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New shelf- Blu-rays alphabetically with oversized and digibooks being the few things at the bottom.
Here is a shot to give you an idea of what the new shelves I'm building the center of the room will look like.
I don't have pictures yet as I'm not done setting up, but today I got a surprise present from my sister-in-law!
I'm going to have to wait for the other one as I have to rearrange to fit it in and need someone who can lift to do it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can finally get my TV on DVDs out of the cabinets I have them in and onto shelves for easier access!
An interesting look though as I have a room I am about to transform into my media storage archive.
If you watch the vid and like it (and oh hell, even if not) leave me a comment on the youtube page!
I made a short video showing how I've squeezed 6000+ Blus & DVDs into my apartment with the intent of helping folks who may be facing storage issues. Fortunately, my wife and I have a large living room in our apartment, so it doubles as our home theater.
We can't easily reach the top shelf, so boxes on the very top are empty and for display only.

Let’s try to get an idea of how much more data can be stored due to the physically tighter spacing of pits on a DVD. On a CD, there is a lot of extra information encoded on the disc to allow for error correction — this information is really just a repetition of information that is already on the disc. The DVD format doesn’t waste as much space on error correction, enabling it to store much more real information. To increase the storage capacity even more, a DVD can have up to four layers, two on each side. You may be wondering why the capacity of a DVD doesn’t double when you add a whole second layer to the disc.
BPA-free PP Plastic Cute Storage Boxes Storage BinsBPA-free PP Plastic Cute Storage Boxes Storage Bins   1. Only half are built at the moment (the half you can see), but by the weekend they should be finished.
She loves Craig's List and does quite well buying furniture, fixing it up and then reselling.
And as a bonus, the shelves have a top to them, so I can put my over sized sets on top rather than on the floor! It worked for VHS and if you were proactive and only razor cut the top security label on DVDs but otherwise not so much.

The error correction scheme that a CD uses is quite old and inefficient compared to the method used on DVDs.
Another way that DVDs achieve higher capacity is by encoding data onto a slightly larger area of the disc than is done on a CD.
The laser that reads the disc can actually focus on the second layer through the first layer. This is because when a disc is made with two layers, the pits have to be a little longer, on both layers, than when a single layer is used. By multiplying these two numbers, we find that there is room for about 4.5 times as many pits on a DVD. This helps to avoid interference between the layers, which would cause errors when the disc is played.
I also ditched the gamecube (wii plays those games anyway) to be able to fit in an Atari XE.

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