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As I just mentioned, building codes and regulations can vary from one location to the next, and for good reason. Most building codes make a clear distinction between structures thatA stand alone and structures that areA attached to your house. Building permits cover a wide range of issues pertaining to both how a project is constructed where it’s located.
Zoning rules dictate how your property can be used, as well as defining the size and location of structures you might want to build there. If your property happens to be in a local historic landmark district a€” or your house itself is a designated landmark structure a€” you might face certain restrictions on what you can and can’t do on the property. Where you locate your project on your property can have certain effects on water drainage and soil erosion, both of which are big concerns of city engineers. If you live in a planned community or condo development, you might have certain restrictions on what you can build on your property. Legal problemsA a€“ Although you won’t go to jail for violating building codes, it can cost you a considerable amount of time, hassle, and money to come clean with local government after the fact. Safety problemsA a€“ Not everyone can be an expert builder (though we usually think we are). Nosy Neighbor ProblemsA a€“ Although it’s unlikely that a state inspector will come snooping around your property on his or her own accord, you might be surprised how often nosy neighbors place calls to authorities the minute they spot new construction in the neighborhood. Closing Sale ProblemsA a€“ Most realtors will tell you that building permits are rarely an issue when it comes time to sell your house.
I’ve heard people say that building permits are nothing more than a easy way for local governments to raise your property taxes. Go online and get familiar with all the jargon and lingo a building inspector might use when talking to you about building codes. Below is a rough outline of the process you’ll likely go through when obtaining a building permit for your project. Frankly, this question can look a little daunting if you haven’t gone in recently to get a permit. Permits come from local governments, of course, and most of us are about as eager to tangle with the government as we are to get an appendectomy. In Virginia, you generally do not need a building permit for any shed that is less than 256 sq. A final caution: if you are living in an HOA-regulated home, then do check the regulations. If you would like to speak with us about getting a permit, or to find out whether a shed we offer needs one, just contact us, and we’ll be in touch with you.
Service AreaWe deliver storage shed solutions to customers across the state of Virginia and parts of West Virginia. Top Shed Builders in Harrisonburg, VA St.
No foundation or piers required but they must be anchored down by an approved method for wind load requirements. If the shed is a pre-fabricated structure, a sketch, or diagram must be provided showing the proposed framing and support method.
For constructed on site sheds, type and size of the lumber, and how the structure will be framed should be shown. Indicate on a plot plan, property survey, or sketch drawn to scale where the shed will be placed on the property.
Must be supported by piers, foundation, or similar method acceptable to the Building Official.
My kids are already older so I don’t have to worry about their big toys, holiday decorations are stored in the attic, so it looks like my shed will be primarily used for garden equipment, some power tools and bikes. Since I determined shed’s purpose at the beginning it’s time to pick the size and visualize the interior features (shelves, organizers, etc.). The easiest way to determine shed’s size is to organize all the items that you’re planning to put in the shed on a flat surface. My backyard’s landscape isn’t going to change in the future, I have my pond, decks, little garden, and the flowerbeds already “strategically” positioned. My shed has to be easily accessible so I can move all the equipment in and out without destroying anything around it. It has to comply with local zoning department requirements – distance from the property line, square footage, etc. I’m 30 miles north of Chicago, a four season climate, so my shed needs to withstand heavy winds, snow, rain, cold and heat. My local building department says that I do need a building permit for my shed if its floor area exceeds 40 square feet, which it most likely will. Imagine getting a violation ticket from a local building inspector forcing you to take that brand new shed apart. I know the size of my shed, got the requirements, and looked at my bank account.Sky may be the limit or you may need to go easy on your project, adjust your dreams a little. This is a subject that needs a little more exploration, go to free shed plans to discover what I’m considering to use for my shed project.
Building a garage on the gulf coast, for example, with its hurricanes, sandy soil, and salty air calls for different building techniques than building a garage in northern Minnesota, with its heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures.

