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The Barred Owl chicks get fed by the female this morning, who tears off bits of prey for them. The female Barred Owl hopped out of the nest box for a bit to reveal a complete brood of three chicks underneath! Barred Owls do little or nothing to change an existing tree cavity or abandoned platform nest. Barred Owls eat many kinds of small animals, including squirrels, chipmunks, mice, voles, rabbits, birds (up to the size of grouse), amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates. Jim Carpenter, President and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited, has hosted a camera-equipped owl box in his wooded backyard in Zionsville, Indiana, since 1999. The camera system was updated in 2013 with an Axis P3364LVE security camera and microphone mounted to the side of the box and connected to Jim’s house via 200 feet of ethernet cable. Since the birds aren’t banded, we can’t tell whether this is the same pair as in past years.
This time of year, the crisp fall weather of the north sends birds packing south to warm tropical climates.
According to the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology, approximately 350 bird species from the United States and Canada migrate south to winter in the Neotropics of the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and South America. The place to be for bird-watching in Costa Rica starting in October is Maquenque Eco-lodge in the Northern Plains. Artavia at Maquenque Eco-Lodge said October and November are usually big months to see migrating species. September and October are also when the endangered Great Green Macaws (Ara ambiguus) return to Maquenque from the Indio Maiz Biological Reservefor the almond fruits that are in season.

In addition to guided bird-watching tours at Maquenque Eco-lodge, you can canoe on the lagoon, hike in the rainforest, ride horses, go float river rafting and boating. They may also use stick platform nests built by other animals (including hawks, crows, ravens, and squirrels), as well as human-made nest boxes. They may add lichen, fresh green conifer sprigs, or feathers to a stick platform nest, and they may flatten or remove the top of an old squirrel nest. They hunt by sitting and waiting on an elevated perch, while scanning all around for prey with their sharp eyes and ears. Who cooks for you-all?” This call carries well through the woods and is fairly easy to imitate.
Set more than 30 feet high against the trunk of a pignut hickory tree, this Barred Owl box was first occupied in 2006. To keep predators like raccoons from investigating the nest, aluminum flashing was wrapped around the tree. Although male and female Barred Owls look alike in their plumage, females can be up to a third bigger than males. These birds include raptors, vultures, waterfowl, shorebirds, and passerine species such as hummingbirds, thrushes, warblers, orioles, and tanagers. The Costa Rica eco-lodge is located in Boca Tapada on the San Carlos River by the Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge, 15 kilometers from the Nicaraguan border and that country’s vast Indio Maiz Biological Reserve.
Some birds stay weeks to a month, while others only pass through the area in a day, he said. Accommodations at the eco-lodge are simple and comfortable in 14 bungalows with balconies overlooking the lagoon.

Cavities measure 10–13 inches wide and 14–21 inches deep (sometimes much deeper, with one cavity recorded as nearly 8 feet deep). They may perch over water and drop down to catch fish, or even wade in shallow water in pursuit of fish and crayfish. An infrared illuminator in the box means you can keep track of the owls’ comings and goings throughout the night (don’t worry—the light is invisible to the owls).
You can also tell the difference between them by watching their behavior; only the female incubates the eggs and chicks, but the male is responsible for the bulk of the feeding, ferrying prey items to the incubating female, and sharing them with her inside and outside of the box. Lodge information cites more than 410 identified species of birds, out of approximately 870 species of birds recognized in Costa Rica.
Though they do most of their hunting right after sunset and during the night, sometimes they feed during the day. Ducks usually stay in Maquenque’s lagoon for a few weeks before moving on – ducks like the lesser scaup, least grebe, blue winged teal, Muscovy ducks, and big groups of black-bellied whistling ducks. Barred Owls may temporarily store their prey in a nest, in the crook of a branch, or at the top of a snag.
They swallow small prey whole and large prey in pieces, eating the head first and then the body.

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