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When it comes to saving money with energy-efficient lighting, hallways are the place to look, at least in storage facilities! When we acquire new properties, we always look at how we can retrofit to save energy with new lighting fixtures, and we found a great candidate in Texas. I’m going to give you lots of details about this lighting retrofit, but the photos below may speak better than all my words. During a usual lighting retrofit, we install fluorescent T8 electronic ballast fixtures, which use much less energy than the T12 magnetic ballast fixtures they typically replace.
At the La Porte storage facility, LED fixtures are replacing lots of inefficient 400-watt metal halide fixtures.
The savings comes not only from lowered energy usage, but also from reduced maintenance costs. With all of the positives of LED lighting, it’s easy to see that the technology will play a big role in helping Extra Space Storage reduce its carbon footprint and lower operating costs as well. Our services are scalable to meet any need, and our strategic solutions are tailored to each customer's unique scenario.
In the spotlight for this LED retrofit is a newly acquired property, the Extra Space Storage facility in La Porte, Texas. However, this time, working with US Brite, we went directly to the ultimate in energy savings: LED! With LED fixtures, there are no bulbs to change, and each fixture is warranted for six years. Some decisions in facilities management can be more difficult, but when it comes to LED, it looks as though it’s increasingly becoming the best answer for completing environmentally responsible lighting retrofits.

Do you think that LED fixtures provide better light quality compared to fluorescent fixtures?
While the financial and environmental benefits of LED lighting are immense, there’s another bonus that’s very easy see with your own eyes: better lighting! Compare 24,400 watts before conversion, with only 6,039 watts after the conversion is completed! Here’s why: Our LED lights at the La Porte facility will provide a kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumption drop of 75 percent!
Coming up soon, I’ll share more about how complete LED retrofits will help Extra Space Storage save energy. We’re  also lowering the fixture height in the hallways from 18 to 24 feet to just 12 feet, which provides a nice increase in usable light. With such a dramatic decrease in energy consumption, our payback time for this investment is only 1.26 years.
Instead of changing out bulbs in T8 light fixtures, our maintenance staff will soon be able to concentrate on other areas, and we won’t have to buy and stock bulbs!

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