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Really glad I did, top quality construction and the fellas who put it up did so with no fuss. 6x4 Pent A Tanalised Security Shed Brilliant website, brilliant customer support, brilliant installation, and above all brilliant shed! Perfect purchase The whole purchase process was simple, with great customising options. With a small garden I could only have the 6x4, and I opted for the Beast version after much thought. It is now dedicated to storing pot sherds and other archaeology stuff, bringing order to what was chaos. Though this may serve the purpose for the time being, it cannot offer protection against snake bites or provide shelter during heavy rains,” says Dr.
We found the Easyshed website and after reading the reviews and checking out the materials used decided that although they aren't the cheapest sheds you could buy, they did represent very good value for money.

Expensive, yes, but the quality and the size of the shed, plus the no hassle delivery and installation were excellent.
I've even got space to store all my recycling clutter, garden charis, table and parasol. From picking out the design of the shed to any extras required was a simple process and ordering the shed and picking out a suitable delivery time was easy.
The delivery and installation was professionally done and the fitters made sure that we were happy with the shed before leaving.
The animals can be reared exclusively inside the shed without grazing thus reducing manpower requirement.A fibre-reinforced plastic floor ensures that the goats inside do not get wet or dirty.
As a result the animals are devoid of bad body smell caused by wetting and dampening by urine common in conventional sheds.The animals are at ease during extreme summer or during winter since the plastic floor is resistant to heating and cooling.
Cleaning is easyAs the holes for excreta are small and of uniform size, the legs especially of kids will not get caught in the gaps as seen in structures with uneven gaps in the floor.

It can be cleaned easily.The floor made of inter-lockable units can be taken out separately and cleaned. A similar structure made with locally available materials would cost nearly 60 per cent less, but last only up to two years,” says Dr.
Durable materialsAnd thanks to durable materials like galvanized Iron and fibre reinforced plastic, the structure can withstand adverse climatic conditions and does not require heavy maintenance.A similar structure made using local materials can cost nearly 60 per cent less, but lasts only for 2-3 years.

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