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This homes full two-story wall design and small upper-floor windows allow a simple wall tie-in for the porch additions gable roof. This home’s full two-story wall design and small upper-floor windows allow a simple wall tie-in for the porch addition’s gable roof. Roof tie-ins involve more complex framing, but are often needed on single-story structures where more interior porch volume is desired. A shed style was the best solution for this porch roof because of restrictions placed by the existing second-story windows. When working with brick veneer, the author hangs the porch rafters from a structural double LVL ridge beam (shown before hanger installation).
A small extension off this screened porch contains a captured doorway leading out onto the adjacent deck. Hip roof framing, as for this detached porch, is more complicated than shed or gable roof framing. When a deck builder first starts building porch enclosures, most of the details are already familiar. Here are some really cool shed design software programs that you can have fun with designing your own storage shed. Choose from popular shed and shop designs that can be scaled or modified to fit your needs.
I have always liked the freedom of being able to 'free form' my ideas for sheds with cad programs. Google sketchup is a free architectural design program that is really fun and very easy to use. Headers For Windows and Doors Feb 07, 16 10:01 AMHow to make headers for door and window openings in your shed framing. Pictures of Sheds, Storage Shed Plans, Shed Designs Dec 27, 15 10:46 AMVisit our library of pictures of sheds built from our shed plans. Awesome 10x12 Barn Shed Dec 27, 15 10:41 AMSee how Jason built his very own 10x12 barn shed and had a great time doing it. Here are some pictures of sheds built from our storage shed plans.It's interesting to see variations of the shed plans we have sold.
John Miller sent me pictures of the 12x16 barn with porch plans and the job he did was absolutely fantastic. This is a smaller version of our 12' long x 8' wide saltbox shed plans built by Shawn.He did a great job in modifying the plans to build a smaller version to suit his needs. I convinced my wife that it would be cheaper building one than buying one at Home depot or Lowes.
Hi there, I purchased your plans about a month ago, its been kind of slow going with our rainy April that we had but we finally got the roof trusses up today.I forgot to take pics before now (sorry!). I bought your plans for a 12x16 gambrel shed, made a few modifications to fit our application and just finished it. Now that the concrete cement floor is done, we can finally start building the gambrel shed.
With the roof framing done and loft boards in place, the roof can be covered with roof felt and shingled. What a great job you did building this nice sized 12x16 gambrel shed with loft.I am quite sure your Dad would have been very proud of you Robert! Not only did the Friedman's build a really neat gable style storage shed, their landscaping is beautiful!
Glenn is building this 10x12 gambrel shed to be used as a playhouse for his kids, then later when they have grown up, Glenn will be using the shed for other purposes.See more of Glenn's playhouse shed.
It would also have been difficult to match the pitch of the existing gable roof next to the porch. Porch floors are framed just like decks, with perhaps a little additional structural reinforcement; most "walls" are essentially vertical columns with trim and sometimes screen or glass enclosures for bug and weather protection. Electrical outlets and fixtures such as lights and fans can be installed to porch interiors.
I have actually started designing all of my sheds and barns with sketchup.Sketchup is a great tool for designing just about anything you can imagine.
It just goes to show you that you can modify our plans and blueprints to accomodate whatever special needs you may have. He actually purchased 3 of my shed plans and incorporated bits and pieces from each one to build this neat shed.Read more about Davids barn shed and his outstanding testimonial about the plans he bought from shedking.

He added a metal roof, pre-hung side door, and windows on either side of the entry door.This project is going to be used for his workshop and various storage needs that he has. Shawn is from Canada and because of the heavy snow loads he has spaced the roof trusses every 16" instead of the 24" called for in the plans. My wife and I just had our first child and we only have a one car garage and we accumulated a ton of baby stuff so my stuff had to find a place to go, so i needed a shed. Its 12x16, I'm putting 2 windows on the 2 long walls a 6' door in the front and an extra side door so I can get to the back without kicking the lawnmower all the time.
That will work out fine except now I'm not sure on how to build a door that will look decent and not warp up on me too badly. If it ever gets done, she'll have a nice 12'x16' gable style shed to store all her garden tools in and whatever else she needs to put in there.We're also adding on a chicken coop on the back side of this shed so that we can get them back up closer to our house. Rod didn't actually build this shed using my shed plans, he built it using the free shed building information right here on this website.See more of the Rod's pictures he sent of his neat shed. Looks corresponding a one story from the front just from the garage side and back of house it looks the likes of a two. Roof systems are generally built from rafters or trusses that are spaced in a series like joists in floor construction to create the form of the roof at a specified pitch.
There are many ways to finish porches including installing tongue and groove cedar across the ceiling and back wall.
The loft area in this barn is great for any storage needs you might have.Read John's comments and see more pictures of his barn shed. Less walking to do to take care of the littel buggers!.Read more and follow my building progress of Sarah's Garden Shed. Steep Also called skillion A shed elan porch cap involves angstrom unit single sloping roof surface that attaches to the house wall on the high end and to reinforcement shed roof porch. William Clark Gable roofed Cape and split it the foresighted way creating 2 shed roofs then pulled the two buildings apart and rotated them more or less to create an inviting entry.
We primarily build gable or shed roofs, as they are easier to construct with the vaulted interior finishes that our clients prefer. Rafters are hand framed from lumber and are attached to a center ridge beam using rafter ties and use a birds mouth attachment over the beam headers that support the sides of the roof. Knee walls can be substituted for rails and operable windows and even skylights can be installed.
I ended up drawing the truss in CAD, using your angles as a starting point and getting the remaining angles from CAD. We reserve hip roofs for detached porch structures, where they make more structural and aesthetic sense.Limiting FactorsI start by looking at the house from the side that the porch will be attached to.
Manufactured trusses are preassembled and engineered to perform the same function as rafters.
Fascia board runs vertically around the ends of the rafters in order to cap the ends and to hold the rain gutter. If you are wondering about the lime green trim, it is in memory of my father who passed away a few years ago.
The roof framing header beams are held in place by support posts which transfer the roof load to the deck frame and ultimately to the house and frost footing foundations. Soffits are built from a variety of materials and cover the underside of the roof overhang. Soffits can be non-ventilated or ventilated to allow cooling of the enclosed ceiling space. Is removing a window to buy roof slope an option, or will I need to work around a bedroom window that's required by code for egress? Ice and water shield and flashing should be used wherever necessary to prevent water from penetrating the roof system. The front overhang of a gable roof uses a rake or ladder rafter that utilizes blocking to reinforce the projection.
Are brick or stucco involved, which can present added challenges?It's also important to take note of the architecture of the house.
Whatever's existing sets the precedent.The desired width of a porch and the vertical distance from the floor or deck level to the windows on that side of the house determine how steep a roof can be.
Tying them into the house wall is the easiest way to build them because no complex roof framing—such as valley and jack rafters—is required, but it's often necessary to tie them into the roof.
In both cases, we use structural ridge beams to allow for open spans without wind or collar ties.

