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Marvel and GARAGE joined forces to throw a party last night to celebrate the release of Issue N?10 at The Mercer Parking Garage.
Guests interacted with the mind-blowing GARAGE x Marvel covers as well as the dynamic content within its pages. Guests of both fashion and social royalty were in attendance including cover-girls Adriana Lima, Lex Boling, Karlie Kloss, Candice Swanepoel and Cuba Tornado Scott, as well as Coco Rocha, Molly Blair, Shaun Ross and Lindsey Wixson. He's been shown driving a military-grade jeep (with a honkin'-big chain gun on the back - shame I couldn't do the same!), and he wears purple, so guess what got a 'Midnight Purple' paint job? Thats ironic because before i sold my zentorno i painted mine the exact same color but different wheels. That said, if I had a choice, I prefer the Vacca, Bati and Mesa, so I'd rather go for an 'inspired-by' look than a faithful recreation.
That said, my other inspiration for my characters is the whole 'import tuner' scene (with a lot of my cars being homages to the 'Fast & the Furious' movies), so I actually like how my character's outfit has ended up like some kind of fusion of Deadshot and the Stig - quite fitting, really! I like the X-Men, and there's so many characters, and so many rich stories, and so much ensemble action drama goodness that it's hard to not imagine them having their own TV show, where you don't have to have anemic characters like in the films so you can focus on one or two favorites, but everyone can be awesome in their own episode, and the whole team can really matter. Smallville meets Fringe in a tale about the dawn of a new species and how their arrival changes the world, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst.
XIGY will be the title card, short for Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters, and pronounced 'Ziggy' for colloquialism. As the show progresses, each character's backstory will become important for various reasons as they grow from very typical high school archetypes into three dimensional characters. Every episode will have a case that takes up the majority of the episode, all character development will spring out of the case at hand.
The series will generally play straight drama role, with powers used in a spectacle and horror sense rather than a levity giving sense. Ice Control, limited to ice blasts that form ice objects is affordable, and perhaps some ice-armor prosthetics can be hooked up later if the show becomes more profitable and Iceman can evolve beyond 'snow man.' That snow form, by the way, is pretty affordable, no worries.
Over the course of the show, we find out that not only has Xavier had indiscretions in the past using his powers, but he is often tempted to use his powers maliciously and manipulatively again. His sordid past is often explored, including telepathic victims, telepathic rivals, such as the Shadow King, spurned and lost lovers such as Moira McTaggert and Mystique, abandoned children such as Legion, and other loose ends he's dropped. Xavier's powers play out like dreamscapes, with distorted colors in all black rooms that fade, like dreams into scenes from memories, where physical attacks here become mental attacks in the outside world. Xavier's tertiary relationships with his other students and members of the community are usually focused on the development of those characters, though each of them challenges him in some way. Charles Xavier is one of the principal characters, but he starts off as the Boring Leader type and grows in an Obi-Wan type as he passes the spotlight to other characters before coming back into the spotlight as a supporting character with his dark secrets. As the series goes on, all of Xavier's relationships will be tested by his manipulations and rumors thereof. With the decrease in ages to accommodate television and an Xavier-Magneto origin story, set in the modern day, there's no longer any room for a WWII-born Magneto. So now, Eric is a middle-aged revolutionary, ex-special forces Israeli man, with a vision for mutant kind, and for mankind as well.
The series starts with him learning to do the electric 'magneto' effect, in some ways, a student of Xavier's in this respect.
As the series goes on, more and more of his relationships become antagonistic for different reasons, an Magneto may examine this himself. Scott starts out as the useless background guy, who turns out to be a bit of a dues ex machina, with a lot of emotional reasons why he shouldn't, which are only backed up by the further chaos and injury he causes in the pilot. Scott continues to have his emotions plumbed by various individuals at various levels, always leading to strife.
Scott is getting a racelift simply because someone needs one and Scott is the best opportunity to do so. As before, small lasers for quick ranged cuts and grabbing attention could be cool, as well as quick projectiles of red bolts of energy as time progresses, and more budget is free to make the core characters cool.
Scott's secondary relationships are with his other teammates, each of which he develops a personal friendship with on some level.
