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Easy storage for file boxes, outdoor furniture, lawn mowers, big tools, snow throwers, large toys, canoes, kayaks, holiday ornaments, tires, ladders lumber, third row car seats and just about anything else you can imagine. Includes heavy-duty steel support beams, 4i?? x 4i?? platform, winding axle, vinyl coated steel cable, hand crank, optional drill driver, and all mounting hardware. When the storage spaces inside our homes start to get overloaded, many people will look to find space wherever they can.
When your closets and storage spaces like the attic or basement start to get overstuffed with your belongings, it’s typical to turn to storing things outside in your garage. As the garage starts filling up with boxes of your stuff, you might find yourself in a bit of a dilemma. If you are looking to use your garage as a storage area, there’s actually a highly overlooked area that’s perfect for storage- your ceiling! Electric garage storage lift systems provide an amazingly convenient way to create more storage at home, and you’ll be able to access your belongings with just the push of a button. Unique Lift™ is proud to participate in the YMCA Lake Country Dream Home for the fourth year. If you’re ready to tackle some major garage cleaning, plan to set aside at least a full day. Your garage most likely has an under-utilized storage space you haven’t even thought about- the ceiling!
The 2015 Lake County YMCA Dream House will be a two story Colonial located in the Concord Ridge Development at 8135 Lilly Lane, Concord, OH 44077. Tours will be held from Saturday, June 20th through Sunday, August 9th from noon to 8:00 PM. CLEVELAND, OH – The local manufacturer of a garage storage lift has announced a dealer agreement with a Toronto based garage storage company.  The partnership between Unique Lift™, LLC and Toronto Garage Solutions gives the Cleveland-based company an international presence and the ability to help thousands of home owners with their garage storage problems. According to Neibecker, the Unique Lift™ has been used for many applications, including in basements to create additional storage space.  It is the only garage storage lift that uses a motor to lower the basket to the ground.
Tailored Living, a garage and home storage company, participated in the annual Home Builders Association of Lexington Kentucky home improvement show.
Their booth featured the Unique Lift™ garage storage solution, which allows home owners to create additional storage space from an area that was once considered useless.
Tailored living recently completed a doubled installation of the Unique Lift™ in a home near Lexington, Kentucky.
Unique Lift™ LLC participated in the Lake County YMCA Dream Home by installing the garage storage lift in the garage. Unique Lift contacted the YMCA committee and offered the garage storage solutions for the 2012 and 2013 Dream Home. Unique Lift™ began working on the project in early May and installed the garage storage lift the first week of June. Each year, the publication selects the products most preferred by the readers of Builder and Developer magazine. Space-saving, and ergonomically engineered, Unique Lift’s concept is actually quite simple. Unique Lift™ is the smooth, safe and secure garage storage optimizing system that’s perfect for most anything you have cluttering your garage. Unique Lift™ is also virtually maintenance free, self-lubricating, and comes with a five year limited warranty on parts.
Garage can be an amazing place for not only as the car park but also for your work in repairing or fixing something. With the Racor Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift you can create 16 square feet of additional storage space without compromising floor or wall space. This wall storage unit is built with a solid steel frame construction that will last through years of tough usage.

