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Alfalfa (25g)MEDICAGO SATIVA - Alfalfa (25g) Alfalfa is a plant commonly cultivated by farmers around the world for use as an animal feedstock. Alfalfa ORGANIC (5g)MEDICAGO SATIVA - ORGANIC Alfalfa (5g) Alfalfa is a plant commonly cultivated by farmers around the world for use as an animal feedstock. Amaranth Green & Red (1g seeds)Amaranth Green & Red (1g seeds) Heritage Selection Amaranthus tricolor also known as Chinese Spinach has a flavour like Spinach but with a hint of Horseradish. Artichoke 'Green Globe' (20 seeds)Artichoke 'Green Globe' (20 seeds) Heritage Selection This is a reliable variety that can produce fine heads for eating in late Summer, and thereafter every year. ASPARAGUS Mary Washington (100 seeds)ASPARAGUS Mary Washington(100 seeds) Popular Variety This variety produces premium quality spears up to 2cm thick. Bean Butter Golden Cheeroke Wax (30 seeds)Butter Bean Golden Cheeroke Wax (30 seeds) UNTREATED SEED 45-60 days A popular old variety that is very productive and is an ideal home gardener dwarf bush habit species.This dependable cropper will bear plenty of stringless round golden pods. Bean Butter Golden Wax (25g seeds)Butter Bean Golden Wax (25g seeds) 45-60 days This early, dependable cropper will bear plenty of stringless, 10cm golden pods.
Bean Pole Purple (50 seeds)Pole Bean Purple (50 seeds) 45-60 days 15-20cm long beans with good colour. Bean Pole Shiny Fardenlosa (30 seeds)BEAN Shiny Fardenlosa (30 seeds) A highly prolific early and mid season variety renowned for its long and flat, glossy dark green pods. Bean Pole Yellow (Flat) (30g seeds)Pole Bean Yellow (Flat) (30g seeds) 45-60 days One of the few yellow climbing beans available.
Beetroot Chioggia (1g - 50 seeds approx)Chioggia Beetroot (1g - 50 seeds approx) This striking Italian heirloom beet has alternating red and white rings running through its roots. Beetroot Cylindra (2g - 100 seeds approx)Cylindra Beetroot (2g - 100 seeds approx) Heritage Selection A high quality, late-ripening variety, producing sturdy, dark crimson, cylindrical roots which slice beautifully! Beetroot Detroit Globe (2g seeds)Detroit Globe Beetroot (2g - 100 seeds approx) Heritage Selection (1897)The classic, main-crop globe beetroot. Beetroot Golden (1g - 50 seeds approx)Golden Beetroot (1g - 50 seeds approx) A high quality, globed shaped variety, producing a golden great alternative to standard red beetroot. Broad Bean Giant Exhibition Longpod - Vicia Faba (20 seeds)Broad Bean Giant Exhibition Longpod - Vicia Faba(20 seeds) Heritage Selection The finest of the Longpod varieties. Broad Bean Super Pod - Vicia Faba (20 seeds)Broadbean Super Pod - Vicia Faba (20 seeds) Highly productive 35-38cm long pod, 8-9 seeds perfect size wonderful petite gourmet item Broad Beans prefer to grow in the cooler months of spring and autumn avoiding hot weather.
Broadbean Dwarf Early Green - Vicia Faba (25 seeds)Broadbean Dwarf Early Green - Vicia Faba (25 seeds) Heritage Selection Popular Italian Fava bean. Broccoflower Alverda F1 (10 seeds)Broccoflower Alverda F1 (10 seeds) Small lime green cauliflower appearance with the taste of broccoli.
Broccoli Chinese - Green Lance (50 seeds)Green Lance (50 seeds) Chinese Brocolli: This popular bunching green is also called Chinese kale or kai lan. Broccoli De Cicco (3g Seeds)BRASSICA OLERACEA - Broccoli De Cicco (3g - 900 Seeds approx) Heritage Selection Broccoli di Cicco is an heirloom, old-fashioned kind of broccoli.
