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I love digging around the Internet for other people’s home gym and garage gyms photos.
Bought a new home back in February and have been slowly building the gym in basement off of the garage. Our garage gym packages consist of the most popular equipment combinations used for putting together home gyms or smaller Aafiliate boxes. Custom Garage Gym Packages - We know that each and every home or work gym is unique so we can customize packages for any space.
About The Fitness ArmoryThe Fitness Armory is San Diego's largest supplier of quality functional fitness equipment.
Our equipment is custom manufactured right here in Southern California by ETE and we are proud to carry the heaviest duty racks, rigs, and steel based products on the market. Soooo did nobody else realize you can clearly see through the girls shirt in the first picture? Great article, but do you have any recommendations on the type of hardware that should be used to mount the mirrors? I will be buying the mirror off of craigslist, so all hardware would need to be purchased separately.
I just ordered a mirror from Gigantic Mirrors with the expectation that I just need to be patient and they will eventually get the job done.
It is quite popular for people to visit the gym just to maintain and strengthen their health. This particular garage gym package consists of all the necessary items required for performing high-intensity, muscle-building exercises in the gym. Zinc-made power bars have also been made available with the package, which can be attached with the rubber plates for performing powerlifts. All of the plates that have been provided in this particular package are subjected to be returned if you spot any problem with the quality of the items. In addition, these bumper plates have the capability of low bounce, which allows them to emerge as the safest plates to use in the gym. Several customers have complained that they could not replace the dice when they got damaged. As we all know, bumper plates are something that are required at all cost for building strength at the gym, and you will need to install all the necessary yet useful plates.
This particular product has been made with stainless steel, which adds to the durability and stability of the bumper plate. The BodySolid Garage Gym Cross-Training Studio Set is the complete gym package that you can install in your garage to get the best benefits. Various plates of Olympic grade have also been offered along with this particular gym package.
For the stretching and the cooling down of the muscles, medicine balls have also been provided with the package. Therefore, we can conclude that this particular package is not only meant for setting up a garage gym, but its functionality is something that can be relied upon. The bronze package of the Body-Solid Garage Gym Cross-Training Studio Set brings forward all the necessary items required for setting up a gym in your garage. These plates can be used for performing all the necessary workout sessions according to your preference.
For bettering your experience at the gym and to ensure that your weight training is completed, two kettlebells have also been provided.
It is quite natural that you will require cooling down your muscles and easing up the strain generated on the body.
Prior to that, I had always been a member of one commercial mega gym or another, dishing out monthly dues to basically borrow someone else’s equipment. Yeah, it kinda never ends; all kinds of equipment becomes appealing once you get the core stuff handled. One of the main thing that drove me away from commercial gyms was that when I went to the weight rack there was invariably a gap where the dumbbells I wanted should have been. Please email us and one of our representatives will work with you as long as it takes to build your custom package! We specialize in functional fitness affiliates, garage gyms, high schools, military, police, fire, commercial gyms, personal training studios, bootcamps, etc. As the official regional warehouse of ETE, we guarantee the best mix of price and quality locally or shipped anywhere in the United States. I’ve been asked this question more than a couple times now, so I figured it was time to throw up a little post with some suggestions.
You can buy a base that attaches to the wall for the mirror to sit on at Home Depot; much like the large bathroom mirrors are resting on the backsplash of the countertop. I ordered some mirrors after reading article and got a work order and email confirmation about a month ago. Just buy the proper size concrete drill bit (it’ll say on the pack of anchors) and then hang it like the same way as if it were drywall or something. While I actually grew up in NJ I now live way on the other side of the country in Washington state. But there often might not be a gym in the nearest locations, and that restricts people from taking care of their body. It includes bumper plates that are required for building muscles and strengthening the endurance.
A 1.5”x30” training rope is also provided in this package, which ensures that you can work on your muscles easily. On the other hand, to make your gym look complete, you need to store all the weightlifting materials in your garage. They have been provided with a warranty period, within which you can return the whole package without paying any money for the process. In the end, it can be estimated that this particular package can be the best option that you can rely upon.
The specialty of this particular package is that you can easily carry them to distant places.
The BodySolid 25 pound Premium Commercial Bumper Plate has been specially made for commercial use, and it delivers the best results as far as powerlifting is concerned.
The package has been specially designed to provide a one-stop solution for all those people like you who have been interested in building a gym in their own backyard. The medicine ball of 14 pounds comes alongside the dua- grip ball of 16 pounds, and also a slam ball that weighs 20 pounds.
Among the various equipment sold in this particular package, the bench is one of the most important ones.
All of the plates have been manufactured using stainless steel, which adds to the durability of the product. For making it easier for you to carry the weight, an Olympic grade chrome bar has also been provided. I also like to see what types of equipment people buy for their garage gym, what brands they prefer, how they set things up and organize, etc.
Even though my most recent gym contract was at a nicer gym than most, I was still more bummed out about going to work out than I was excited about it. Simply let us know what you want removed or added and we will integrate those changes with all applicable savings!

