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In Makhachkala,  a wonderful woman Asya chipped  recently opened a small cat shelter,you can see a video fragment here.
Wood Buffalo is an area that is best known for an abundance of resources and for being one of the fastest-growing communities in the country.
Those are the people the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) is thinking about as it puts together a municipal development plan (MDP).
The previous MDP was completed in 2000 and it predicted Wood Buffalo’s population would be 50,000 by 2011.
While the MDP is the long-term vision for where the RMWB is going, it will also set short-term goals and a layout of the objectives of municipal council, year by year, based on feedback from the public. It was a vision fair held at MacDonald Island which allowed the community to engage in the process and tell the team putting together the plan what they want to see in Wood Buffalo, as well as how they would like to see the community grow. No idea is too big for the team responsible for the MDP to hear, and that is evident by some of the ideas that were given at the vision fair, including high-speed rail both between Fort McMurray and Edmonton and within the Municipality.
The ideas are coming from people from all walks of life and that is exactly what the team wants, according to Project Manager Amanda Owens. Open houses are also just one of the ways the team will be getting suggestions from the public on what would make the RMWB a better place to live. The MDP will have eleven weeks of public consultation in which they hope to get contributions from at least 10,000 people. If those of us who live in the RMWB have a collective goal to make this a better place to live, then the Municipal Development Plan will be the road map for that.

Nick Brandt started Big Life Foundation in September 2010 in urgent response to the massive increase in poaching of animals in East Africa.
This is Nick Brandt's only close shot of Echo, the world-famous elephant who lived in Amboseli. Since September 2010, Big Life Foundation has established a dozen anti-poaching outposts in the Amboseli region of Kenya and Tanzania, purchased a dozen patrol vehicles, hired nearly 100 rangers, and in the process caught and had arrested some of the worst, most prolific long-term elephant poachers in the region.
Please contact me if you would like to support Big Life Foundation by purchasing Nick Brandt’s open edition print.
The situation with the animals in the region at the moment is very difficult -there is a stereotype in around in Dagestan that all homeless animals are vermin and should be treated as such. Parents from early childhood teach their children to chase  homeless animal with beating and loud cries. It is also known as having a hard-working population who may not have roots within the community. People still come up here to work, but they are now bringing their families with them and they plan to be here long enough to call this their home. Its foundation is the Future Forward guiding document, approved by municipal council in 2007, and the Envision Wood Buffalo sustainability plan. The current population is an estimated 104,000, with a predicted doubling of the population by 2030.
We want people to feel engaged, get them thinking long-term, and see that they have a future here with their children,” said Owens. The team will then have the first draft of the plan completed by the start of summer, with the final version done by the end of summer.

The Open Edition of ECHO & FAMILY, AMBOSELI, 2005 has been specifically created for Big Life Foundation. She was an amazing elephant, the matriarch of her herd for over 36 years, until finally, the terrible drought of 2009 took her life at the age of 65. As a result, where Big Life has a presence, the poaching of all animals has been quickly and effectively reduced. Big Hearts Foundation helps with neutering. There is no support form the local administration or local business community.
By purchasing this print, you help ensure that Echo's offspring, and their offspring, continue to be protected and thrive. However, in the areas not covered by the Big Life teams, the poaching continues, out of control and unabated. Big hearts is ready to oversee fundraising, to conduct the most transparent administration and accountability and to implement much needed work in this region – if there is anyone who feels like they can offer any help. We need to stop the sadism and indifference by bringing humane education to this part of the world..

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