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I love digging around the Internet for other people’s home gym and garage gyms photos. Luckily for me, my wife likes home improvement projects, and didn't mind the fact that our cars would be sitting out in the driveway all through the long Indiana winters from now on.
I added a garage door screen so I could work out with the garage door open and be bug free. Titan T1-X Home Gym Review Jan 20, 16 08:34 AMIs the Titan T1-X The Best Home Gym Out There? How build crossfit garage gym home - dream , Want build crossfit garage gym daily wod?
I think I'll hit a 10 miler this weekend and go for a 11-12 miles sometime next week before the race on Thanksgiving.
Do you really think I'm going to fork over $150-$200 a month for a CrossFit gym membership? I also feel the 'selfish wife' thing, paying for a CrossFit membership when my husband doesn't have access to one at all. It's also why I went and sat for my Level 1 cert, so that I'm comfortable doing CrossFit on my own, video taping my lifts, programming my own stuff, etc.
We're still a while away from a garage gym, so it looks like I'm going to have to find a way on my own terms.
I'm waiting for the 6th Season of Army Wives to make it to Netflix (any day now!) and trying to get my paws on Homeland Season 2. My gym used to be in the lower level of my home, but thanks to the incredible deals you can find on craigslist, my gym was expanding too rapidly and had to be moved out into the garage.
My wife did this while I was at work, so she had all of the fun!Two walls and the ceiling had nothing but bare 2 x 4 studs. All that was left was to paint the garage floor, but since it was February, we had to wait for the summer months when the floor temperature was above 55 degrees so the paint would cure properly.Painting the floorPainting the floor was no picnic.
And that's what I needed - it was a great run, a pretty moderate pace, not too physically demanding. I honestly signed up for it for one reason: so that on Thanksgiving night we can go out and FEAST!

Well, the thought of it keeps me up at night, the fact that something I thought I loved is now so grossly over-priced and "elite" in the sense that only pretty affluent folks can really afford it. There are no boxes in the city he works in, and even if there were, again, we are talking over $300 a month for essentially, a gym membership for the both of us.
I'm a farm-raised, country bumpkin and where I come from, only fools pay that much money for a gym membership. Not necessarily because I want to coach or affiliate, but because I want to be a better athlete. I also like to see what types of equipment people buy for their garage gym, what brands they prefer, how they set things up and organize, etc. Since we started this project in the winter, we installed a heater so we could work comfortably. The first thing to go up was insulation: R13 in the walls and R30 for the ceiling.Insulating is a nasty, scratchy job! I made a best offer to this seller on eBayand it ended up costing me $99 with free shipping. I have good insulation but want to get something programmable and powerful enough to head my garage gym for a few hours a day.
I also like to see what types of equipment people buy for their garage gym; especially what brands. But, I think it might be because I know my babes back in Texas are toughing it out, too. We were grass roots CrossFit, before the 22,000 square foot fancy boxes with showers, bath tubs, a resident masseuse and Reebok. I shop the Target clearance racks and Nordstrom Rack clearance racks and hit up Family Dollar and Dollar Tree.
My wife promptly kicked me out for this step (I guess I didn't have the finishing skills required ; -)With the mudding complete, all that was left was to clean up and paint. I love Pinterest and DIY almost everything in our home, and re-create furniture that was left behind on the curb. Wearing all of this protection (respirator, safety glasses, long sleeve shirts etc) I couldn't even imagine doing this job in the summer.

We chose a basic white primer for both the ceiling and the walls and got the whole family involved in the painting which made the job go pretty quick. The floor was old, oily, dirty, pitted and cracked, but with a new coat of paint it looked gooda€¦BUT, in certain areas the paint started to flake away.
Then maybe two more to go under the Powertec workbench; and finally one just under the weight holders on the Body Solid leg press. I'm an Army spouse, it's a trait of ours to learn to be thrifty, to clip coupons, to score deals, to find the sales, to love Dave Ramsey and save our soldier's hard earned money; Lord knows how hard it is for a military wife to find decent job moving every few years. For those of you out there reading this who are insulators - my hat's off to you brother!DrywallAfter the insulation was hung, the drywall was next.
Not cheap at $40 each!Moving of the gym equipmentBefore we started this project, my wife laid out the garage floor on graph paper to make sure all of the equipment would fit. You can see this here (link opens with PDF reader).Cutting out the shapes of the equipment out of sticky notes was brilliant! If you are going to do it this way, make sure you take into account the room needed to USE each piece of gym equipment.The actual moving of the equipment went smoothly!
We didn't have to take anything completely apart to move it, and that included the power rack. I'm obsessed with working out daily and have found peace with Insanity and running outside. Who knows maybe one day you'll have your own garage gym and be able to train people the way you want to train. They didnt have 22,000 sqf gyms they didnt need that they were doing what they loved for the pure enjoyment of it.

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