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Two sizes of fleshing beams, mounted, and best thing I did was hinge them to fold up out of way in off season. I dont have a huge shed the main shed i put up fur in is 8x8 bit tight but with organization I was able to put up about a hundred furs in it last year plan on doing more this year i do have another shed for storing fur and misc traps. Maddog and I will hit the ground running this fall hopefully there will be plenty of fur hanging in thereGot the drying shelf finished up. Just quickly looking at the pics and I said to myself, dang those look like badgers, where in the world did a GA guy get those, then I looked closer at your text and where you were from.

Lots of good lighting is a must, and good circuits for fridges, freezers, fans, coffee pots, etc.
Still need to get the rest of the traps hauled in to the shed but I'm getting there Built the beam and got the skinning gambrel up and ready for this fall I will build the winch mount on top of the other loft opening for the skinning machine. I have been considering doing some furs as well, but didn't know if it would bring any reasonable amount of $ for the amount of work put in. The dog can't leave them alone, she snuck one in the house one time and hid it under the couch.

We use it to dry and blow off the fur before skinning and blow the fur off after it comes off the boards.

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