I also like to see what types of equipment people buy for their garage gym; especially what brands.
I also like to see what types of equipment people buy for their garage gyms; especially what brands. I’ll give you a handful options ranging from potentially free to moderately expensive. Glad my daughter, who is 14 and is the one searching for mirrors for our home dance studio, did not find this before I did.
Though I don’t know if you can find anchors small enough to use the little plastic mirror hangers, might need something else. Well, if such is a similar case for you, then you must not think twice before installing your gym at your home.
But it can easily be installed in your garage, and after that you can easily gain benefits from the package. Each of the bumper plates that have been made available along with the package differ from one another in terms of their weight.
For accomplishing your mission, the manufacturers of the gym packages have come forward with bumper plates that can be used for several workout routines. Hence, it can be easily estimated that you can keep up with your fitness regime, and without the problem of carrying bulky items. Therefore, it can be estimated that the BodySolid bumper plate has been meant for advanced-level weightlifters. Two bumper plates have been provided for each of the weight groups of 2.5 pound, 10 pounds, 25 pounds, 35 pounds, and 45 pounds. In addition to all those major weightlifting items, a training rope has also been provided for improving fitness levels.
Nice place or not, I simply found myself annoyed at the gym more often than I felt was healthy.
I ended up going with a lot of Rogue equipment for my bar, bumpers, squat rack (S-2 Squat Rack), and bench. The good news is that you can organize in such a way that garage looks more like a gym than a garage.
Obviously your budget and your willingness to spend time shopping around will dictate which option is best for you. It’s damn near impossible to get the things down again if you need to if you use adhesive.
Well I found out that they don’t have anyone to install here nor did they bother to call or email about there end. There are several companies that have come forward with several gym equipment packages that you can purchase for setting up your garage gym. The adjustable bench that comes along with the package can be used for performing various workouts. Two plates of 10 pounds and two of 15 pounds are available, which can be helpful for you if you are about to start your gym career. Keeping the utility of such an item in mind, there are six kettlebells provided in this package, which weigh 15 pounds, 20 pounds, 25 pounds, 30 pounds, 35 pounds, and 45 pounds, respectively.
The specialty of this particular package is that they are made of stainless steel, which makes the plates durable items. All of the bumper plates are of high density, and at the same time, they all are thinner than the other available plates in the market. The professional power rack that has been provided can be used for carrying out various strength exercises. The bench has the capability to be inclined, declined, or flattened according the need of the specific workout routine.
I stayed at that last gym for many years before I finally decided to both cancel my membership and start ordering equipment for my garage gym. As a full service fitness facility supplier, we carry everything from traditional machines and cardio to pull up rigs, olympic bars, and other equipment for cross training. If you walked into my garage gym you’d notice that about 80% of my garage is either gym equipment or empty floor space to work out in. In this article, we will look into the market and find out the details regarding such products. You can perform bench press and sit-ups with ease, as the materials used for the manufacturing of the bench is able to withstand the huge pressure generated by the body. It means that you can easily set up your gym in your garage and you will not have to worry about the lasting period of these products.
The most important specification of these dice is that you can create more than 46,000 fitness routines.
Hence, it is a product that you cannot afford to miss if you are looking to set up your gym in the garage. All you need to do is attach weight plates with the rack and pull them according to your desire.
When it comes to weight training, kettlebells are quite important items alongside bumper plates. Therefore, it can estimated that you can undergo all the exercises like inclined push-ups, sit-ups, and many more, including bench press. I basically added shelves, track hooks, and got organized. You may have most stuff to store than I do, but you can still organize well enough to have at least half of a two-car garage for your gym.
You can still have nice sized mirrors without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on the hardware and installation. Two plates each for weights of 25 pounds, 35 pounds, and 45 pounds have also been provided.
Therefore, it can be easily estimated that this particular package could be the one-stop solution for all the requirements of your home gym. Hence, you will never run out of fitness programs, and at the same time, you can change your routine regularly to add some excitement to your gym time. In addition to that, a bench has also been provided, which has the capability to be inclined and declined as per your preference and the requirements of your training regime.
All of these plates are made of rubber, which ensures they can be recycled in case any damage happens to these items.
For the perfect use of the product, all you need to do is follow the instructions provided.
The weights of the six kettlebells are 15 pounds, 20 pounds, 25 pounds, 30 pounds, 35 pounds, and 40 pounds.
First the stuff that was already in the garage and has to stay in the garage; typical garage stuff like garden equipment and tools.
I am not saying that you cannot reach your fitness goals in a commercial gym; I have no doubt that you can.
What you want to be on the look out for are vanity mirrors and sliding vanity closet doors.
For instance, unless you can completely avoid peak hours, you will spend a decent amount of time waiting for equipment. Both of these are large and folks (homeowners especially) would rather have someone take it away than have to deal with the disposal of so much glass.
This is especially true if you’re trying to use the free weight equipment like the dumbbells, benches, and power racks.

