportation knows, Alaska is one of those hard-to ship locations. I felt confident he could finish these poles with an Internal Cam Action Cleat system to the ropes run on the inside of the flagpole for a more deluxe appearance.

So I started my usual round of questions thinking a couple parts later, the customer would be overjoyed and he would be well on his way to flying a flag. So for Joe Carter to source shafts locally, he not only saved himself quite a bit of money, he also saved himself quite a headache.
But I thought you should appreciate the beauty of this design before we get started with Carter's real flag story. I was asking him about it the other day, and he came up with the design to remind himself that nothing is random. People passing through town stop to admire the craftsmanship and Carter takes them on an unbelievable flag story. Sometimes, the best way to become a flag flyer, is not to buy a prepackaged pole kit, but to get creative and make your own. One of the foundations was a reverse flange with bolt holes to mimic a shoe-base install, commonly used for light pole foundations. The combination of beauty, elegance, and intrigue, makes this display what flag flying is all about.

In addition, Carter used a left over shaft to erect a proper lighting display with a three-tenon extension. Singing of the Star Spangled Banner, the Pledge of Allegiance, and American the Beautiful accompanied the hoisting of the American Flag.
And this is only the beginning of the many stories these flags will generate for years to come.
A couple extensions, some Bondo body filler, two-part marine paint, and some welding later he had 40 - 45 ft. This was the practice before aluminum, but today, a steel tapered pole is about twice as expensive.

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