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Amsterdam student Rose Mandungu stands in front of a colorful apartment complex constructed of a rather unusual material—discarded shipping containers.
The interior of a shipping container is compact, but it can be surprisingly comfortable, as this Amsterdam student dorm attests.
A giant student dorm serves as a shining example of "cargotecture," the growing application of discarded steel shipping containers to serve architectural purposes around the globe. About 18 million steel shipping containers are currently moving cargo on seas and roadways around the world. An Amsterdam resident enjoys the benefits of "cargotecture," the growing practice of reusing steel shipping containers for housing units. Today half of the people on Earth live in cities, and the figure is expected to reach 60 percent by 2030. You needn't be a student like this Amsterdam woman to experience a shipping container stay. Amsterdam-based Tempohousing, builder of student dormitories and other ISO shipping container frame buildings, was launched in 2002 because of the obvious need for affordable student housing in a crowded urban area of central Amsterdam. A student smiles from a window of her shipping container apartment—and looks toward a possible future of low-income urban housing where space is scarce and expensive. I have fond memories of Chin Chin, the upscale Chinese restaurant in East Midtown where we held the rehearsal dinner before my wedding. Last year, Wally Chin, who co-owns Chin Chin with his brother Jimmy, announced he’d be opening a modern Chinese place nearby. Portions are huge, starting with a superb bread selection (above left) that, for me, could be dinner most nights all by itself.
The aforementioned burger ($16; above left), made from Pat LaFreida dry aged beef, has a compelling, smoky flavor. Use wall clips to keep mops and brooms hung and hidden behind a closet door and out of your way until needed.
Implementing creative thinking can not only help you find extra storage in your home, but can add a unique look that reflects your personality. Domenick PillaNY home and living ExaminerAs a journalist and photojournalist, Domenick has covered human-interest, breaking news, investigative, cultural, political and environmental issues and is a credentialed member of the NYC Press. Feng Shui expert, Laura Carillo, on peace in designThe essence of the house can be manipulated with color, furnishings, texture and lighting. Check out three fruity cocktails to get you in the mood for springIt's finally springtime, and the cold winter months are a thing of the past.

When their service at sea is finished, a growing number of steel containers are cleaned and refurbished with flooring, insulation, air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, and other modern conveniences.The result is creative green housing that requires only a fraction of new construction's energy and materials and costs less as well. The cheap, green, and durable freight containers, available for just a few thousand dollars before refurbishing, are also being pressed into new commercial ventures around the world.Former cargo carriers are in use as shops, marketplaces, office buildings, hotels, and even a Nomadic Museum, which has circled the globe as a traveling art exhibit. But at many ports, mountains of them may be found stacked up due to a lack of outgoing cargo, particularly in nations like the United States, where imports outnumber exports.Some 2 million steel containers are sitting idle at any given time and all the containers in use are eventually headed for retirement. Most of that urban expansion, some 95 percent, will occur in the sprawling cities of the developing world that already suffer from a lack of decent, affordable housing. In 2008 the hotel chain Travelodge opened a 300-room hotel constructed of shipping containers in Uxbridge, in the United Kingdom. By 2004 the company was fitting out container homes at the rate of 40 per week in a Chinese factory.From these beginnings, Tempohousing has branched out to build low-cost worker accommodations, cafes, supermarkets, hotels, an office building, a laundry, and even the prototype of a portable miniature hospital—all on the framework of the 40-by-80-foot steel blocks. Thanks to their convenience, affordability, and friendly environmental footprint, a growing number of shipping containers may continue to make the journey from the high seas to become the high-rises of affordable urban housing.
Almost every city today takes pride in holding several government banks, universities and research firms that gives away eminent opportunities to both the fresher's and the experienced professionals. Likewise a Pu Pu Platter ($10 per person; above right) with an assortment of lobster rolls, dumplings, and rock shrimp. There are too many varieties of bed lifts to list, but to get you going in the right direction, Wal-mart, Target and other discount stores sell bed lifts in a range of colors, heights and styles to match your needs. Target has a Nashua seating collection in a variety of styles and fabrics that have generous storage compartments underneath. I personally have never heard of bed lifts before and would like to go recce some hardware and furniture store for them soon. But there is another dimension of organization that you may not have great knowledge about: Feng Shui. In Amsterdam, students have happily taken to dwelling in these unconventional new digs built by Tempohousing.
In a growing number of cases, being put out to pasture means a second life as a functional building material. The containers are super strong because they are designed to carry 30 tons of cargo while withstanding the rigors of sea travel.
And all of Earth's cities combined occupy only two percent of its land—so space is increasingly scarce where most people live.The topic of sustainable cities is high on the agenda for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), to be held in Brazil from June 20 to 22. Verbus Systems fitted out the containers in China with plumbing and insulation, as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning—then assembled them into a complete building on site in just three weeks.The intriguing hostelry is not just green in terms of saving energy and materials compared to building from scratch, but it's also green in terms of the bottom line.

Service was good, but the server ought to have advised us that we had ordered far too much food.
Not only will the pots and pans be out of your cabinets, but they will be close at hand when needed.
For hollow core doors, read the package instructions regarding hollow door anchors and other options. I find them really handy as my guests do not know how much mess I am actually storing inside while they are still able to enjoy a comfortable seat. The kind of compact, modular, stackable housing being created from shipping containers may be of particular use in the world's growing cities—and affordability is one of its great assets. Companies that build modular buildings from shipping containers claim savings of 20 to even 50 percent of traditional construction costs. Chin were regurgitating decorating ideas that were cool for 15 minutes in 2002, and that he were utterly oblivious to anything that has happened since. Plan on spending anywhere from the 15 to 30 dollar range and higher depending on how fancy you want to get. Besides, how many times have you forgotten that sauce pan or frying pan that makes the best eggs? They really help create a lot of storage space for my household and with extra long bedsheets, I am already able to conceal all those stuff that are better to be kept off sight. There was a loud private party, so we asked to move up front, where not many tables were taken. The price range of the racks varies by style, material and brand name, but you’ll love the convenience and extra space that hanging big pots and pans will give you. As for the pot rack however, I do not have sufficient confidence to implement one in my kitchen. I usually have my brooms and mops all jumbled up together and sometimes as we walk, we trip over them too.
It is good to have this wall clip to organize all the sticks and keep them away from the passage way.

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