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Media storage can be a real issue in the family room as your family adds to movie, music, and game collections. Creative media storage ideas for the family room are often about balancing your need for storage with your budget considerations. There are many ways to incorporate boxes that you may already have for a creative media storage idea. These creative storage ideas are versatile and functional, often doubling as foot rests, end tables, or coffee tables in addition to valuable storage space.
People use milk crates and similar storage ideas for media, but they can look less sophisticated at best. You may not even realize how much storage you already have available in your family room, such as underneath the entertainment center or beneath an aquarium. Budget can be your key consideration when you are thinking of creative media storage ideas for the family room, as some storage alternatives are much more costly than others. Many homes are built with an attached deck in the back yard but its available space is not utilized by the homeowners. Other important advantages of using an outdoor storage bench for storage are that they guard against insects, sun, rain, wind, or any other element of surprise. If you are a homeowner, an apartment renter, or a boat owner in need of extra space you should definitely consider building, or purchasing, a deck box to use for storage. Tool boxes exhibit one of the most efficient ways of storing your valuable and precious tools with great ease and comfort. There is a range of brands that provide best and the most affordable types of tool storage units such as Knack, Chevy, Snap-On, Craftsman, Kobalt and many more to add on.
These are made up from the most reliable materials that include cabinets, rolling works benches and with best hand tool boxes. Chevy Tool Boxes – it is one of the most renowned, affordable and solid car manufacturers. Bowtie offers a portable type of instrument box which is manufactured in form of Chevrolet Bowtie offering enough space for your equipments and detailing supplies.
Under cover box buddy: the remarkable and interesting thing about this storage unit is that it can be complimented all makes of tool boxes. Snap-On is one of the leading manufacturers of the tools and offering best storing units since years. It is the first choice of the professionals and hence they are preferred over most of the other brands of the market which are meant make the technician’s job much easier. Craftsman – is another most renowned name in the world of tool boxes that offers a wide variety of products. The most versatile product line from Craftsman includes the Metal Portable Chest with drawers and the Military Ready Cart. This resin all weather storage box is perfect for storing pool supplies, patio cushions and garden tools on your deck. Keep your chair cushions from fading in the sun or getting soaked in the rain by storing them inside the Patio Cushion Storage Box. For portable outdoor storage of furniture cushions, patio accessories, gardening tools, and other outdoor needs the Patio Storage Box is the ideal storage solution. Click to enlargeSavvy stowing meets deluxe design in this collection of redwood deck boxes. To become a Hooks and Lattice email subscriber, just enter the information below and click submit.
To become a Sign Bracket Store email subscriber, just enter the information below and click submit. Stores children?s toys, pool equipment, gardening supplies and more with ease using this deck storage box.
By submitting this form, you agree that your submissions and their contents will automatically become the property of Global Industrial Equipment without any compensation to you. Only one model can be customized at a time.Please change your selection or add these itemsdirectly to the cart. You may be surprised to discover how many variables there are when it comes to a storage box for your deck or patio.
Size - You'll want a box that is large enough to accomodate your storage needs and will also fit into a suitable space on your deck.
Materials - Since this deck storage box will be outside, you'll want to pay attention to the materials used for construction. Seating and More - Since your deck storage box is going to take up a fair amount of space on your deck, how about using it as additional seating space?
A patio storage box can be a fantastic addition to your dock or pier if you happen to have one. Backyard Design Ideas - Proudly serving the Lake Norman area of Central North Carolina including the following towns and counties; Mooresville, Troutman, Charlotte, Statesville, Mt. Camino Construction Servicesis the best source for decks, porches, gazebos, whatever your outdoor construction needs may be. You want to protect the massive investment associated with each of these genres, but do not want the room to look cheap or outdated.
Footlockers, trunks, chests, and similar methods work great for storing a variety of media, such as CDs, DVDs, VHS movies, video games, and much more, without worrying about damage.
Those with drawers for access to the stored media are a great place to stand a lamp or other light as well.

Use online resources, such as auction websites, to find great storage ideas without having to spend a lot of money. Bookshelves can make great storage for movies, music, and games, and you can easily see what you have. The best start to this type of project is always to organize what you have and discover what you want to keep versus what you would be willing to give up. Homeowners are constantly mowing the lawn, having cookouts, maintaining the landscape, and may even have the chore of pool maintenance.
