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We always get excited when we see an email arrive in our inbox with the title ‘new range’ and we weren’t disappointed when we opened the one from Eco Frame Systems introducing their new range of garden rooms the eDen. The first thing that stuck us was that the eDen features an aspect of garden room design that we hoped to see appearing in new designs – a living wall. The eDen is a garden room in every sense of the word, the living wall is made from the VertiGarden system and can be planted to be of interest all year round, experience horticulturalists can advise you on your planting scheme with ideas from low maintenance perennials to vibrantly coloured seasonal plants. The eDen has been designed with the environment in mind and in addition to the eco friendly living wall the eDen is highly insulated for year round use, maximises natural light and uses innovative materials and techniques. Structure: Timber Frame precision engineered and manufactured in our Canterbury factory working with sophisticated CAD technology.
Walls: Plasterboard, finish plastered and painted in your choice of colour, with the option of a feature walls and built in cupboard systems. Vertigarden: To irrigate Vertigarden a solar powered, rain water harvesting system can be installed which is environmentally friendly and negates the need for additional plumbing to the site. Plumbing: If the additionally priced option of a toilet and sink is requested the quote will include the price of the internal plumbing only. The buying process starts with a free site visit or you can visit the eDen show building which will give you a feel for the quality of the garden room, following this a technical surveyor will visit your home and take detailed site measurements, soil samples for the foundations etc.
Traditional timber framed construction using structural graded timber, fully insulated and lined with a breathable membrane and an internal plasterboard and skim finish to walls and ceiling. Clad in western red cedar, with dark grey aluminium double glazed windows and bi-folding doors. Available nationwide with a full on-site construction service backed by our in-house technical team who can advise on Planning and Building Regulations requirements. Our dedicated sales team are happy to discuss your full requirements, and assist you in generating your perfect building. The Rose garden has large drifts of purple and blue toned flowers creating great color harmony.  These flower drifts pull the whole picture together.
I used repeating drifts of rose campion along the side flower border.  The repetition of color and form creates rhythm in the garden and pulls the design together. I have also used boxwood to separate the side garden area from the main yard.  Although the boxwood are still small, they will soon grow large enough to provide a divider between the two garden areas and help to distinguish one garden room from the next.

At Sissinghurst, containers of red impatients are placed at equal intervals along the Lime Walk to add interest after the Spring flowering bulbs have faded. This blog is where I keep track of my personal garden and anything that tickles my "garden" fancy. Building regulations (not to be confused with planning permission) are concerned with how a structure is designed, built and insulated.
Most garden room companies claim their products comply with current building regulations when in reality what they mean is our buildings do not have to comply with building regulations.
Obviously it is much faster, easier and cheaper for a company to build a garden building that does not have to comply with the current building regulations. All Oeco Garden Structures are manufactured and built to exceed the new Part L (England & Wales) Building Regulations. Garden buildings that are not built to building regulations will have thin walls, floors, ceiling, minimal insulation, no air flow cavities, no vapour barriers or breathing membranes. They will be more expensive to heat, minimal insulation and no air flow will result in moisture entering the structure - often reducing the life span of the actual structure and damaging most internal contents. Part L controls the insulation values of building elements, the area of doors and windows and other openings. World wide concerns regarding climate change and the impact which greenhouse gas emissions have on the environment have encouraged governments to act. The new building regulations make a significant impact by specifying improved energy efficiency levels and thus reducing greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions. By building high quality energy efficient garden structures which utilise the latest state of the art thermal insulation, we are tackling the issue of global warming by reducing the energy used in heating and the burning of fossil fuels. For a truly habitable outdoor garden building it should be at least designed, built and insulated to at least the same exacting quality and standards as a modern house. After all a garden building is an extension to your main home and we know you would much rather use the building all year round whatever the climate! The living wall is made up of pre-planted modules which include a solar powered irrigation system so the living wall will require little maintenance. Your eDen will then be built in factory controlled conditions, once your garden room arrives on site it will typically take 7 days to install – your site will be tidied and your garden room will be ready to use as the eDen team leave site.

This website is not fully compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and therefore you may encounter design errors and layout problems due to this outdated browser. The roof is a high spec composite powder coated metal skin panel system with a highly insulated core. Integral electric consumer unit feeding 8 low voltage down-lights and 4 double switched sockets.
The White garden designed by Vita Sackville-West uses white flowers and pale grey foliage to great effect.   It has become one of the most famous gardens at Sissinghurst. There is something magical about not being able to see a garden all at once.   I love to explore and see what lies behind every wall and hedge. Building regulations exist to ensure the health, safety and welfare of people in the building and the energy efficiency of the building.
Purchasing a garden building which does not comply with the latest building regulations will have limited use and cost you much more in the long term.
It also specifies the air permeability and heating efficiency (insulation levels) of a new structure.
And now we can see the answer is ‘yes’, a few companies have suggested the idea as an optional extra but we believe eDen are the first company to include a living wall in standard garden room design – a real USP! Not only is a living wall a striking visual feature it also offers benefits to the garden room itself, the wall offers the garden room improved thermal insulation as soil has a better u-value than other types of cladding, a living wall also offers good acoustic insulation so you can play your music without upsetting the neighbours!
The eDen is built by Eco Frame Systems who have years of experience building timber frame homes and the eDen is a scaled down house and as far from a shed as you can get! It is recommended that you update your Internet Explorer Browser installation to at least Internet Explorer 7 or above. The orange flowers within the container echo the hot color theme throughout the Cottage garden.
The eDen’s living wall is also good for the environment as the plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and provide a natural habitat for insects and birds.

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