Using my gulf coast example above, it's understandable why those hurricane-risk communities might be concerned about 2x4s andA plywood panels flying off a poorly constructed building.
Adding utilities to any of the above (electrical outlets, lights, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, etc.) will likely void the exemption and require a permit to build. In many states, stand-alone structures do not require permits to build, yet anything that is attached to your house does. For example, residential neighborhoods (R1) typically have different building guidelines compared to guidelines for commercial property (C2).
These rules will include not only restrictions on the size of a structure, but also the color and architectural style you’re allowed to use.
And I also suspect that in most cases, nothing too detrimental happens as a result of the violation.
Once they discover your disregard for the law, you could be forced to tear down what you’ve already built and start over.
Of course, the inspectors are glad to oblige and investigate the matter (they’re probably required to do so). Although I think that theory is a bit far-fetched, sure, it’s possible that some projects could in fact raise your property taxes, but for more realistic reasons. This will give you a nice head start in figuring out what kinds of questions you need to be asking about your project. This might vary somewhat from state to state, but I imagine the basic steps are common to most locations. So going in to the county offices to ask for a permit can look like a daunting mess of red tape.
But from our experience delivering thousands of sheds across Virginia and West Virginia, it is to your advantage to do a bit of permit homework. There are all kinds of horror stories of people who had to repaint, reroof, or remove a shed because the HOA wagged their finger at the storage building.
Our Design Consultants have years of experience in helping clients get a shed into the backyard. Interested in a FREE, personalized, professional design consultation to help you design your shed or gazebo? If located behind the plane of house, it may be located a minimum of 6' from both the side and rear property lines. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced carpenter or still going through the learning curve, it’s always extremely important to have everything ready in place before beginning the project. Those are actually questions that I needed to answer before beginning construction of my shed.
There are all kinds of tools, pressure washer, lawn mower, bikes, cardboard boxes from whatever I’ve purchased over the years, and two cars. That makes finding a place for my shed much easier because I don’t have to worry about my wife asking to move it 1 foot to the left to make room for some new plants. Attaching my shed to the house is one of the options but that would require a full foundation and raise its cost significantly.
To get a more exact number you’ll need to find a shed plan that includes material list, go to your local lumber yard or some home improvement store, and determine the total cost of the project. Creating community through strong neighborhood principals of walkability, sense of place, attention to detail, and active parks.
These lifestyle centers mix the traditional retail with pathways, park-like greenbelts, and ambience.
It might also be that the subject is difficult to generalize, since the rules can vary so much from one state to the next. Your first step is always to contact your local building permit office to find out exactly what’s required for the project you want to build. There are also a variety of different residential classifications (R2, R3, RH) that may have bearing on what you can legally build on your property. You can also contact your local utility company for more information about locating underground utilities. If you’ve ever sold a house, you know that closing time is the worst time for any kind of legal problem of to bear its ugly head.
Like I mentioned earlier, I was pleasantly surprised just how nice and helpful my local building code office was when I called last week.
In some cases, they can review your project while you wait, letting you leave that day with a permit in hand. However, be sure to know how many inspections you’ll need throughout the course of the project. Once your project is complete, you’ll need to request another visit from the building inspector to sign off on the project.
If you want to wire your building yourself, you may be able to do that, but it will need to be inspected. There are some locations in Virginia that have stiffer requirements than the Commonwealth does. They can help you take care of your permit, if you are one of those who actually needs a permit. If the house is on a corner, you must honor two front yard required distances and 6' can be from the other 2 sides.

Architectural interest and the incorporation of local culture and history is important to our planning and design team. WE HAVE A MAP TO MAKE THIS EASIER, HERE.Although local governments have different rules and regulations regarding sheds, they all have commonalities. I can’t speak for everyone, but I was pleasantly surprised just how nice and helpful my local building permit people were when I called for some advice last week. Using the framework of your home to support another structure can jeopardize the structural integrity of the house itself. Having the proper building permits in place is just one less thing to worry about when selling your home. If your project is significant enough to increase that value (like adding a bedroom or a second story), obviously this might increase your property taxes. For larger, more complex projects, it might take several days (or weeks) to complete the review.
A more complicated structure might require that a city inspector visit your job site more than once to approve certain phases of the project. Your building permit should have phone numbers and information about scheduling a final inspection. At any rate, if you want to run electrical service to and in your building, call your friendly local county or city office and have a chat with them. Otherwise, simply go to your local county or city office (online or on foot) and ask about requirements. If you’re thinking aboutA building an outdoor projectA this summer, hopefully this guide can shed some light on an otherwise cloudy subject. For example, you can probably build a small tool shed in Arizona without having to ask anyone’s permission. But for most of the projects we’re talking about in this article a€” like decks, gazebos, pergolas, and playhouses a€” these will not add enough assessed value to have any noticeable affect on property taxes.
And of course, we can answer questions, since we’ve covered this territory many, many times before. The following examples should give you a rough idea of what kind of projects I’m talking about. Some of these sites even offer free project plans that comply with their specific building codes! If you want to attach some shelves and storage racks, it’s easy and only the price of the lumber. PlacementBuilding sheds on an easement (underground pipes), or too close to a boundary or another building is a No-No. There’s no need to buy any added extras from the shed company.This kit comes primed ready for paint, but requires you to provide the roof cladding and drip edge. Come to find out, the shed was 6 inches (yes, you read right — SIX inches) too close to the property line. Tornado Alley), you may need to get a permit so the city or county know your shed can withstand those weather conditions.
But even in areas that have moderate climates, the City or County may ask you to build the shed to a certain standard, (i.e. Not only does it store all the usual suspects, the push mower, long handled garden equipment and your leafblower, but also the wide entry doors allow for riding mowers to be stored as well.The shed comes with a floor to keep your items clean, and hooks to store items on the walls.
Skylights are standard in the roof to provide natural light and keep spiders and insects who like dark and damp places away.Like all plastic sheds it does require a good flat base. Unlike all plastic sheds the instructions are easy to understand, making this shed EASY TO ASSEMBLE. The paperwork, added time and extra money required CAN TURN PEOPLE OFF putting up a shed altogether. Maybe you just need a spot in the garden to yourself, when you can go and unwind.There is not a more picturesque place to do what you like in than this Sunshed. Wood style wall cladding and imitation slat roof enhance the look of the shed, although the neutral two tone color scheme DOESN’T DRAW THE EYE.Two large front doors give easy access to the shed and allow riding mowers to be stored inside. When you’re done putting everything together your shed will be sturdy with no leaking. Look and ColorSheds typically have to fit in with the status quo and the look of the residence. If you need the storage space and not the excess price tag then you’ve found what your looking for in a metal shed.Metal sheds are reliable, they do they job and they are durable.
It is quite low, the instructions are hard to understand and the look, well we’ll let you be the judge.But at the end of the day, it still has the same square floor space as the more expensive ones. All you need to do is go to the lumberyard and get the lumber!The great thing about kits is you can choose the cladding and roofing materials to suit your own taste.
Taller folk will consider it a little low and have to bend down in there.It’s selling point though is its strength.

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