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Vintage Photographs of the Upper West Side of Manhattan, between Central Park West and the Hudson River, from West 61st Street to West 124th Street. North of Columbus Circle, Broadway was known as The Boulevard, until the name was officially changed around the time of this photograph.
The San Remo Apartment building, with its twin tower construction, epitomizes Upper West Side luxury. Looking north along Central Park West toward the Hotel Peter Stuyvesant, which is now Orwell House, a cooperative apartment building. A rather voracious looking fish, controlled by clowns and men in "Middle Eastern" garb, floats down Broadway past the cigar store at West 110th Street.
A horse-drawn parade float heads down Broadway as part of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Many people have given us grief about having so many trees around our cabin and I understand some of their concerns but we cleared the bare minimum to start with and then have been selectively clearing as need be. Thanks Montanan,Since winter is coming soon I'm going to finish the inside first and then in spring finish the outside.
Congrats DalltxguyI'm excited to finish this cabin and hopefully sell it so I can buy a bigger piece of land and make another cabin.
Your search for an innovative team building event is over, it's Art Class & Wine Glass. Or, you and your team can follow along on your own 16x20 canvas and replicate an original piece to take home. Please talk to an Art Class & Wine Glass rep regarding your custom team building exercise today. Hanging above the roadway is a sign that doesn't apply in the context of contemporary New York City.

The monument to Columbus had been erected in 1892 to commemorate the four hundredth anniversary of Columbus's voyage, but construction of the circle was still underway until 1905. We have 10 and nobody to worry about on the sides but from the road I did not want to be able to see the cabin even in the winter and you can't thanks to the pines. I am not sure if I want to add insulation to the roof as that would require me to enclose the rafters and I kinda like those, but since heat is such a factor, I will probably need to in order to hold in the cool air.I want to metal roof, I just am trying to keep the entire house under 8k, dried in. A local Houston team building exercise company where your team can create not only a masterpiece, but also a sense of togetherness. Many of the larger apartments had to be subdivided during the Great Depression to make them more affordable to renters.
By 1920, in a traffic study commissioned by Special Deputy Commissioner in charge of Traffic, John A. My girlfriend takes all the pictures and only gives me a few :PI added a cross brace on the top connecting the two rafters, which is not shown in the photos. Lucky for me I found the majority of stuff on kijiji really cheap but still good to use.Believe it or not, so far with the roof on and all the insulation, ive only spend 6000 on this cabin so far. By the way how did you find that piece of land?I'm taking it you'll only be building next summer? We can come to your business, set up your team building event and save you the hassle of off-site planning or schedule your team building exercises at our Houston location in Vintage Park. Since then, the New York real estate market has changed dramatically, and now the San Remo is amongst the most expensive locations in Manhattan, housing many wealthy business tycoons and celebrities. One of our trees just happens to look like it grew out and around our back eave but it really didn't-it was there long before us!
Land is such a great investment.I have a lot of huge trees everywhere, there are some less than 10 feet from the cabin, I rather not cut them down.

For now I am back in New Zealand and will be back in Canada next summer.Good progress on your cabin. I was going to do a shingle roof, but I am told you cannot do water collection (even though we will not be using the water for drinking etc..
I have a bit of work to do before I am ready anyway preparing the site and designing my building.
Much better than my small sports car for bring stuff up.Going to finish up my insulation and start laying out a stone pad for the wood stove this weekend, will have more pictures posted Sunday. Its the ones that are 30-40 feet away that if they fall and hit the cabin will do the most damage.
It's also great with the metal roof, any snow in the winter is just going to slide off. I'm going to cut down some this weekend, been so focused on getting the cabin winter ready. I had a generator, I dragged it out of the shed and put it on top of my 2x2 patio stone, it must have caught a bunch of pine needles when I dragged it out. After 20mins of working I could hear a noise in the back near the generator, I thought at first it was a big animal walking around, then I noticed smoke.

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