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PDF versionAdditional PhotosAbout This Project After building a few things from plans I decided to come up with something on my own, and from scraps I made this bench for my son. Well all of this remodeling has taken up a significant portion of our garage, the homemade paint tent walls are one of the major culprits….so, we needed some more space. From there, the build was pretty simple, I ended up using treated pine pickets for the back (since I did not have enough good cypress) and was not willing to drive across town to get 150 more pickets (about 1 in 10 were good enough to use for the door) that I would have spend hours sorting and eventually have to get rid of.
If you're looking for furniture to complement the garden or patio, browse below and discover the potential of Adirondeck benches. It is a classic Adirondack garden bench that is available in four color options to choose: gray, green, natural and white. With AnySize Chair or Bench Ends you have the opportunity to build your own sturdy bench, chair or a loveseat. Practical adirondack sidetable which can be used in living room, dining room or kitchen and will always serves its purpose. Anyone that needs a utilitarian side table should appreciate this squared resin piece of furniture. This Traditional Rocker in White Finish is designed of recycled lumber, thus being able to complement any rustic decor. Simple yet lovely design of this Country Cottage Side Table is crafted from North American Aspen wood, and coated in all-weather paint. Side chair with frames made of thick steel gauge which provides sturdy construction and reasonable weight.
This Tall Bar Chair with Arms is crafted from teakwood – material highly resistant to rain, salt water and chlorine. Made of teakwood, this amazing garden armchair will play with any outside decor of your choice. This well-made garden bench with backrest is made of wood and covered with a glossy varnish, which gives it a unique character.
A lovely table that will help you create a great look for your yard, that is comfortable and versatile. It is a traditional round bar height table that has got a green finish and solid, heavy-duty construction. This is a very interesting and highly practical table, which makes it ideal as a dining one. I majored in engineering in college and my job as a pilot requires me to be a perfectionist, and I could never build anything "right," which frustrated me.
I would love to build a detached workshop, but do not have the budget and may not have the space for it. Finding Cedar 2x6s and 4x4s for our raised garden was difficult and the fence pickets proved to be impossible in 2 days.

I was very hesitant to make all the cuts at once, because I did not trust myself and the plan, but that was never an issue. Their simple yet characteristic design and durable materials make them a good choice for the outdoor zone. This spacious bench can seat up to 2 people comfortably and is a great choice for your patio. Made of teak which is very hard, durable wood with a high oil content, so it's naturally resistant to moisture, mechanical damage and pests.
This table combines traditional design with innovative material, which is both environmentally friendly and extremely durable.
Recently, my wife and I found a house that we really liked, but it had not been updated since it was built in 1978, so….it was going to need some work.
So we looked at sheds at the big box stores and they looked horrible and there was no way that was going to be an option. The big box stores (Orange and Blue) do not sell them in Fl, but Cypress seems to be the wood of choice (for natural rot resistance, etc). Great for porches or relaxing in the yard, the end table is the consummate companion to any chair.
Then I looked at the garage again, and my wife and I were almost on the verge of buying one, accepting its ugliness for 2 years and then trying to sell it on the internet since we needed some more space and wanted to get our garden tools on the same side of the fence as our raised garden beds A couple of weeks prior this though, I had found Ana’s site and liked some of the furniture she had on it, but had regulated it to the “later” pile since we already had a ton of furniture and I was more worried about closet shelves then a new bookcase. New Cypress fence pickets are difficult to find (I actually did not find any), but reclaimed ones are easy. Fortunately, I had the foresight to send it to my wife and told her to view it, because it looked cool.
I managed to wrangle the plywood on top without help, but the pitch was such that it would not stay up by itself. I realized at some point in this journey that there is absolutely no reason why I could not do much of this myself.
Well, while she was killing some time on a hold one day, she stumbled upon the outdoor shed design and sent it to me on a Wednesday night.
So if you find yourself doing it by yourself, a hammer will make a decent makeshift stopgap (see picture). I “allowed” myself to mess things knowing that I could mess them up quite a few times vice the cost of hiring a professional. We talked about it and even though we had “other” remodeling plans that weekend, I dropped everything a decided to build it.
Once I looked at them, I started to wonder if I had lost my mind, because they were going to require a ton of work and sorting to make them usable. I could not have gotten the roof on alone without the use of a friend of mine’s cordless framing nailer, however, the true moral of this story is – GET HELP WHEN YOU ARE ATTACHING THE PLYWOOD TO THE ROOF.

I felt pot committed though, since I had them and no real idea what to do with them if I did not use them.
Help would have saved me about an hour, but my wife was working and I was alone and unafraid. I started by actually getting some of the right tools - aka a Miter Saw (I bought a Hitachi dual bevel compound miter saw off of Craig's list for $100) and suddenly realized that accurate cuts were easy to make using the miter saw vice my circular saw (sans a saw guide – I did not know about that concept until recently). I have watched hundreds of youtube videos and read numerous books over the past few months, gained a ton of knowledge and am actually becoming quite proficient, even to my perfectionist eyes, at fixing things around the house – i.e.
I sorted through them - long ones for the front and back vice short ones for the sides – and began sizing them. It turned out to take forever to utilize the reclaimed wood – since I had to strip them off the fence panels, sort them, remove the staples and nails, cut them, and finally pressure wash them before I could use them.
I put it under the shingles on the front and the sides and over the shingles in the back based on the research that did.
Two great youtube videos to help are the “Lowes” one on how to shingle a shed and the “Ask This Old House” one on roofing. When I build my next shed, I am just going to use treated pine or find new cypress pickets. I used 3 pieces of 10’ drip edge (actually 4, because I messed one up) and 2 packs of shingles.
I literally spent 6-9 hours of time getting the fence pickets ready for use, and have a ton of junk ones leftover (that were cracked, split, rotted, etc) that I need to get rid of and have no idea how. We mounted ours on top of ? in piece of severe weather plywood (aka treated pine) since it was going to be on top of dirt and not concrete. That required some finessing on the doors with the jigsaw since the plywood was not exactly flat. None of the roofing nails were galvanized that I could find so I used just a normal piece of plywood, just like they use on the roof of your house, and it worked great. If you use non-galvanized nails with treated pine, them chemicals will cause the nails to rot. I used the same latch that Lady Goats and Ana recommended, however, my doors remain open approximately 2-3 inches, despite the fact that the latch is so tight it is difficult to open. I am going to replace the latch with two swing down levers from the top piece of trim when I get back in town.
I had planned to wait and post this until I stained it, however, that has been delayed by multiple trips out of town over the past two weekends due to work and I was afraid if I did not post I would forget some of the salient points that I learned.

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