The market is full packed with a range of equipment storage unit which are meant for fulfilling different purposes according to the needs. For meeting your portable storage requirements, it requires sturdy work surface along with lockable units. With the expansion of several segments they started offering some of the most efficient tool boxes which can be used for several purposes.
This is known for its rugged construction as they are constructed from the metal sheet of 20 gauges. The product line of the company includes a range of hand tools, power tools, shop equipments and the tool boxes.
These boxes are designed by using the state-of-art computer aided design for gaining excellent durability and features. The natural look of this box allows it to fit in seamlessly with your outdoor decor.Your outdoor areas will stay organized with the help of this spacious, weather-proof outdoor storage unit. With a durable eucalyptus hardwood construction in a dark brown color, this outdoor storage box is perfect for use in your garage, enclosed porch, or other outdoor area.
This 63 gallon capacity storage truck has built-in handles and rollers that allow for portability so you can have all your garden tools, hand tools, and furniture cushions in easy reach. The Brisbane Cushioned Deck Box doubles as a bench so you can enjoy storage and extra seating in your outdoor setting.
The natural, unpolished appeal of redwood finds its practical embodiment here: as a storage solution ideal for de-cluttering your indoor and outdoor spaces. If you’re looking for a patio box built to conceal and protect without looking like an unwelcome blemish on the flawless facade of your residential or commercial design plans, then check out this collection of redwood deck boxes. Keep your outdoor living space neat, tidy and organized with this Deck Box with Wheels by Suncast. A deck storage box offers the perfect way to keep your outdoor items handy without having them exposed to the elements or in your way. You don't want to overwhelm your space with a deck box that is too large, nor do you want to have a box that is too small to hold all of your stuff. They are great for storing fishing rods and tackle, life vests, or any of those things you are used to carrying back and forth from your house. Most of us who spend that kind of money also want to be able to showcase the collections that we work so hard to put together.
Milk crates and cardboard boxes look tacky, but are easy to find and do the job in a pinch.
They are also easy to use for organization, and you can customize the box with creative accents.
This is another great way to save money: Choose creative media storage ideas that are multi-purpose or multi-functional.
For a modern approach to storage, consider shelves that line the top of each wall, to keep all media out of reach of little hands without hiding them in drawers or bins. The reason for this is because decks are not built with added storage space and therefore contain a lot of wasted areas. The choice of materials used to construct deck boxes lets the homeowners retain a decorative style that matches their surroundings. And deck boxes are not only used for storage by homeowners; renters, boaters, and others can sufficiently utilize a deck box. Do you really want your pool toys gathering dirt and debris by leaving them to the great outdoors? The storage space deck boxes create will allow organization and protection for your important supplies and accessories.
The different types of storage boxes are available such as automobile, rolling and machinist and many more. These models are known for their versatile storage ability by keeping your tools organized and secure.
These are available in several types to choose from and exhibit them in both metal and plastic material. These are available in both versions of metal and plastic for convenient and ease of operation. The extra-large 99-gallon capacity easily accommodates four large chair cushions and one chaise cushion, or can be used for storing lawn and gardening tools, planting materials, and pool supplies. The hinged lid allows for easy access to your stored items and the waterproof seal keeps rain from getting inside. This storage box is constructed from durable resin material and the lift open lid keeps items protected from the outdoor elements. This deck box is the perfect place to store cushions tools cleaning supplies or whatever you see fit. Picture pairing this patio box with other outdoor redwood furniture, or placed at the foot of the bed in a mountain cottage setting.

Unlike the utilitarian look and feel of most large plastic patio boxes, adding this piece of outdoor redwood furniture infuses freshness and life.
There is always something on your deck or patio that needs to be put away, out of the weather or just out of the way. There is really nothing all that complicated about them, just carefully plan out the hinged lid. Mourne, Davidson, Huntersville, Denver, Iredell County, Mecklenburg County, Lincoln County, Cabarrus County, Catawba County, Rowan County. Any amount is greatly appreciated, although donations over one million dollars will get you a personalized note of thanks! Mourne, Davidson, Huntersville, Denver, Terrell, Stanley, Concord, Salisbury, Pineville,  Iredell County, Mecklenburg County, Lincoln County, Cabarrus County, Catawba County, Rowan County. That is not unreasonable, but the level of sophistication for your storage ideas is often dictated by your own budget.
