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Visit haunted hotels, meet unusual people, dine amongst the spirits, hear old campfire tales and peruse old historic landmarks.
On Route 1 in Mendocino County in the small town of Gualala is the Gualala Nursery and Trading Company and it is filled with giant metal dinosaurs! Nestled on the corner of Walden and Carmelita in Beverly Hills, sits The Witch's House, more formally known as The Spadena House. It was relocated to Beverly Hills in either 1926 or 1934, and since then has been the subject of many urban legends including: a story stating that it was built for a movie version of Hansel and Gretel, a story stating that it was built by a Snow White and the Seven Dwarves fanatic, and a story that states the owner use to dress up like a witch on Halloween to give out candy (which is highly possible and rumored to be the source of the house's name).
A few years ago, the house underwent major restoration as the current owner named Michael Libow is trying to preserve the whimsical structure. The house has also made a cameo appearance in the movie, Clueless, starring Alicia Silverstone. So you're cruising down Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood and as you come up to the intersection with Burbank Boulevard, there he is, standing thirty two feet tall, grinning evilly down at you, scaring the pants off of you! The maniacally grinning, has X's for eyes clown proudly stands on the corner bearing a large drum with the liquor store's name emblazoned on it.
The liquor store is called Circus Liquor and it proudly boasts 750 types of beer, 1000 types of spirits, and am impressive selection of kegs! The clown and liquor store are also something of a movie celebrity having appeared in a few movies and music videos.
So if you suffer from coulrophobia and thus are deathly afraid of evil clowns, perhaps you should get your alcohol from some other liquor store than Circus Liquor.
Rumored to once have been potentially a Jerky Shop, more recently it was reported by my friend, Eric, that it is was a lemonade stand the last time he passed by. Nicknamed the "Land of Four Seasons", Tehachapi is on Highway 58 between Bakersfield and the Mojave. Most of the carved trees and stumps that make up Tehachapi's Avenue of Faces are either in the city park: Philip Marx Central Park or in the streets nearby the City Park, although carvings and faces occasionally appear throughout town.
The carvings are the work of local artist, Kent Holmgren, who has been carving wood for over twenty years, using chain saws to make his art pieces. Sadly in August 2015, the Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Park District had the carvings at both the city park and at Brite Lake suddenly removed. Tehachapi also has excellent winds for gliding, a large turbine wind farm, as well as alpaca and ostrich farms.
In November 2015, the stairs were dismantled, stripped off the concrete core that rises up out of the beach.
Due to cliffs on either side, there is no way to get to the beach below unless you swim (not recommended) or take a kayak.
Located right in the downtown area of Riverside, taking over almost an entire block, is Tio's Tacos, and visiting it will simply amaze you. Additionally one can find appliances turned into artwork, bicycles cemented into the pavement, a strange tee pee structure, assorted signs, a bunch of Barbie dolls, and even some robots.
So stop on by Tio's Tacos, get some food, relax on the patio, and take in the amazing works of folk art! In 1960, Harold and Ted Haserjian founded a carpet business in Santa Clarita, California called Carpeteria.
Evoking images of magical flying carpets, the Carpeteria Genie was a twenty foot tall genie, looking like he came right out of a magical lamp ready to grant wishes to the carpet buyers entering the store below his feet.
In 1960, Harold and Ted Haserjian founded a carpet business in Santa Clarita called Carpeteria. Although it could use a paint job, the North Hollywood Carpeteria Genie is located on Laurel Canyon Boulevard and is still standing over a carpet store called L&S Carpet. On May 23rd, 1934, in Bienville Parish, Louisiana a posse of two Louisiana officers combined with four Texas officers ambushed and gunned down Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.
At 9:15 am the officers ambushed the couple, unloading their automatic rifles then moving onto their shotguns, and finally their pistols, emptying all their weapons into the car. The curious soon descended on the scene as a crowd began trying to take "collectibles" from the car and bodies.
The Ford V8, now horribly bullet riddled and blood splattered, was towed away into history. It's original owner, Ruth Warren, who had had it stolen out of her driveway by the criminal couple, sold the car for $3,500. Today, there have been no less than seven fake Bonnie and Clyde death cars put on display throughout America. The REAL Bonnie and Clyde Death Car is on display in Primm, Nevada at Whiskey Pete's Hotel and Casino owned by Primm Valley Resorts. Dutch Schultz had a special 1931 Lincoln made for him with lead filled doors and inch thick glass in order to make the car bullet proof. Whiskey Pete's is located just across the California state border in Nevada on Interstate 15.
Unfortunately in 1945, he was hit by one of the trains (supposedly the 5:15 train) and the workers at the depot pooled their money to buy him a grave marker, burying him originally under a tree in the park. The grave marker is located in the parking lot on the right side of the building to the left of the door on that side of the building.
Barstow Station is built to look like a fake train station, complete with multiple train cars, a caboose, and even a water tower. The station was conceived and built by Fred Rosenberg who somehow acquired a McDonalds in the 1960s, then out in the middle of nowhere on your way to Las Vegas. If you believe some of the legends, Fred might have actually won the McDonalds in a card game from Ray Krock, the businessman responsible for turning McDonalds into the fast food juggernaut it is today. Up above the town of Norco, on one of the hills of Norco Ridge, watching over the town below, is the Pumpkin Rock.
Pumpkin Rock is probably about 15 feet tall in height, painted all orange and currently sporting a Jack Skellington like face.