Her childhood accident that kickstarted her powers and introduced her to Charles Xavier happened at the age of 10, during a summer, and her friend Annie was killed. Over time, she develops even finer control and becomes a bit of a dues ex machina, but by that time, she actually would have the Phoenix, and be meant to be such a character, and would be removed from the regular cast accordingly, or perhaps she stops using her powers, having to block them off to keep the Phoenix from getting out. Because he is the most balanced of the team, Hank starts off as the leader, and a capable one.
Eventually, as in the comics, Beast joins the Avengers, and crosses over into the MCU, as much as possible, even to the point of possibly appearing as supporting cast in an Avengers movie, or having Sam Jackson guest star on the show.
Of course, as long as X-Men are with Fox, this isn't likely to happen at all, but it's nice to dream right? Five Tortured High Schoolers with dark secrets and incredible powers are recruited by Charles Xavier and Eric Lensherr, two visionary mutants to become a special task force to deal with the mutant boom. After the establishing pilot, each week the kids will encounter a new mutant problem or phenomenon which they will decipher the cause of and solution to using interpersonal skills, basic scientific abilities and judicious use of their superhuman abilities. Meanwhile, the teachers will be involved in a growing idealistic chasm, which will be taken on in a new way, more closely mimicking Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr, in which our Malcolm X character often takes the antagonistic position in order to highlight Xavier's goodness. Overarcing plans of enemies will manifest themselves in cases, some of which would be redherrings, some of which would be out of the ordinary, ie rescue missions. For instance, the core of the show during the first season will be entirely about Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr, and that storyline will be utterly exhausted over the course of 20 episodes.
Of the core characters from season 1 we have: Telepathy, Mastery of Magnetism, Telekinesis, Ice Control, Superhuman Attributes, Optic Blasts and Wings! He is an idealist, in a very real sense, and espouses the most noble of values, sentiments and goals. Xavier has mastered the Inception-like Matrix-like nature of this world, and generally can do as he pleases.
They have a deep friendship and partnership, somewhat of a David and Johnathan type of not-really-gay-but-closer-than-married-couples type of friendship.
While Scott is a surrogate son, used to deal with his guilt about abandoning David, and to ensure that the students have a peer leader who adheres to Xavier's vision, Jean is his protoge, whom he teaches everything he knows about telepathy and education.

We can still keep him Jewish, in fact, making him Israeli puts him in the midst of a very serious conflict, with a very Us vs Them mindset.
This means that from a practical perspective, we'll be lifting things up on monofilament wires and editing the wires out and CGI-ing metal objects, which is relatively simple. He has already mastered fine control, and can easily throw people around by grabbing their belt buckles, defeat people by ripping out their fillings, yank guns out of hands stops swords mid-swing and a host of other cool telekinetic-style effects.
He is the one that teaches Cyclops to be the practical and outside the box problem solver than Xavier needs.
He forms new friendships with his estranged children, with other disenfranchised mutants and with comic book supervillains as their goals align and he finds himself often on a dark path. Everyone knows he's the villain, so the goal is to show what a great guy he is, and how his villainy is an outworking of that. Why he's horrible in dealing with people and why he is so to the point, and comes off cold. He does speak so clearly and decisively about how to solve problems because of his emotional distance, that others begin to turn to him for direction, and eventually he usurps the team leader.
Over time, he masters small red-beam type uses of his powers for utility, and eventually works his way up to being able to consistently release small projectiles, but his power is always portrayed as dangerous, unstable and uncontrollable. It doesn't change him much, but offers him new story opportunities, and doesn't have any poor implications as it would changing the other guys. Generally, he takes off his glasses, the screen goes red and then we cut to the same set, but decimated. But initially, to save money and build drama, his powers would be incredibly powerful, and thus only used sparingly, though there would often be dramatic moments of will he or won't he use his powers.
That is, because of the nature of the power and refraction, someone actually does always get hurt when he uses his power, and so he only uses it when things are truly desperate, and he has nightmares of the people who are killed when he uses it. The goal is to remove him from the stuck up leader position and make him a kid, who is struggling, and manages to eke out a victory anyway. She works hard, studies hard, takes AP courses, is set to graduate a year early, is meticulous, a bit OCD, and very deliberate and responsible. This did cause some childhood trauma, and links to her deep desire to act out, YOLO style, but she doesn't partly because Xavier suppressed that memory at her parents' request, but she doesn't want to let down her parents.
