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If you are going to build a garage and don't like the idea of having to park 2 cars (or trucks or SUVs or vans) right next to each other, then consider the Belle Grande 3 car garage. At 24 feet deep, the structure of the Belle Grande garage construction provides plenty of depth to park even the longest vehicles. Another exterior entry door is located near the center of the rear wall on the first floor. Great detached, rustic 3 bay garage with a large studio apartment, including a full kitchen and bath, above. The upstairs layout comes with a generous-sized living room, kitchen and bedroom with a full bath. When building garages, this traditional floor plan three car garage will blend with nearly any architectural style. If you need three car garage plans with traditional styling and plenty of room, then this is the garage for you!

It does not happen to all of the people around the world, but most of them are belong to this routine. The symmetrical layout and garage construction design of the three 9' x 7' overhead doors add a perfectly balanced look to any exterior. Lay out your driveway in one continuous section, or break it up into 3 separate drives with landscaping between the pavement sections.
When building garages make sure to check out our garage plans building articles to help with your project. Just think of all the lawn equipment and swimming gear you can keep inside the spacious 960 square feet interior of this garage.
If in the house there are some home occupants that are worked, you can predict that there will be more than a single car that need to be stored in the house area.As an alternative, you can use the 2 car garage plans to be used as the area to keep the vehicles. Having more than a car can be your own satisfying, but in the other side you will also need to add the additional space to store that perfectly.

The free space around the house can really be used as the way to improve the width of the car garage. The separated area of the garage will provide the easy maintenance and treatments.As we know, the garage areas are commonly fulfilled by using the utilities and also the other items are not needed often.
The 2 car garage plans can be in the form of the room with a single lift door, or you can also put two doors there. But the single door for 2 car garage plans will also support you in reducing the time of preparation before you go.

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