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The front and the back walls of the playhouse should be assembled in the same manner described above.
Attaching the trims to the playhouse is a straight forward job, especially if you use 1×3 lumber. Build the wooden rafters from 2×2 lumber, cutting one end at 30? and the other one at 60?. One of the last steps of the projects is to cover the roof with tar paper, making sure the strips overlap at least 2″. PRO TIP: Apply several coats of paint over the components, in order to protect them from decay. Physical play, social play and imaginative play are encouraged by this whimsical backyard playhouse. Cool Child Playhouse In a Back Yard - Polyhedron Habitable by Manuel Villa - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Building a playhouse is a great weekend project that will put a big smile on your kids faces, especially that it doesn’t require a significant investment.
Always pre-drill the components before inserting the wood screws, to prevent the wood from splitting.

In addition, we recommend you to use tongue and groove boards, as they will connect together easily. Therefore, you should fill the holes with wood filler and smooth the wooden surface after it dries out.
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The innovative design lets kids assemble and disassemble the fence as many times as they want.
Bring out the do-it-yourself skills in your kids!  Kids will love helping to put this house together then they can build the fence and hang the flower box all by themselves!
In addition, you could build a small playhouse by your yourself in just a weekend, if you know the basic woodworking skills.
In addition, secure the adjacent walls together, by inserting wood screws into the components. Use 1×3 lumber to build the rest of the trims, including the ones placed around the door and windows. Install asphalt shingles to the roof, starting with the bottom, and secure them with a nail gun and proper nails.

In addition, check all the screws are inserted properly and there are no sharp corners, otherwise the kids could easily injure.
It has polyhedron shape and one of its sides is fully glazed and opened to a teak deck leading into nature. Adjust the size of the playhouse according to your needs, before starting the actual constructions. As you can easily notice in the image, you could also frame a small window, using two pieces of 2×2 lumber. Inside and outside it’s done from natural wood in order to highlight its closeness to the natural surroundings.
This small house is a perfect playhouse for a child and could even be cool place for his hobbies and an alone time when he grows up.

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