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Quick-assembly industrial storage cabinet All welded steel construction 4 adjustable shelves 750 lbs. Thought I'd also provide some "relative" price comparison with similar garage cabinets I looked at on-line. I was contemplating going with the seville cabinets myself but opted for unfinished wood ones and finished them myself. I bought a few of those Seville cabinents, I don't think they are quite as nice as the Gladiator but when you look at the price then they can't be beat. The Seville Classic cabinets are all steel, a combination of powder coated metal panels and stainless steel doors. The other cabinets in the comparison are steel, as well, from the information I was looking at.
One thing to note with the gladiators if you get the prebuilt ones they are welded up and very solid. I actually prefer the look of the Gladiator cabinets, but I'm just not sure I can justify the premium price. I figure for a bench, two wall cabinets, a rolling cabinet and a couple of tall cabinets you would spend $1165 MORE for the Gladiator then you would with Seville. As far as the workbench goes, while I have yet to put it together, it definitely looks bulletproof. Extrapolating that differences in pricing (above) to the rest of my six pieces plus the wall cabinets (probably ~4) I will buy to match and it is easily $1000 less than Gladiators.

Organize cluttered spaces in the garage and keep contents securely stored with the Wall-Mounted Garage Cabinet.
If you put in cabinets to your basement, you can manage the stored things and have them accessed easily. This black and silver storage unit has a modern look and superior welded steel construction, but comes together in minutes.
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While not necessarily exactly "apples to apples" in terms of all features (aka, # of shelves, ~metal gauge, all construction details, etc.), I thought the significant difference in price was worth mentioning. Ultra HD Storage Cabinet and various other brands of similar size garage cabinets that Sears sells. Since basements sometimes have a restricted size of space and perhaps restricted height, too, you possibly will need to put up smaller basement storage cabinets than you can find in a furniture store.
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Basement storage cabinets are the simple and inexpensive way to help your things keep organized.basement storage cabinets for homeStylish Basement Storage Cabinets PlanAlthough it is obvious that a basement is very functional especially as the storage space, some people often neglect that space.
Keep your contents safe with this heavy-duty, yet easy-to-assemble storage unit with 3-point locking system.

If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. As a result a basement is only a trashcan where people throw away any used items and after being thrown in the basement, they do not have any idea what to do about those items. Today, products marketed under the Edsal brand name have earned a substantial share of the market in every region of the country.
The Chicago-based company offers an extensive product line, including five grades of industrial shelving as well as pallet and bulk storage racks for heavier applications. Choose one of the many varieties of basement storage shelves available in many furniture stores. The cabinet will make any stuff out of sight so the basement area will look neat and comfortable, and open.There are many styles of basement shelving units available in today’s market. If there are many things to keep, choose basement storage cabinets which have huge size and many shelves.

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