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Items that will have additional shipping charges include some of the heavier furniture items, that need to be shipped out by freight truck like the driftwood style tables and some of the log furniture. Old Time Rustic Electric Outdoor Oil Lantern for PostORDER THIS ELECTRIC POWERED OLD FASHIONED OIL LANTERN TODAY.
They say the four wheelers and the people pushing them around is hard on them but i noticed the rules only apply to public land so I guess it’s okay to harass them on private. They don’t yard up like you see whitetail do but they do gather somewhat if a area has feed for them but i have found at this time of year they are constantly moving to areas void of snow such as south facing slopes and areas blown free of snow by the wind A lot of it depends on how people approach shed hunting if your the lazy type that wont walk and you have to drive your ATV constantly then you could push them around somewhat but usually they just move a few hundred yards and stop.
But, their running them down in helicopters, drugging them, netting them, dragging them to a landing, hobbles, blindfolds and dumping them in the river is just fine and dandy. I heard that several mobs of horn hunters come into Southern Wyoming from Utah, and maybe Colorado, and other states. Second, once you’ve completed the mandatory course, you can then purchase a government shed hunting licenses.
If you choose to use your snowmobile or ATV to get to where the sheds are found, a special government sticker can be purchased for that reason.
As far as a sticker goes that’s already been done here in Wyoming in order to drive a ATV or snow machine on Goverment land you must puchase a sticker each year for each machine at the cost of 25 dollars per year per machine.

If that sign doesnt succeed in keeping the bad man out, the next sign will have a gate attached to it and that road will be off limits or closed to provide predators an exclusive natural experience. Lol, if this madness keeps continuing uninterrupted the Planet will have a sign on it barring humans from eating crapping and breathing on it.. I know but you have to admit, that’s the M-O these days when it comes to all this stuff. I have a great idea, shed hunt in the dark with a light, I do it with my gold nugget detector. The next move will be a law that says it is illegal to possess shed antlers and there fore illegal to gather them at all and then they wont even have to put up signs or gates. LET US KNOW HOW MANY FEET OF ELECTRIC WIRE YOU NEED TO RUN DOWN THE POST AND TO YOUR ELECTRIC BOX. I hunt them from horse back and it doesn’t seem to bother them at all unless you ride right up to them and I avoid doing that. First, if you want to shed hunt, you must take a government approved course on how to effectively hunt sheds without harassing the game. After that, tags are available to purchase for each side of antler you harvest, limit of one matching set or three half sets.
But, I’ve always found that as soon as one person thinks about it, someone else does too!

They cannot just throw up gates and no trespassing signs, they move in slow, restrict it every activity, then close it permanently. I know people who subsidized there income from selling sheds and when the prices were 10 – 12 dollars a pound for brown antler you could make a few bucks if you were willing to work at it. The state can become just as dictatorial as the federal government can, even if it is easier to influence….
Often, even experienced antler people can’t tell the difference between stained and natural! And for those who haven’t figured it out yet, additional hunting fees, hidden behind tags and permits, etc.
We also take special care to sand and seal the antlers to bring back a beautiful surface texture.
Please remember that due to the fact that these are natural, each piece is will vary slightly from other pieces and from the photos shown.

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