This usually means moving belongings outside of the home – and often into the garage. However, this can easily lead to a cluttered, disorganized garage and your cars being parked out in the driveway! Besides the normal items you’d find out there like sporting equipment and tools, many people will use their garages to store seasonal items, kitchen or cleaning supplies, or even clothing and shoes that have “outgrown” the closets. You might think this area is inaccessible unless you have a good ladder, but electric storage lifts like the Unique Lift change that.
Is your garage cluttered with boxes, tools, seasonal items, sporting equipment, toys, and who know what else? Your garage organization project should start the same way you’d organize your home- by de-cluttering.
If you have some extra space, you can even create work areas for projects like gardening, car repair or home improvement projects. The house has 2,500 square feet, plus 1,100 sq ft of finished basement space, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, great room, breakfast nook, formal dining room, laundry room, sunroom, and private 3 car garage, beautifully furnished and decorated by a team of designers. Since 1993 the proceeds from the house have totaled more than $3.5 million and provided facility and equipment enhances for each branch of the Lake County Y (Central – Painesville, West End, Willoughby, East End – Madison, Outdoor Y-Perry, and Childcare Providers Programs). After the committee reviewed the product they decided that the garage storage lift was a perfect product for the Dream Home.
The lift was installed in the back half of the garage to provide the maximum storage for the new home owner.
Local officials, YMCA board members, and media celebrities were all present when the home was first opened for viewing. The Heavy Lift Garage Storage Loft lets you safely retrieve stored boxes from your garage, all while keeping both feet on the ground.
Ceiling space is the great way as the storage where it will not disturb your work at all in the garage.
Then some homeowners became creative and made them storage areas for unfinished honey-do projects as well as a workshop for DIY projects. Nowadays the cost of parking operation has increased, and one of the cause it the utility expenditure. Sure, it will look smaller but it can be also comfortable and calm furthermore if the place around the home is still natural and you live with the fewer people or call it as the small family.
The Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift gives you a convenient storage solution for all of those bulky items that take up so much space on the floor, such as seasonal storage, boxes or totes, outdoor furniture, large tools, tires, or just about anything else you can think of. Besides the normal items you’d find there like sporting equipment and tools, many people will use their garages as a catch-all to store seasonal items, kitchen or cleaning supplies, or even clothing and shoes that have “outgrown” the closets.
It’s important to keep cars out of your driveway and the elements, especially during those colder months.
While the garage can act as an extra storage area, if your belongings are simply being tossed on the ground or rickety shelves, they could easily end up damaged. When we start to run out of space in our homes to store our belongings, it’s easy for the garage to become a “catch-all” storage area. Figure out which items you use regularly and need to be able to access on a regular basis, which items are damaged or old and can get tossed, and what you might be able to donate. Categorize the items currently being stored in your garage: sports equipment or outdoor games, seasonal decor, camping gear, tools, garden supplies and equipment, etc.
Plus, the garage is a perfect place to keep muddy shoes and hang sweatshirts and jackets that are worn when working out in the yard. At least once year, maybe in the springtime when you’re doing other spring cleaning tasks, go through your garage storage and purge what you can, reorganizing the space so you’re getting the most use out of it.
Some of the enhancements included buses, playground equipment, expanded locker rooms, defibrillators, cardiovascular equipment, water attractions, an in-line skating rink and accessibility modifications for those with special needs.

They wanted to give opportunities to local business and being we also manufacturer in Cleveland was a big plus. The YMCA committee was excited to see the garage lift installed and operating as it worked well with the garage layout and overall theme. The Unique Lift™ garage storage unit was sitting centered in the garage in front of all the festivities. You can use the Storage Loft to stow away file boxes, outdoor furniture, canoes, kayaks, holiday ornaments, tires, lumber, third row car seats or just about anything else you can imagine.
But sure, you need to consider about the weights of the goodies that you store on this storage.
Today’s garages however, traverse these customary roles to include functions like workshop space, an extra room or man cave. With proper design and a little ingenuity however, the garage space can become a living quarter, man cave, workstation or even a workshop for all those DIY projects you have. Whether you have the bigger or smaller garage you need the garage storage lift to store more goodies.
Made of steel construction, the Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift has a unique pulley system that lets you easily load and lift up to 250 pounds of storage items to the ceiling and lock securely in place. However, sometimes it seems like it’s just easier to put things in the garage rather than making some tough decisions about belongings you need to clear out completely from your home. Boxes and items can get piled up in heaps until we don’t even know what we’re storing out there. Go through the items kept your electric garage storage lift, too, so you can make room for more belongings as needed. Many who visited the house commented on the special design features of our garage storage lift and how well it worked to improve storage space within the garage. The Overhead Garage Lift features heavy-duty steel support beams that hold it securely to ceilings up to 12 feet tall.
Use this unit to lift your atv, motorcycle, or riding lawnmower up and out of the way so your vehicle can fit underneath. You can acquire Atv Garage Storage Lift guide and view the latest Garage Storage Lift Design in here.
LED uses semiconductor to change electricity into light, so the energy saving is very efficient. For the bigger garage, it will help the garage to be well managed so the garage interior size will look cleaner and neater.
You can gather Garage Storage Lift System guide and see the latest Garage Storage Lift Design in here. However, universal door opener remotes exist to make this easy, but manufacturers also offer many replacements made to their own specifications. The Ceiling Storage Lift easily lowers 8 feet from the ceiling when you want to retrieve or add items.
So, be wise to place the light belongings or goodies on this garage storage lift, so it will have a longer life.
It has everything you need to store large items the safe, easy way without your feet ever leaving the ground.

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