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NOTE: When working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves. Laying a concrete block wall with mortar joints takes careful planning, but it can be accomplished by do-it-yourselfers with a bit of practice.
You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader. Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home. If you are going to build a garden shed with electrical power, make sure to put the cables underground.
Telephone one of our offices to speak to Tiglin Garden Products' dedicated sales support team. The full range of our garden products are available for viewing in any of our display for location information and travel directions. Tiglin Garden Products offer the highest quality pre-cast concrete buildings available in Ireland today. All of our concrete products are manufactured to exacting standards and are guaranteed to exceed current EU quality control regulations. For that added touch, Tiglin can fully plaster coat the exterior of any of our concrete buildings. Tiglin pre-cast buildings are comprised of pre-cast concrete panels, manufactured to all current EN standards and bolted together with synthetic foam tape sealant (Adofoam) to ensure an effective weather barrier.
Both the gable ends and the external wall plates of our pre-cast concrete buildings are finished in durable, weatherproof PVC soffit cladding. Tiglin pre-cast buildings are fitted, as standard, with a single entry, tongued and grooved, pressure treated timber door, located on the gable end of the building. For those who require better access to their building, Tiglin offer fully double glazed patio style french doors with full glass panels to allow a maximum of light into your building.
All Tiglin Pre-Cast Concrete Buildings require a solid concrete base on which to be erected.

Owing to the efficiency of their design, Tiglin Pre-Cast buildings weigh far less than block built buildings of similar size while retaining every bit as much strength. Tiglin normally requires that the site for any pre-cast building be clear, flat and level prior to our arrival, with all obstacles removed (eg, tree stumps, bushes, large stones, mounds or depressions in the ground).
Once the site has been chosen, the perimeter of the base is marked out and a temporary, disposable timber screed is erected to help shape the base.
Within the timber screed, a layer of 1000 gauge polythene is laid as an aid to preventing rising dampness within the concrete.
100mm (4inches) of 25N concrete is poured incrimentally so as to ensure no air pockets remain trapped within the base.
Once the base has been poured, it is left to set for a period of up to one full day, depending on the prevailing conditions, before building work commences again. Once the building has been completed, Tiglin will install a second layer of 1000 gauge polythene inside the building as a further aid to prevent dampness rising through the base. Ideally, Tiglin would prefer to supply the base for any of our pre-cast buildings as we are more familiar with the process and the tolerances that are involved in erecting our buildings, however, customers can, if they wish, opt to provide their own base. The base must be one solid slab or raft of concrete, which is no less than 100mm (4 inches) thick at its thinnest point. The overall size of tbe base must be at least 300mm (1 foot) longer and 300mm (1 foot) wider than the final building will be. Reinforcement, such as steel mesh, within the concrete base is not always required, but can be added if desired. Tiglin Pre-Cast Concrete Buildings use and apex or A-shape roof, which has a single outer skin layer supported by a timber framework. Tile Effect metal roof sheeting is available as an optional upgrade on any Tiglin Pre-Cast Concrete building. Tiglin rooves are supported by an open-truss timber structure which provides for maximum strenght with minimal intrusion into the internal space of the building. Gable ends of all of our buildings are finished in 22mm plywood with an outer weatherproof cladding of 12mm PVC soffit sheeting.

Building a shed for your garden will give you storage space for all your gardening tools and equipment. The kit includes wall and roof components, glass doors and windows, all hardware plus extras, floor panels and trim parts. Sheds are made out of wood and therefore, need to be treated just like any other wooden product. In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420.
Put on the other roofing materials (drip edging, fascia, rake boards, corner boards and soffits). This is to accomodate positioning of the concrete panels on the base and to ensure the necessary clearance for construction. We created a general video to show you how to do it with some time saving tip and if you will run in to trouble we are phone call away ready to help.
Concrete slabs or compressed gravel to support the cabin’s foundation timbers work best. Thick logs and reinforced roof structures allow these sheds to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Piece by piece the components fit together to create a cabin that is at once appealing and durable. However, the shed can also be assembled on patio stones, super spikes, or cinder blocks that are placed under floor joists. If you still think that it’s too difficult to do the average Lego game for 5 years old has more pieces than our kit.
Once you group everything you will see that there are just 7 groups of boards like floor boards, wall boards, roof boards, roof beams and doors with windows.

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