ASCLEPIAS CURASSAVICA -Butterfly Food Plant (15 seeds )ASCLEPIAS CURASSAVICA - Butterfly Food Plant (15 seeds. Autumn Sowing Mix - 10 grams to cover 10 m2Autumn Sowing Mix - 10 grams to cover 10 m2 Wildflowers set seeds in summer and autumn ready to burst into life with the cool moist days of autumn, then they are ready to flower in spring before the trees canopy blocks out the light. CENTAUREA CYANUS - Cornflower, Bachelors Button-Mixed 1g seedsCENTAUREA CYANUS - Cornflower, Bachelors Button-Mixed (1g - 200+ seeds) Also know as Bluebottle, Boutonniere flower, Hurtsickle Drought tolerant annual in burgundy, blue, pink and white. ESCHSCHOLZIA CALIFORNICA - Red Californian Poppy (1g)ESCHSCHOLZIA CALIFORNICA - Red Californian Poppy (1g) 600 Seeds per gram High quality single red flowers.
LUPINUS POLYPHYLLUS - The Pages (20 seeds)LUPINUS POLYPHYLLUS - The Pages (20 seeds) This is a highly improved variety with strong densely packed flower spikes having exceptionallly bright and strong colours.
MATTHIOLA INCANA - Stock Aida White (20 seeds)MATTHIOLA INCANA - Stock Aida White (20 seeds) NEW Producing one pure white flower spike per plant, this is a favourite for professional outdoor growers of cut flowers. NEMOPHILA MENZIESII Penny Black (50 seeds)NEMOPHILA MENZIESII Penny Black (50 seeds) NEW Both extraordinary and extraordinarily attractive is this fascinating variety bearing many deep purple, nearly black even, flowers with a sharply contrasting neat and tidy white edge. PHLOX DRUMMONDII - Phlox - Coral Reef (50 seeds)PHLOX DRUMMONDII - Phlox - Coral Reef (50 seeds) Exquisite pastel shades of yellow, cream, salmon and pink - many of which have not been seen before.
Spring Onion White Lisbon ORGANIC (1g)ORGANIC Spring Onion White Lisbon (1g) Standard variety for bulbing salad onions, which bulks up relatively quickly. Stevia rebaudiana (5 Seeds) (Heirloom)Stevia Rebaudiana (5 Seeds ) (Heirloom) Stevia rebaudiana Annual in cold climates. Tritoma Flamenco Mix - Red Hot Poker (20 Seeds)Tritoma Flamenco Mix (Red Hot Poker 20 seeds) It is a rare occurrence when a perennial wins the AAS Award.
TROPAEOLUM MAJUS - Nasturtium - Whirlybird Mixed (20 seeds)TROPAEOLUM MAJUS - Nasturtium - Whirlybird Mixed (20 seeds) Be nasty to nasturtiums is an old gardening adage.The advice is sound, for kindness produces too many leaves with few flowers. ESCHSCHOLZIA CALIFORNICA - Thai Silk Apricot Chiffon (50s)ESCHSCHOLZIA CALIFORNICA - Californian Poppy Thai Silk Apricot Chiffon (50 seeds) Fluted flowers in apricot splashed with orange. PAPAVER PAEONIFLORUM - Peony Poppy Collection - 6 packetsPAPAVER PAEONIFLORUM - Peony Poppy Collection SPECIAL Gorgeous, bold and beautiful. LATHYRUS ODORATUS - Knee-Hi Mix (50 seeds)LATHYRUS ODORATUS -Knee High Mix (50 seeds approx) Annual A compact bush type Sweet Pea, Knee-Hi Mix is a small to medium sized mounding plant with more height than the dwarf types, but shorter than the traditional vining varieties.
Passionfruit (25 seeds)Passionfriut - Passiflora Edulis (25 seeds) Heritage Selection Sow Spring Perenial strong growing climber with dark green foliage. IPOMOEA TRICOLOUR - Morning Glory Heavenly Blue (10g Seeds)IPOMOEA TRICOLOUR - Morning Glory Heavenly Blue (10g Seeds) Early flowering with large flowers of the clearest white throated sky blue. Scotch Bonnet Chili (10 seeds)Scotch Bonnet Chili (10 seeds) 100,000 - 300,000 Scoville units!THIS IS A VERY HOT CHILLI Chili Pepper Scotch Bonnet produces globular shaped fruits ripening pale green to bright red.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This miniature rake and shovel set is perfectly sized for terrariums as well as traditional house plants.
