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Last week I wrote about the minor firestorm when US-based trendwatchers Springwise picked up on the growing trend of garden offices. Bear in mind that this materials list could vary considerably, depending on the materials you use and the dimensions of any shed you make. Confirm that the shutterboards are square by measuring the diagonals and ensuring they are equal. Cut four lengths of 44x69mm reinforcing, mitring the ends, and attach them to the perimeter of the floor sheet. Give the entire underside a good couple of coats of the waterproof sealer to protect it against any damp. You can cut the fibre-cement sheet with a craft knife, scoring it deeply and then carefully flexing it to break it free.
Repeat the process for the front wall and then mark out the door – which is 800x1600mm high and starts 85mm from the bottom (that’s to take in the 16mm shutter board floor and the 44x69mm reinforcing. Cross-brace the door with two lengths of 44×44 – centering these at 145mm from the top and bottom, and they will have the hinges attached to them. When driving in the nails to attach the cross-bracings, make sure you space them so that they don’t match the holes for the hinges’ attachment bolts. Now you can be really cunning… position the door within the front wall cutout, position the hinges, and pre-drill the holes for the attachment bolts. Hammer in extra nails around the hinge to reinforce the joint between the sheets and their framework.
Ensure that the hinges are centred over the junction between the door and the wall, as shown. Attach it to the floor using the bolts; use bolts because the shed is only 250mm from the wall, and one can’t drive in nails to secure the rear wall to the floor. Keep the roof in place during rough winds by using four lengths of 22x69mm SA pine, attached as shown (the short bridging pieces are cut from excess 22x69mm) to the roof’s peak, and then the sides.

Now it’s simply a case of clamping the roofing sheets in place and attaching them – along the lower roof beam (the one next to the wall – using either roofing nails with waterproof capping, or, as I did, drilling holes for 50mm stainless-steel screws. Shed final closed – The final result… not too big, but ideal for garden tools and other gardening bits and pieces. Shed final inside – Depending on the number of shelves you install, there is room for quite a lot of garden tools, sprays, mower, ladder and so on.
Product Description - Fully protect your precious garden equipment - Low maintenance - Color steel plate - Generous door openings - Easy to install 1. Garden tool shed, garden tool storage 1 Size: 244x304x210cm 2 durable, pressure proof 3 For storing garden tools.
Product Description Arrow Storage Shed Milford 10 x 12 Coated Steel Sheds This backyard storage building is big enough to keep your patio furniture, garden tools, and accessories safe from the elements with this Milford storage shed. Product Information: Size: 8'x4' - Fully protect your precious garden equipment - Low maintenance - Colorbond Steel - Generous door openings - Easy to install 1.
Garden Sheds - THE Shed Company supply a range of garden sheds and are available for purchase from our secure online store!
Neaten up the edges if necessary and then trim the door by 5-6mm on one side and the top – or bottom.
The best way to do this is drill the first hole on the frame side, and push a bolt into it, then drill a second hole on the door side, and shove a bolt into that.
Make sure the base is level and add shims if necessary, then place the floor on the bricks; again checking that it is absolutely level.
These peak support beams are set back about 50mm from the peak – to that the capping can be secured properly.
Extra strength Deep ribbed corrugated wall and roofing ensures added strength and security.
All EasyShed components feature EdgeSAFE® rolled safety edges for ease of handling during assembly.

Their Studio Shed includes a 36" glass door and a 30"x30" operable window, with insulated floor, walls and roof.
If your local Mica does not stock exactly what you need they will be able to order it for you or suggest an alternative product or a reputable source.
Bear in mind that the walls go around the floor, and their corner posts rest on the corners of the floor. This is because the jigsaw blade is only a millimetre or so wide, and your door needs a clearance of about 2.5-3mm on each edge if it to be able to open and close properly. Add, shown here, a length of 22x44mm SA pine that stands proud of the door jamb by 10mm – as a doorstop to stop the door swinging right through.
Now repeat all of this on the one sheet of exterior ply (which – just to confuse you – is actually the interior wall of the shed). Precision engineered from modern PVC coated galvanised steel which is approximately 50% thicker,with twice the paint thickness of most comparable products ensuring an extremely rigid and sturdy construction. A Precision engineered from modern PVC coated galvanised steel which is approximately 50% thicker,with twice the paint thickness of most comparable products ensuring an extremely rigid and sturdy construction.
There is a choice of floor colours to pick from and there are optional decks that can be added to the shed to extend the room to the outside. All exterior parts come pre-painted.I was particularly interested in the faq section which includes 'Can the sheds withstand hurricanes?', 'What is the shed's snow load?' (apparently the sheds are designed to hold 25lbs per square foot of snow which is ok for about 85% of the United States) and 'Do you ship to Puerto Rico?'It's a nice-looking beast and the site - which as you'd expect from designers looks very attractive - has plenty of pictures of how people are using their sheds. It's included on the suppliers' list on the left, but perhaps a new non-UK list is in the offing?

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