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The vast majority of pipe rehabilitation in the United States uses cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining. The new internal pipe lining will block off pipe connections, which have to be re-opened after the curing process.
The video cable itself measures the length of rehabilitation required and the customer is given an estimate for the pipe rehabilitation immediately. If the pipe is going to be lined, a flexible fabric tube with polyester felt on the inside and a flexible PVC coating on the outside is measured and cut to the correct length.
Next a 100% epoxy resin and catalyst are mixed and poured into the inside of the pipeliner.
One end of the pipe liner is closed off to be airtight and rolled up inside an “inverter” unit.
The “Inverter” forces air into the pipe liner turning it inside out so that the smooth PVC lining is now on the inside and the resin-saturated fabric is on the outside.

Another tube called a “calibration” tube is then shot down the inside of the new PVC liner and maintained at constant pressure in an inflated state to force a bond between the host pipe and the new PVC line. In 3 hours when the resin has hardened, the calibration tube is extracted leaving behind the jointless new PVC line on the inside of the old pipe.
If needed, a “reinstatement cutter” is sent down the new line to cut open the connections with other lines.
A final recorded video inspection along the entire length of pipe confirms the successful rehabilitation. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Repair In Austin Saves 50% Over Trenching For Pipe Replacement!
Epoxy Sewer Pipe Lining Austin – New Inner Pipes Saves 50% Over Trenching For Pipe Replacement! Cured in place pipe lining involves inserting into the old pipe a long fabric tube or sleeve (typically fiberglass or polyester) that has been thoroughly saturated or wet out with a resin.

Then a recorded video inspection diagnoses the cause of the problem and a decision is made as to whether the underground pipe can be lined or has to be replaced. Various liner manufacturers have been approved for different kinds of pipes, based on the fluid the pipes convey.
Be sure to get written verification that the liner being installed is approved for your application.
For example, just because a liner is approved by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF), IAPMO and EPA, does not mean it can be used in fire suppression pipe lining.

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