Ailsa Craig Tomato (20 Seeds)Ailsa Craig Tomato (20 seeds) A semi - greenback, indeterminate variety Ready in 80 days. Baxters Early bush Cherry Tomato (25 seeds)Baxters Early bush Cherry Tomato (25 seeds) Ready in 70 days from transplanting Extra early cherry type on compact, bush type plants. Beefsteak Tomato (50 Seeds)Beefsteak Tomato (50 seeds) Heritage Selection Ready in 80 days. Betalux Tomato (1g - 300+ seeds)Betalux Tomato (1g seeds) Ready 70-80 days from transplanting. Betterboy F1 Tomato (10 seeds)Tomato Betterboy F1 (10 seeds) Ready 75 days from transplanting. Black Krim Tomato (25 seeds)Black Krim Tomato (25 seeds) Heritage Selection Ready 70 days from transplanting.
Black Zebra Tomato (25 seeds)Black Zebra Tomato (25 seeds) Ready 75 days from transplanting.
Brandywine Pink Tomato (25 seeds)Brandywine Pink Tomato (25 seeds) Ready 80 days from transplanting.

Cherry Sweetie Tomato (15 seeds)TOMATO Cherry Sweetie (15 seeds) As Delicious as Sweet Million - and it's Organic. Early Girl Hybrid Tomato (10 seeds)Early Girl Hybrid Tomato (10 seeds) Indeterminate V variety. Floradade Tomato (25 seeds)Floradade Tomato (25 seeds) This variety is a dwarf bush type, it is very productive with loads of medium to large firm tomatoes. Gardeners Delight Tomato (25 seeds)Gardeners Delight Tomato (25 seeds) Heritage Selection Ready 72 days after transplanting.
Golden Roma Tomato (25 seeds)Golden Roma Tomato (25 seeds) Ready 77 days after transplanting. Green Zebra Tomato (25 seeds)Green Zebra Tomato (25 seeds) Heritage Selection Ready 72 days after transplanting. Moneymaker Tomato (50 seeds)Moneymaker Tomato (50 seeds) Heritage Selection Ready in 65 - 70 days.
Pomodoro San Marzano (San Marzano Tomato) (50 seeds)Pomodoro San Marzano (San Marzano Tomato) (50 seeds) Heritage Selection This is the 'plum tomato par excellence" and one of the main originators of the success of the Mediterranean diet. Sub Arctic Plenty Tomato (25 seeds)Sub Arctic Plenty Tomato(25 seeds) Ready 62 Days fron transplant. Supersweet 100 F1 Tomato (10 seeds)Tomato Supersweet 100 F1 (10 seeds) Ready in 110 days from transplant An improvement on 'Sweet 100', 'Supersweet 100' brings new qualities, including long racemes of sweet, juicy bite-sized fruits throughout summer.
TOMATILLO (Physalis ixocarpa) (50 seeds)TOMATILLO (Physalis ixocarpa) (50 Seeds) The tomatillo (toe-ma-tea-o), also known as Toma Verde or Ground Cherries, is of Mexican origin and has been introduced into the New Zealand.
Tomato Patio F1 (10 seeds)Tomato Patio F1 (10 seeds) Ready in 70 days from transplant This dwarf variety, growing to about 60cm, is one of the most popular varieties for growing in containers on patios, decks, courtyards, or wherever garden space is limited.
White Cherry Tomato (50 seeds)White Cherry Tomato (50 seeds) Heritage Selection Ready in 75 days from transplant Plant produces good yields of white cherry tomatoes.
Yellow Pear Tomato (25 seeds)Yellow Pear Tomato (25 seeds) Heritage Selection Ready in 75 days from transplant Enormous number of yellow bite-sized fruits. Tomato Collection - 10 Types 1000+ seeds!TOMATO package - 10 types (500+ Seeds) Plant your seeds indoors 10 to 12 weeks before setting outside. Tomato Cherokee Purple Organic (25 seeds)Tomato Cherokee Purple Organic (25 seeds) Heritage 0rganic Selection The thin skinned tomato has 250-350g fruit that are a deep dusky pink that verges on violet with Brownish purple shoulders. I remember when strawberry short cake was first released, I think I even have one of the original toys released. This title is unavailable for purchase as none of our regular suppliers have stock available.