With wall tie-ins, I try to tuck the end of the beam 3 inches into the house wall, making sure it bears on the second-floor bottom plate.
This requires cutting out siding or stucco and inserting vertical supports between the underside of the beam and the plate. We also need to make sure that the wall framing is adequate to support this point load on the plate down to the foundation.When brick veneer is involved, ridge-beam installation can be even more of a challenge. Since brick veneer is non-structural, we often install an actual support post on the house-side of the ridge beam to transfer roof loads down through the floor and to a footing.With a roof tie-in, one of the biggest concerns is that new roof loads on the existing structure will stress the old rafters or joists and cause sagging or cracks in ceiling drywall. To prevent this problem, we sometimes install up-sized canti­levered LVL ridge beams to carry some of the new loads down to the wall plates. Additional headers, bracing, and vertical framing are frequently required to handle the new roof loads.
Whenever we're in doubt, we check with our local inspector to see if our proposed solution is allowed.Shed Roof Tie-InsShed roofs can look great and are often the only option that will work with existing architecture. Tie-ins to houses with most types of siding are simple, usually requiring only that a small section of siding be removed to fasten the rafter ledger to the wall framing. This attachment is similar to deck-ledger attachment in that the rafter ledger needs to be directly attached to the house structure, and the roof assembly needs to be flashed properly.We size the rafter ledger to be large enough to accommodate the plumb cut of the rafters, as well as the metal hangers we'll be using.
We make sure to drive a pair of fasteners into each stud, and even more fasteners into the double studs at window and door openings. In some cases, we fasten the ledger through the sheathing and into the second-floor band joist, which results in a really solid connection.On brick houses, shed roofs require a ridge beam supported by vertical members rather than a rafter ledger fastened to the house framing. We do this by locating the studs (especially the wider window and jack studs), drilling through the brick, and installing long lag screws. Once roof decking is installed, I don't believe any significant inward pressure is applied to the brick as long as the beam is appropriately sized. In the project shown here, the existing gable pitches are incorporated into the design on half of the porch footprint, while the rest of the porch is finished with a simple shed roof. Because of an existing window on the upper gable, this would otherwise have been a long shed roof or a very low-sloped gable roof. A triple LVL beam is slightly oversized for the relatively small expected roof loads, but I prefer to exceed minimum requirements. In those situations, we'll frame a small extension and install a "captured door" that ties interior and exterior spaces together.This technique works especially well when a bay window is located adjacent to a side door. It can also be used to offset a porch side wall that a customer does not want to see right outside a picture window.Hip RoofsHip roofs are not difficult to build, but maintaining an open vaulted ceiling on the interior is a little more complicated than when framing a gable or shed roof. The bracing and additional support that hip roofs often require can be hidden above a level ceiling. But when the ceiling is vaulted and the rafters and other structural elements are exposed, an element of finish carpentry needs to be combined with the framing.Structural and code issues also come into play.
For example, when a hip roof ties into a house and the porch has three sides, cross-beams to support the ridge and prevent the walls from spreading are usually necessary.
Generally speaking, the steeper the roof pitch, the easier it is to handle the downward and outward pressure on the walls created by the rafters supporting the ridge; most inspectors, though, will require code-complying ridge support cross-beams of significant size, regardless of roof pitch. If I have to use a hip roof, I plan for the porch to have a level rather than a vaulted ceiling."Detached" hip roofs are much easier to build, since we can tie the top plates of the four walls together with metal connectors to create a "ring beam" that prevents them from spreading.
When the porch is detached, it's also easier to frame an 8-in-12 (or steeper) pitched roof without worrying about matching roof pitches on the existing house. The steeper the pitch on a hip roof, the less outward thrust on the walls, which we try to limit in height to 9 feet.We've built several freestanding structures with this feature. Though probably not strictly a porch, this screened room illustrates how thinking outside the box has landed my company several projects, simply because we were able to come up with options that other contractors may not have considered. When we meet a customer, we listen to what they say about porch location and design, but we also like to propose alternative approaches.FinishesRegardless of the roof type, porch building is a form of remodeling. One way to do this is to remove all cornice overhangs so that only the new ceiling is visible.
Where there is a second-floor cantilever, we resurface the soffit with the same materials used on the ceiling of the new porch.At the end of the job, we assume that we'll be critiqued on how well we tied the porch and roof into the house. Approach your porch designs as if you were building for yourself or your family, and you're likely to get it right.Contributing editor Bobby Parks owns Peachtree Decks and Porches, in Alpharetta, Ga.

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