Here are some other ideas for creative media storage ideas for the family room in your home.
How about the pool toys or chemicals, are they placed on the deck floor because you do not want to tote them to the garage? Should your electrical tools be left in plain sight just asking for someone to remove them? This sturdy, all weather storage box makes a useful furnishing for your patio, deck, porch, or backyard: the durable, heavy duty taupe resin container can also double as a bench, giving you a convenient seat when you need to take a break from mowing the lawn. You can also use this deck box to store pool equipment, gardening supplies, outdoor games, and even as a place for package delivery services to leave your parcels! Whether you need a concealed home for floating pool toys or patchwork quilts, a patio box offers a woodsy-feeling freshness to storage.Possessing the practical characteristics of outdoor redwood furniture, this product is naturally resistant to rotting or decay and holds up well under the pressures of inclement weather. Situated on your swimming pool deck or in the garden, these large redwood deck boxes can be filled to the brim with everything from “floatie” toys to cleaning nets to pruners and spades. Don't you get tired of lugging those things inside and then having to find a place to keep them out of the way there?
As long as the top is flat, just add some cushions and you have a new deck bench as well as more storage space. If you see any of these scenarios, or any others, then you should invest in a couple of deck boxes for storage. These 20"W x 18"H wood deck boxes are offered in two standard lengths, 36” and 48” and their convenient flip top lid makes for easy transfer of toys, blankets and other “storables” from concealed rest to actionable use, and back again. Place one among other outdoor redwood furniture on the deck to double as lounging space, or work one into your garden by flanking it with beautiful blooms. That would be great if you want to store water, but it isn't very useful for anything else.
The seat cushion features outdoor fabric to withstand the rigors of sun exposure and moisture. Streamline, organize and bring a refreshing natural element to your landscape or interior design with the natural beauty of a redwood patio box from Planters Unlimited.
The natural makeup of these patio boxes makes for an easy addition to most exterior spaces.In addition to their effortless flow in outdoor landscapes, Planters Unlimited redwood deck boxes are a viable option for sprucing up an array of interior designs.
You may know that a 150 gallon box is nearly five times as big as a 35 gallon box, but how big are either of them, really? It is impervious to water and the sun doesn't affect it structurally, although it may cause some color fading over time.
For designers and project planners working with a “green” aesthetic, the natural strength of redwood is an appealing choice. Plastic lumber is recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and sometimes other additives such as fiberglass extruded into common lumber profiles. Bring the patio box inside and reinvent the linen closet, reassured that each time you reach for the guest sheets they’ll be ready to wrap your company in woodsy freshness.
HDPE is a very durable plastic making recycled plastic lumber a positive alternative to wood in external environments. Or, for your hotel spa, turn outdoor redwood furniture into an interior delight for your dressing room or waiting area, coupled with the functionality of storage space for towels and other supplies.This collection is a clear choice for traditional cottage or cabin styles of design, whether in a Pacific Northwest mountain retreat or a Northern lake cabin.
Additionally, with the resurgence of wood in modern and contemporary design, the redwood deck box has the potential to stretch beyond its traditional definition and emerge in a more progressive style.
It is particularly advantageous in areas where exposure to the elements is frequent or high abrasion is likely. Whatever your design aesthetic, incorporate the beauty of natural materials with one of our patio boxes today.The Planters Unlimited collection of redwood deck boxes is offered in two standard sizes, 36"L x 20"W x 18"H and 48"L x 20"W x 18"H. If these dimensions are not fitted to your project needs, please contact customer service for more details on customization or other available styles.For more information on available styles and sizes, call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626.
Benefits of recycled plastic over wood: Virtually maintenance-free Impervious to insects Will not crack or split Resistant to graffiti and stains Does not contaminate ground or soil High abrasion resistance Splinter-free Impervious to marine borers Color-impregnated no painting required No harmful chemicals About Eagle One Pool FurnitureEagle One Products has been designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly durable and aesthetic products for use on golf courses resorts hotels and restaurants for over 12 years. Built to last in some of the harshest areas and weather conditions - intense sunlight rain snow and chemicals Eagle One furniture looks new season after season. Recognized as the leader in introducing recycled plastic lumber products into the golf industry Eagle One has many years' experience in designing and manufacturing recycled plastic products and continue to lead the way in design durability and style while at the same time protecting the environment.

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