Asian Mix Hot Chili (15 seeds)Asian Mix Hot Chilli (15 seeds) Annual, Sow winter indoors or spring, Full sun, moist soil.Fruits Summer - Autumn. Cachuchua Chili Pepper (15 seeds)Cachuchua Chili Pepper (15 seeds) A mild taste Caribbean chili, globe shape, turning bright red at full maturity.
Cayenne long red Chili Pepper (50 seeds)Cayenne long red Chili Pepper (50 seeds) Heritage Selection The cayenne is tree-like, with multiple stems and an erect habit. Cherry Hot Chili (15 seeds)Large Red Cherry Hot (15 seeds) The Large Red Cherry hot pepper is a very hot round pepper resembling a cherry! Fire Hot Chili (15 seeds)Fire Hot Chili (15 seeds) A late maturity variety providing pendent fruits of 12 to 13 cm long and 0,8 cm large with a weight of 5 to 6 grams per fruit.
Habanero Lemon Chili (15 seeds)Habanero Lemon Chilli(15 seeds) Heirloom Incredibly hot, small, lemon-yellow, lantern shaped fruits.Thin walled and wrinkled, measuring approx. Habanero Orange Chili (15 seeds)Habanero Orange Chilli(15 seeds) Heirloom Incredibly hot, small, lemon-yellow, lantern shaped fruits.Thin walled and wrinkled, measuring approx. Habanero Red Chlili (15 seeds)Habanero Red Chilli(15 seeds) Incredibly hot,bright red lantern shaped fruits, measuring approx. Hungarian Yellow Wax Chili (15 seeds)Hungarian Yellow Wax Chili (15 seeds) Heritage Selection The Hungarian Yellow Wax is the perfect Pickler and Stuffer. Mulato Isleno Chilli (15 seeds)Mulato Isleno Chilli (15 seeds) Heritage Selection The Mulatos are similar in shape to Ancho but somewhat longer and flatter .
Pasilla Bajio Chili (15 seeds)PASILLA BAJIO CHILI (15 seeds) Heritage Selection 'Pasilla' is a 'little raisin' in Spanish, referring to the dark brown, wrinkled, dried pod.
Perfect Long 102 F1 Chili Pepper (15 seeds)Perfect Long 102 F1 Chili Pepper (15 seeds) Mild and Long The Perfect Long 102 F1 is a shorter plant height species with an erect habit. Santa Fe Grande Chili (50 seeds)Santa Fe Grande Chili (50 seeds) Heritage Selection These 90 by 40 mm hot peppers turn from yellow to orange-red when mature. Serrano Chili (25 seeds)Serrano Chili (25 seeds) Heritage Selection The serrano chile is green in color at first, and ripens to red, brown, orange, or yellow. Super Hot F1 Chili (15 seeds)Super Hot F1 Chili (15 seeds) Early maturing and semi-upright growing hybrid with dark green leaves and short internodes.
Tabasco Chilli (15 seeds)Tabasco Chilli (15 seeds) Heritage Selection Hot (30,000 scoville units) chilies great for making sauces and fiery food from compact 60cm plants, with green to red fruit, widely adaptable, 68 days.
Tam Jalapeno Mild Chili (1g seeds)Tam Jalapeno Mild Chili (1g seeds) Early maturing, mild chilies great for pickling from compact 60cm plants, with green to red fruit, widely adaptable, 68 days.
Thai Hot Chilli (20 seeds)Thai Hot Chilli (20 seeds) Thai Hot Chilli - small, very hot and productive.
Yellow Sun F1 Chili (15 seeds)Yellow Sun F1 Chili (15 seeds) HOT PEPPER YELLOW SUN is a yellow chili variety with pungent taste. Mega Chili Collection - 21+ Different Packets!Mega Chili Collection - 21+ Different Packets!
Mexican Chili Collection - Five Varieties (130 Seeds)Mexican Chili Collection - Five Varieties (130 Seeds) Jalapeno Chilli Pepper (60 seeds) This is the most preferred Jalapeno for Mexican type food Serrano Chili(25 seeds) CHILI PASILLA BAJIO (15 seeds) 'Pasilla' is a 'little raisin' in Spanish, referring to the dark brown, wrinkled, dried pod.
