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At first sight, this magnificent outdoor garden decoration might be confused with an artist’s sculpture. The trick you have to remember when beginning this type of project is that concrete doesn’t act like clay. How do you get the fingernails and wrinkles to show if you just pour the concrete into the gloves?
I was thinking you could try this- draw nail lines on the outside of the gloves before filling. You could take a dremel tool with a grinding bit to do the nails, Walmart sells dremels for under $40 and they can be used on wood, cut nails and metal and grind dogs toenails… they are a wonderful tool. I agree -plus what Stacy said – please add to the instructions DIY & Goodshomedesign!!!
Think it would work if you let the cement harden a bit then do the sculpting of the nails and knuckles on the outside of the glove? Your correct, wait until the cement has set up but not until it is compleatly hard, then you could add the details your wanting to it. A hand held dremel with a grinding bit would sculpt out the nails but you would need goggles. Sure, like the gloves are going to leave imprints for fingernails and lines on the knuckles. Trying to pin this project, but Pinterest says the link is blocked because it may lead to spam. But how did they get the imprints of the finger nails and other lines and such by just filling of the gloves?
It’s a neat idea, except that almost all of the hands you are showing as the completed result have fingernails. And it would be cooler if they were really BIG hands, any ideas for where to get really BIG gloves?
Thats because the first pictures are the ONLY ones that were made with the gloves, the rest are comparison pictures to what a sculpture does with clay and molds! How do you get the fingernails and knuckle wrinkles if you’re using gloves for molds?
Thanks for your nice feedback, Lisa :) Since I took the photo we have added some shade cloth and have enjoyed crops of tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce and capsicum along with the fresh herbs! To find out how concrete garden edging can enhance your garden please call us for a free consultation on 0419 815 242. Continuous garden edging comes in several different profiles depending on how and where you want to use it.
Many types of continuous concrete edging will be “sealed” upon completion with a special sealing solution.
Please call us on 0419 815 242 for an estimate on the cost of doing this regularly if you do want to maintain the original shine and lustre forever. Certain lawn chemicals contain copper sulphate and other ingredients which can stain your edging. Efflorescence is a white powdery substance that sometimes forms on concrete during the first few weeks.

We want to make sure that your pets are safe so please make sure that they are safely locked away on the day that your edging is to be installed.  Make sure your sprinkler system has been disabled. Using these tips for choosing and placing concrete garden statues should help make planning, building, and landscaping your garden much easier. Because concrete statuary is more durable and less expensive than brass, bronze, and stone statues, it has become very popular.There are so many different concrete statues to choose from it can become intimidating and confusing which statue to pick. Evoking an almost Zen-like ambiance, the Concrete Garden Hands are used to both improve the design of your garden and fulfill a useful mission as a planter.
If you want a smooth piece of decoration, you will want the concrete to be a bit on the dryer side when you mix it up. I do alot of work with cement statues and things,including repair and rebuilding work for people. Pouring the concrete in the gloves doesn’t produce the fingernails and the creases on the joints. I didn’t see anything in the description to explain how to get the realistic fingers. The hands in the photos have obviously had much more detail put into them than you will get from a pair of rubber gloves! How do you get the fingernails and detailing such as the smooth hands and wrinkles at the knuckles??
The fence is made of wood and there are no features in the back yard.My husband and I built a concrete block garden with a curved edge to provide a focal point for the back corner which is visible from the kitchen. We install control joints to allow the edging to crack in specific locations, which is necessary due to concrete expanding and contracting due to temperature changes. This product is specifically designed to help cure the concrete as well as protect the surface finish from sun damage and weathering. It is caused by evaporation of water from the surface of the concrete which leaves behind the minerals (which were in suspension) as a salt deposit.
Your edging will have a very durable surface finish but it needs a certain amount of time to resist scratching and other damage.
The photos with those details are obviously not made with concrete or by simply filling the latex gloves. As I love having fresh herbs in the garden, that is what we mainly planted.Now I have something green and pleasing to look at from my kitchen window.We need to do more but the ideas are slow in coming! Whatever it is that comes to your mind, there is a modern concrete house in the Himalayas and the house is really fascinating and stunning. Depending on the edging location and weather conditions, this sealer may need to be re-applied every two years or so, to maintain the original beautiful appearance of your edging. The special process by which your garden edging is created ensures the maximum amount of colour pigment at the surface of the edging to ensure fading is minimized.  Any fading which occurs is natural and unavoidable. It causes unsightly white stains which can be particularly objectionable on coloured concrete. It is a good idea not to undertake any type of activity around your new edging such as digging, weed trimming or spraying, mowing or edging before the concrete has cured.
It is difficult to imagine due to the outside of the hands being face down while it is curing.

You will not get hands that have the natural finger creases at the knuckles that hands have, either. Do not expect to pour concrete into rubber gloves and get very smooth detailed lifelike hand back or you will be severely disappointed. The ones made with these instructions will not look like any of the pictures and most likely be a huge dissapointed. The house is called with modern house because of an obvious reason which is the modern and sophisticated design itself.
This ensures that the edging attains maximum strength before being subjected to wear and tear. Once sealed upon installation completion, your edging becomes immediately more resistant to light rain. Once you decide on a theme you can narrow down the kinds of concrete statues to look at.Tip # 2 Decide what role the concrete statues will play.
Tree roots, vehicular traffic and subsidence or “wash-outs” of the ground can cause damage. If some efflorescence does occur we can remove it for you by washing with a weak acid solution (dilute pool acid at 1 part acid to 12 parts water). The house offers you many things including the breathtaking panoramic scenery of the Himalayas.
Or maybe just some smaller complimentary garden statues to accent an already beautiful garden.Tip # 3 Don't overpopulate the garden with concrete statues.
Position the gloves into the desired position, preferably into a bucket filled with some cloths (in order to help you with the final shape) and leave the concrete to cure for a couple of days. When you show a product that is not achievable with the procedure you are suggesting, it is called misrepresentation and false advertising.
A few well placed statues will be more pleasing to the eye than overcrowding the garden with too many statues.Tip # 4 Wide open spaces can handle larger concrete garden statues like large sculptural pieces, a big animal, or a reptile. I would suggest to use ONLY photos of the actual results of the process your instructions describe, and not other photos of other things that are not achievable with the process. If you have a pond these large wildlife statues look great.Tip # 5 Smaller tree filled areas should use a three dimensional approach and hang things from trees or place cement statues around the bases. Utilizing wind chimes with hobbits would be an terrific idea.Tip # 6 Placing the garden statues where they will compliment the rest of your landscape is the key to a great looking garden.
A large concrete statue in the center of a round garden would look great or smaller concrete statues placed along a walking path would also look good. For example, the designer placed a set of red chair inside a mostly concrete space indoor which made the design looks really cool.The interior design makes the owner feels super comfortable with the ultimate design as well as premium look which a house can offer.
When going inside the room, it feels so humble (the design) but does not mean the design is not special. The designer also applied wooden materials as the balancer of the design in order to make the design does not feel boring and plain.

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