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All you need to do is enter the text you want created into the text box below - scroll down to PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION and type in the text before adding this product to your cart. The best color to choose if you want to stick this on a dark surface like a tinted car window is WHITE. You are tired of a boring interior of your house and you want to change it into unique, beautiful, original and sophisticated without spending much money and effort?
It’s only one solid color, second color inside is the color of your wall or any other surface. As our main aim is to satisfy our customer, we provide high-quality up-to-date products and designs, excellent customer service, and reliable turnaround for all orders. We produce original, unique highest-quality vinyl stickers, decals, including custom vinyl stickers. The decals can be applied on all smooth surfaces, such as: Walls, Doors, Windows, Closets, Plastic, Metal, Tiles etc. Please choose 1 color you want from our color chart or just make a note in the PayPal message box about your color choice when you are paying for the item. Shipping to Europe and other countries usually takes 6-10 working days with regular post service. Application areas: Vehicles (Body, Doors, Windows, etc), Cars, Trucks, Vans, Motorcycles, bikes, Boats, ATV & Quads, Helmet, Skateboards, Bicycles, Snowboards, Surfboards, Airplanes & Helicopters. After applying vinyl on the vehicle (car, bike, boat) you will be able to use it as before: you can drive it in any weather, wash it etc. Try our New UNIQUE service to choose the best design of vinyl stickers-decals, which will perfectly fit your accommodation (or anything you might choose to adorn), as you will be able to see the final result before making a purchase.
Take a picture of the surface you want to place the vinyl on (Photo of your Wall, Car, Car Hood or anything).

Download your photo in the category: “upload Room photo”, “upload Car photo”, “upload Hood photo”, by clicking “upload photo” in one of this categories. Click “open vinyl gallery” and choose the vinyl you like the most from our categories and subcategories in vinyl gallery and click “apply”. Move the vinyl, change its size (on the right side of the flash), choose color from the color palette and find the vinyl that looks the best on your surface.
After you pick up the suitable vinyl, click “Find this vinyl” and you will see it in our store and will be able to buy it.
After the delivery, place the vinyl on the application area and enjoy your original design for many years.
If you don’t have the photo to download, you can see how vinyl looks like on different surfaces (in different rooms, cars or hood). Click “choose room”, “choose car”, “choose hood” depending on the surface you will put the vinyl on. Click “Open vinyl gallery” and choose the categories and subcategories (in the top left corner) to find the vinyl you like and click “apply”.
When you pick up the acceptable vinyl, click “find this vinyl” and you will find it in our store and will able to buy it. On this page you can use the Instant Online Price Quote form to design your own mesh custom tarp or sun screen up to 60 ft. If you can’t find something that catches your eye, we have an amazing design team ready to create anything (for example – decals with any themes, favorite phrases, names, Bible verses or decals from photos), because there's no better way to express your individuality than with your own ideas and designs, so don't be shy to contact us. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. If you're putting this design on your car window, it needs to be easily and quickly readable and Helvetica is best.

It only takes seconds to obtain a FREE, no obligation, instant price quote on a vinyl coated, mesh fabric tarp based on the dimensions and features that you select from common tarp configurations via the easy to use dropdown menus.after you receive your instant price quote, it only takes a few more mouse clicks to place an order for a top quality customized vinyl coated mesh tarp We accept all major credit cards.
Putting up these paint-lookalike stickers, vinyl decals will completely change the way your accommodation looks. Putting up these paint-lookalike stickers, vinyl decals will completely change the way your vehicle looks. The weakest part of any tarp is the edges, by reinforcing the edges with webbing, you turn the weakest part of the tarp into it's strongest part. With webbing reinforcing, grommets have more material to hold onto, and seams will not come apart at the edges; which is the most likely place for seam failure.
Other tarp manufacturers often do not reinforce tarp edges with webbing and double stitched hems; because they know a tarp will wear out much faster without these quality features. We offer many other customized options for tarps and specialized textile projects; that for logistical reasons are not able to be listed on the drop down menus of our Instant Online Price Quote forms. All we need is a simple drawing or diagram and a nominal deposit; then our Expert Textile Fabrication Specialists can provide you with a custom price quote for your project. All deposits are 100% refundable if we can not make your textile project.Select from two quality Vinyl Coated Mesh products that come in a total of 15 colors. For tarps made from Vinyl, Canvas and other non mesh materials, click hereThe finer mesh is 0.75mm Polyester base mesh commonly used for sunroom and sun blocking applications.

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