SALPIGLOSSIS SINUATA Royale Chocolate (20 seeds)SALPIGLOSSIS SINUATA Royale Chocolate (20 seeds) A very compact variety, growing 30-40cm tall with an elegant branching habit. SALVIA COCCINEA - Scarlet Sage (1g seeds)SALVIA COCCINEA - Scarlet Sage (1g = 800 seeds approx) Also known as Texas sage, Scarlet sage, or Blood sage. SALVIA FARINACEA - Salvia - Blue Bedder (1g seeds)SALVIA FARINACEA - Salvia - Blue Bedder (1g - 900 seeds approx) Stiff, purple stems are topped with long spikes of dusty blue buds that open to purple-blue flowers. SALVIA horminum - Pink Sundae (25 seeds)SALVIA horminum - Pink Sundae (25 seeds) A very attractive and charming foliage plant with swathes of small pink flowers with large rose-pink bracts.
SALVIA horminum - Superba Rose Queen (25 seeds)SALVIA horminum - Superba Rose Queen (25 seeds) A very attractive and charming foliage plant with swathes of small pink flowers with large rose-pink bracts.
SALVIA LYRATA - Salvia -Purple Volcano(15 seeds)SALVIA LYRATA - Salvia - Purple Volcano(15 seeds) Impressive foliage plant, forming a bronze- purple rosette.
SAPONARIA OCYMOIDES - Trailing Soapwort (1g seeds)SAPONARIA OCYMOIDES - Trailing Soapwort (1g - 500 seeds) Masses of pink flowers cover the plants in summer. SCABIOSA Imperial Mixture (50 seeds)SCABIOSA Imperial Mixture (50 seeds) NEW Also called "Pincushion Flower" or "Morning Bride" Beautiful, fragrant flowers with silvery stamens which radiate to produce a pincushion effect. SEDUM Selskianum Spirit (20 seeds)SEDUM Selskianum Spirit (20 seeds) From Benery seeds, Sedum Selskianum Spirit is good as a ground cover, in hanging baskets, or in a rock garden.

SILENE COELI-ROSA - Viscaria - Angel Blue (100 seeds)SILENE COELI-ROSA - Viscaria - Angel Blue (100 seeds) Smooth, upright stems topped with large skyward vivid blue flowers. SILENE COELI-ROSA - Viscaria - Angel Rose (100 seeds)SILENE COELI-ROSA - Viscaria - Angel Rose (100 seeds) Smooth, upright stems topped with large skyward carmine rose flowers.
SILENE COELI-ROSA - Viscaria, Breath of Heaven (100 seeds)SILENE COELI-ROSA - Viscaria, Breath of Heaven (100 seeds approx) Also known as Lychnis coeli-rosa. SILENE PENDULA - Nodding Catchfly (2g seeds)SILENE PENDULA - Nodding Catchfly (2g seeds approx) A plant for tumbling over rock gardens, boxes and hanging baskets. SOLIDAGO Baby Gold (50 seeds)SOLIDAGO Baby Gold (50 seeds) NEW Solidago canadensis 'Baby Gold' - Large curving rich yellow panicles on stiff upright branches that attract butterflies all season.
STACHYS BYZANTINA Fuzzy Wuzzy (25 seeds)STACHYS BYZANTINA Fuzzy Wuzzy (25 seeds) Lambs Ear Grey, wooly foliage used for foliage impact in the first season. STATICE QIS Pale Blue (25 seeds)STATICE QIS Pale Blue (25 seeds) The best strain for cut flower production, the QIS series is a considerable improvement over standard varieties with regard to colour, flower size and stem quality.
TAGETES ERECTA- African Marigold (2g - 560 seeds)TAGETES ERECTA- African Marigold (2g - 560 seeds) Huge 12cm blooms with overlapping petals in shades of yellow, gold and orange. TAGETES PATULA - French Marigold (1g - 280 seeds)TAGETES PATULA - French Marigold (1g - 280 seeds) The flowers are noted for attracting wildlife and for companion planting in the vegetable garden. TAGETES PATULA - French Marigold - Durango Mix (25 seeds)TAGETES PATULA - French Marigold - Durango Mix (25 seeds) Spectacular displays of large flowered marigolds from deep mahogany edged with gold, to deep gold, soft yellow and intense orange.
THUNBERGIA Black Eyed Susan Alata Mix (20 seeds)THUNBERGIA Black Eyed Susan Alata Mix (20 seeds) Otherwise known as black eyed Susan climber, a pretty summer flower in Whites, Yellows and Orange.