Conflicts between her mutant destiny and her parents' expectations, conflicts between Xavier's teachings and Magneto's teachings, conflicts between Scott and Angel, conflicts between Scott and Logan, conflicts between her desires and those of the Phoenix, and initially, conflicts between her desire to be seen as miss perfect, and her desire to act out now that she has some freedom.
Xavier is her mentor, and she does try to be like him in every way that she can, though she is never as good at playing the long mastermind game, she does eventually learn to do it well. He's really smart, but he hides that behind his hefty athletic exterior, which makes him confident, but unhappy when all that is ripped away when he is outed as a mutant. His parents are very myopic and reject him outright, even though they need him, economically and emotionally, leaving him with not really a lot of places to go, and not many reasons to be happy to be there. He quickly discovers that his intellect and scientific skills are going to waste, and, with encouragement from Xavier, puts them to use as a chemist, then forensic specialist then geneticist.
He's really a very nice guy, but because he looks like a blue monster, people reject him outright, and he often rejects himself, or hates his own appearance. They form a bit of a three musketeers group as they get into shenanigans together while the other cast is usually being dramatic. With Scott they start off as leadership rivals and then develop a very friendly, but very competitive rivalry, and they could even be described as best friends at one point. I used my collection of old marvel cards to help me with the correct color schemes for each character. You should use the dinka thrust as the redbird because it looks more like robins bike but good idea in the least. Characters will be paired up in continually changing combinations, like any other procedural show, in order to further explore all of the supporting cast.
Xavier's own corruption and misuse of his powers will also keep that morality very grey between those two, and the students will be tossed back and forth with that for the first season.
Second season, it would, for instance, center around Charles Xavier and Scott Summers, as their father-son-like relationship and how that grows and gets tested, torn, bent, broken, healed, reversed, subverted, and played straight.
You can do moveable harness you can do a lot of folding things, you can string him up in the air, but at the end of the day, you just can't use Angel much, and that'll have to be reflected in the storyline relatively early.
These two relationships are tested over the course of the series, but his relationship with Scott undergoes the most change, as is true of any tumultuous father-son relationship. Every one of them has a special moment with Xavier at one point, to cement him as a great teacher, and have an emotional point to call on in case of betrayals, and deaths. But to every mutant he encounters, he attempts to become a sort of father figure, with mixed results. He develops his name after encountering an actual magneto, a real life device which uses alternating magnetic fields to produce electricity. Finally, the trademark forcefield could be done in quick flashes when something crosses that boundary, that field lights up for a split second in bright blue as it repulses whatever it is. True shows of power are usually done via car stunts and pyrotechnics, but it is implied that Magneto is well capable of these things, though Xavier motivates him not to, in order to protect the students, and not draw the government to see how powerful and dangerous he is.
Eventually the character will take hiatuses and return for special events, and, as in comics, to rejoin the team at some point. He's not a terrorist, he's not tortured, he simply doesn't see any other way for things to work out, and has credible arguments for his seemingly radical position.
Over time though, he makes up for this in tenacity, skills and determination, an attribute that is occasionally highlighted to show how badass and tough he can be.
The problem of course is that the kinetic force aspect of his power can be cheesy without a movie budget to give the blasts character. Scott intrinsically doesn't trust Magneto, but they develop a tense teacher-student relationship anyway, as Magneto has a lot to teach Scott, especially about accepting his mutant power and what it's for.
In time, she does reveal herself to be a very YOLO girl, capable of lots of crazy stuff, like getting with Wolverine, like taking on a cosmic entity, like doing new stuff with Cerebro. Marve Girl was a princess who must constantly decide between her kingdom and her adventures, and that resonated and still resonates with Jean. If faced with a gun, Jean doesn't have the skill to yank it, but can hold the hammer in place so it won't fire.

Instead, he has a very rough urban personality he's adopted, trying to be someone he's not in order to impress others, that is his story until he learns to accept himself, even if no one else does. When Scott usurps him, and he finds out his traditional urban way of operating doesn't work here, that's when Hank has to reinvent himself, and he starts off that path to being the big blue Beast.
Beast is the serious responsible one, Iceman is the spastic radical one, and Angel is the oblivious superficial one.
With Jean, Beast tends to be a bit protective, though he gives her space, and understands her desire to act out better than anyone, he is the first to tell her about herself when everyone else goes easy on her, testing, and then strengthening their friendship.