You have to accept that your workouts will take longer than they need to because of that waiting, and the driving to and from the gym, and all the other things that slow you down due to being surrounded by other people all trying to do the same thing that you are. I’ve also seen pretty large framed mirrors and old dresser mirrors for sale on Craigslist. You will also need to come to terms with the fact that your monthly dues; your lease on the equipment that you use, will never make it your equipment. There is a large variety of hooks and baskets available for this system and a couple different size tracks; though you could cut them to any size you need). To me it looked like these type of mirrors were being sold or given away mostly because they were old and unattractive.
So unless your membership is provided by work or by your school for near-nothing fees, or you rent an efficiency apartment and have no space for your own equipment, or you go to the gym for reasons other than to work out, you’re throwing away your money in much the same way you do when you rent a home rather than buy it. Both Lowes and Home Depot sell a couple different versions of this type of storage system though. Another option I’ve heard people have had success with is to go to a home improvement store and ask if there are any returned or damaged vanity closet doors you can buy at a heavy discount.
Thousands and thousands of square feet of equipment in these mega gyms, yet they are filled wall-to-wall with useless, garbage machines. Hanging Storage Overhead storage for rarely used items Consider doing something like this to get rarely used items out of the way. The stores typically have to write these things off at a complete loss ,so any sale is better than no sale as far as they’re concerned.
Try to find a power rack in most gyms and you’ll be lucky if they provide you with one or two of them. Install hanging storage on the opposite side of the garage that you have or intend to have your gym equipment. If you’re willing to get creative and spend a little time looking around, there are plenty of free and cheap large mirrors out there. Building them is great though because you can customize them completely and get the best use out of the available space. Additionally, well-built shelves look a lot nicer than those metal wire and frame shelves they sell at the hardware stores. In all honesty, while these mirrors will work, I strongly suggest you go with the vanity mirrors I’ll talk about next. I keep my gym organized and it’s a real treat every day when I go work out to not walk into a mess. New mid-size vanity mirrors are still pretty cheap and look so much nicer than a row of 12″ wide mirrors. Loss of Space – A garage gym will eat up a single car garage, or the better half of a standard two-car garage. They have a huge selection of really high quality stuff for a lot better prices than the lower quality alternatives you can find on Amazon or at Academy. It’s a really cool use of the space, but it does typically introduce you to the reality of street parking and driveway parking.
The Rogue Gun Rack is probably sturdier than it needs to be being that it’s made out of 7-gauge steel. Any more than that is unnecessary and any less is probably too short for the average person. It costs a little bit more than its wall-mounted counterpart, but if you need for your barbell storage to be on the ground, what choice do you have? That’s more than enough for you to see both your feet, head, and anything you press above your head. Check with the manufacturer of your power cage and see if they offer a single bar storage sleeve add-on. Body Solid Medicine Ball Storage Body-Solid Medicine Ball Storage – $115 This Medicine Ball Storage by Body-Solid has a very small footprint. Professionally installed gym mirrors The best looking mirrors for your garage gym are going to be the same mirrors you see in a commercial gym. There is no having to deal with (insert adjective) locker rooms before and after your workout.
There is no more standing around waiting for that clown to stop bicep curling in the squat rack.
They’re not the only place to get professionally installed gym mirrors, but like I said, they had the best price when I shopped around. Money – As I mentioned previously, the money you ultimately save in gym dues is insane. Notice from the picture that the top two pins only hold small plates (up to a 10 lb steel plate). Again, I’ve already paid for all the equipment we have here at the house with saved gym dues money. Full size rack, multiple bars, 400 pounds in bumpers, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, a commercial adjustable bench, and even flooring… all paid for already in under two years.
If you have a method for finding large gym mirrors on a budget you think others would be interested in, please share it in the comments.
Also, if you liked this or any of my posts, please take a moment and share it to your social media platform of choice. No more (pardon my language) shitty, repetitive (Black Eyed Peas, anyone) pop music playing over the sound system.
If you have a lot of kettles lying around your gym floor, consider this as a way to clean that up. Rogue 3-tier Dumbbell Rack Rogue 3-tier Dumbbell Storage Rack – $800 I would kill for one of these racks.
There are dozens of items I didn’t have space to list here that may be perfect for your situation.
It takes a little work and a little cash to get organized, but I promise it’s worth it. Every time I make an improvement in my organization I love my garage gym just a little more.
Look around at the gym next time you’re there and ask yourself how much of the equipment you see is really necessary.
If you have a moment still, please take a look at some of my equipment review blogs and share them if you like them.
Do you need leg curls, leg extensions, leg press, calf raises, lying fake squats, thigh abductors, and all the spin offs they have of each of these machines just to do what a squat does? That means you can snatch and clean and drop that loaded bar from an overhead position and not have people stare at you, or have the gym employee ask you to stop doing real lifts because it’s loud, or destructive, or intimidating. I would also recommend taking a look at this CrossFit checklist post to get more equipment ideas. You can find more equipment resources and also equipment reviews on the navigation bar at the top of this and any page on this site. Whether you leave your gym in favor of a garage gym or not, stay strong and keep working out.

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