TITHONIA ROTUNDIFOLIA - Mexican Sunflower Torch (1g seeds)TITHONIA ROTUNDIFOLIA - Mexican Sunflower Torch (1g seeds) 3 in. TROPAEOLUM MAJUS - Nasturtium - Cherry Rose (10 seeds)TROPAEOLUM MAJUS - Nasturtium - Cherry Rose (10 seeds) Be nasty to nasturtiums is an old gardening adage.The advice is sound, for kindness produces too many leaves with few flowers. TROPAEOLUM MAJUS - Nasturtium - Dwarf Jewel Mix (20 seeds)TROPAEOLUM MAJUS - Nasturtium - Dwarf Jewel Mix (20 seeds) Be nasty to nasturtiums is an old gardening adage.The advice is sound, for kindness produces too many leaves with few flowers.
VINCA Cooler Mixture (25 seeds)VINCA Cooler Mixture (25 seeds) NEW Large overlapping flower petals in a mixture of colours and upright, dark green-leafed plants that branch early. XERANTHEMUM ANNUM Double Mixture - Immortelle (50 seeds)XERANTHEMUM ANNUM Double Mixture - Immortelle (50 seeds approx) Silver leaves and double flowers ranging through shades of rose, pink, purple and white, it is wonderful for dried flowers. Zinnia Elegans Cherry Queen (1g seeds approx)ZINNIA ELEGANS - Cherry Queen (1g seeds) Spiky flowers in bright bold red. Known by its Latin name, Medicago sativa, Alfalfa is also a popular herb belonging to the 'legume family', closely related to beans and peas.
The globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus) is a herbaceous perennial and thistle-like plant also called French artichoke. Purple de Jesi produces the small artichokes that are ideal for steaming, or eating raw when the heads are very young and tender. Not only has this been bred for its quality but also it has a high tolerance to fusarium, crown and root rot. A traditional favorite grown for both its food and ornamental value, this is the most popular green bean grown in England. The early and vigorous plants have 25cm pods each with 6-7 violet coloured seeds and pods that are bright green at maturity and are excellent saut?ed with garlic. It's sweet like ?regular' broccoli, it's what they developed the giant broccoli heads from. Prolific bearer of orange red delicious salad fruits that will keep up to 28 days when refrigerated. This extremely old variety makes a vigorous plant, which bears enormous numbers of bright yellow, bite-sized fruit. Called 'chilaca' when fresh, it adds character to red chile enchilada sauce and other salsas. The serrano is said to be about 5 times hotter than the jalapeno rating between 8,000 and 22,000 Scoville units on the heat index. The plants are attractive when placed at the back of borders and are particularly stunning when massed. The cooler series is more tolerant of cool wet growing conditions than other selections and resists lower leaf yellowing.
When baked whole and sliced just before serving this sweet variety retains its unique markings.
Flowers will close on cloudy days, but their glowing beauty makes sunny days well worth waiting for.
This sweet herb native to South America grows 12 to 20 inches tall and yields leaves up to 30 to 300 times sweeter than sugar without the calories or negative effects of other sweeteners, making it a wonderful, natural sweetener.
Plant produces bright red medium sized fruit,great slicer, perfect for salads and sandwiches.Famous for its flavour.
This English greenhouse variety produces good yields of flavorful intense red fruits on vigorous indeterminate vines. The toys still have their vibrant colours and you can mix and match these cute characters who are ready to tend the garden. The 5-6 cm single blooms on this European annual are fire-engine red with vividly marked black centres. Lucky Dip, as varieties ( 6-8)vary in each shipment.These are imported from the UK, already pre- mixed. The waxy finish makes it a chilli that you want to take your friends on a tour of your garden to see. When used as a dried pod or in powder form, the Pasilla is a very flavorful ingredient in many mole sauces. Fruits have thick flesh and turn gradually from light green to yellow until dark orange color at full maturity. The name comes from the way in which small insects are trapped by the sticky sap exuded onto the stem.
The flowers will close on cloudy days but their glowing beauty on sunny days makes them well worth the wait! At last, a Certified Organic, open-pollinated alternative to the popular grape Tomato Sweet Million!
Plant produces good yields of 4 to 5 ounce very flavorful juicy tomatoes continuously throughout the season.
Mexican Sunflower Tithonia rotundifolia 'Torch' is one of the very best butterfly attractors.

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