At which point, they would all go into action in their various roles, solve it, and somewhere in there, the ovearcing season story would manifest itself.
The levity should come from a random fun-per-season episode and a selected comedic character, a role that changes from story arc to story arc, depending on who is going through maximum angst. In the story, he is the speaker, the one who professes the unknown and unknowable, hence 'Professor X' rings true and has more meaning than an offhand nickname. Once this methodology is established, more telepathic conflicts can be viewed purely from an external perspective, and the difficulty can be implied, and shown only when it is plot relevant. What becomes their disagreement initially begins as how well they compliment each other and make up for each other's weaknesses. This is when Magneto learns to produce his trademark electromagnetic forcefields, and Xavier calls him Magneto and it sticks. Alternately, you could have those small random spots of electricity in the air around Magneto to represent that this effect is active. Xavier's slowness and pacificism frustrate Magneto, but he sees their value when used in moderation. He is the only one who can keep Iceman in line, and challenges Beast and Angel, rather than the other way around. Throughout the series, he remains a member of the team, even when he fights them, he's still teaching.
His power doesn't help at all, but only gives him reason to feel guilty and blame himself for everything and hold himself responsible for everything. He gets his name from the monster of Greek myth, mostly because his first sunglasses visor is meant to function as both, so it's just one long lens, and Cyclops becomes an insult via Bobby Drake that Scott keeps, and eventually transforms into something cool.
We would downgrade Scott's power to being light-based, though the whole concussive force extra dimensional thing can happen later. With Jean, he is instantly taken with her, though he rarely shows it, and events conspire to actually bring them to face that.
She is much more like Sylar, with precise control for devastating effect, than a green lantern, throwing huge things around. Angel is another suitor, who she enjoys as a friend, and enjoys the attention, but doesn't actually pursue. With Xavier, Beast is a reluctant student, and with Magneto, he's an outright rebellious student, vocalizing the most obvious critiques of Magneto's works, lessons and actions. Stringing stuff up and CGI-ing it to float, and doing mindscape visions or echoing thought-sounds is cheap. He is the favorite teacher, which is why when he leaves and changes it hurts so much, because each of the students have bonded with him, not just Xavier.
When he tries to discredit them, he's still trying to make Xavier's dream look good, and to motivate his old friend.
He always has that dichotomy, the really powerful leader, who's really not that great or strong guy underneath. Her parents push her, which causes her to push others, and causes a bit of crisis as she tries to keep things from them about her mutantcy.
Her powers start out with weak telepathy that Xavier slowly opens up and even weaker telekinesis that Magneto helps her maximize. She's known for levitating herself and others ever so slightly, but it's not something she's good at, or is reliable. Bobby and Jean have a more antagonistic brother-sister relationship because they have opposite values and needs.
They rely on him for that, though he's often the first to get upset when the other two are doing ridiculous things, and there is comedy to be found in how and how often he points that out. The first arc in season 2 might deal with Sentinels, or the Brotherhood, and things would continue on like that.
Xavier teach Magneto fine manipulation and control, Magneto teaches Xavier leverage and force. He does, however, want mutants to be happy and healthy and safe, and to do that, things need to change. Her telepathy is, at first, uncontrollable, that is, she hears things often even when she doesn't want to.
As the series progresses, Jean becomes a bit of a den mother - a doting obsessive one - to other characters, which is why it's so heartbreaking when she goes crazy and dies in a big bird-shaped fireball. By season 5 the arc might deal with Dark Phoenix, or Bastion, or Mojo might have a three episode Arc, or Arcade might be a one-off arc. They have had conflicts in the past, over Moira specifically, but it isn't until midway through season 1 that they split dramatically, when it comes to life and death circumstances. As the series goes on, Scott becomes more distant to newer teammates and mutants, and relates to them primarily through others. Arcs would be paced, so that there would be a heavy deep crazy arc, then a lighter one, then a more building cleansing arc, followed by a heavier one. He begins as the combat instructor for the students, and you see how pragmatic and practical and traditional he can be. It turns out that he is the true idealist, with a grand hope for peace between human and mutant, though he doesn't see them as equals, at first, has no desire to exterminate humanity, until the turning point, when he comes to believe that humans require mutant justice in order for the world to be healthy, happy and safe. His past also comes back to haunt him from time to time, including Mossad contacts, and dealings with SHIELD.

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