In the past, parts of the rock have been massively covered in graffiti, but currently thanks to some recent repainting, there's only a little near the very bottom and on the back of the rock, although other rocks nearby have quite a bit of graffiti on them. When we went, we parked on Vandermolen Drive where it makes a 90 degree curve, entering a trail near 3402 Vandermolen Drive. If you get on the Iron Horse Trail that runs behind the Alamo Plaza Shopping Center and take the trail north for approximately a quarter of a mile, there on your left, behind a wrought iron fence and gate will be what is often called the Alamo Menagerie.
The Alamo Menagerie consists of a variety of statues, most probably fiberglass, set up in interesting scenes and on display for those on the trail to see. There they sit in someone's back yard clearly visible for passers by on the Iron Horse Trail in the town of Alamo. The menagerie can be found by parking at the Alamo Plaza Shopping Center, and walking the trail about a quarter of a mile. Originally built in 1906 and called the Pereira Octagon Barn, this structure was built as part of an actual working dairy. The barn is 78 feet wide and 45 feet tall, which includes the ten foot tall octagonal cupola on top. On the 1950s the barn no longer operated as part of a dairy, and was now used to store feed and equipment for a cattle operation. It is one of only two octagon barns in the state of California, with the other in the Northern California town of Windsor.
Large giants standing 18 to 25 feet tall litter the highways of America, several scattered throughout California. The conversion of the Muffler Man from burger holding soda jerk to La Salsa Man was performed by artist Bob "Daddy O" Wade in 1988. International Fiberglass is perhaps best known here as the company that made the Muffler Men that stand guard on our highways, but they also built other fiberglass statues such as the well known Sinclair Dinosaurs and the less known, but oh so awesome, giant rooster like this one in San Pedro! International Fiberglass specifically targeted chicken restaurants for the big birds, and advertised them as "Something to Crow About .
There are easily at least 30 of these birds lurking in California, including a full on infestation in the Los Angeles area with eleven in the county alone! International Fiberglass is perhaps best known here as the company that made the Muffler Men that stand guard on our highways, but they also built other fiberglass statues such as the well known Sinclair Dinosaurs and the less known, but oh so awesome, giant rooster like this one in La Puente! There are easily at least 30 of these birds lurking in California, including a full on infestation in the Los Angeles area! Large, yellow, and fifteen feet tall, Fremont Street in Las Vegas is home to what some have dubbed the World's Largest Working Fire Hydrant. Located directly across the street from the giant fire hydrant, is a parking lot with a strange sign with a large letter "A" followed by "Motel" and the phrase "Llamas Stay for Free". The bar often had celebrities visit including the Rat Pack, Barbara Streisand, and Clint Eastwood.
Lastly, to the left of the doggy daycare, the Hydrant Club, is a blue painted bus with scrap attached to one side in the shape of what appears to be five dogs.
The Hand of Faith nugget was found by Kevin Hillier using a simple metal detector near Kingower, Victoria in Australia on September 26th, 1980. Weighing 875 troy ounces (or about 61 pounds, 11 ounces) the Hand of Faith nugget is the largest nugget ever found using a metal detector. Located right next to the Hand of Faith nugget, the Golden Nugget also has a gold selling ATM (or vending machine) where one can purchase four different sizes of gold bars (one gram, five gram, ten gram, and one ounce) and even an American 1oz Silver Eagle coin. In Ventura, a bus transfer station at Telegraph Road near the Pacific View Mall is also an award winning art piece.
Mentone just isn't home to a Muffler Man, but also a giant rooster and the head of the Statue of Liberty! Mentone just isn't home to a giant rooster, but also a Bunyan style Muffler Man and the giant head of the Statue of Liberty! International Fiberglass is perhaps best known here as the company that made the Muffler Men that stand guard on our highways, but they also built other fiberglass statues such as the well known Sinclair Dinosaurs and the less known, but oh so awesome, giant rooster like this one in Compton!
A number of foreign nations are awaiting delivery of China's CH series military drones, one of the country's most popular products on the international arms market. The drone family, bearing the name Cai Hong, which means rainbow in Chinese, is considered by experts to be among the most lethal drones on the planet. The academy, part of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, is one of China's largest military drone developers. The early models, CH-1 and CH-2, are small, unarmed reconnaissance craft that have a proven record in locating and monitoring targets. Shi declined to disclose which countries have purchased the CH series, only revealing the academy's most valuable sale was worth "hundreds of millions of US dollars". China Space News reported in January last year that Shi's academy would deliver about 200 CH drones to domestic and foreign users.
The first contract to export CH drones was signed in 2003 and fulfilled in 2004, when a South Asian country bought several CH-1s, Shi said. Compared with their competitors, the CH drones have bigger payloads, which means they can carry more weapons, and a higher level of automation, so only a small number of ground controllers are needed, he said.
The academy's designers researched the requirements of potential users and decided their military drones should operate at an altitude above 5,000 meters. The CH-3 and CH-4 are capable of firing missiles from about 10 km away from a target and can stay in the air for more than 10 hours. The latest and heaviest drone in the CH family is the CH-5 combat and reconnaissance drone, which has prompted keen interest among foreign clients, even though it just made its first flight in August, Shi said. While previous armed drones typically had a maximum takeoff weight of less than 1,500 kg, the CH-5 is able to fly with a weight of 3,300 kg, according to the academy's specifications. The larger capacity enables the drone to have more reconnaissance devices so it can detect a given target within an 80 km radius, said Lan Wenbo, a chief engineer. Shi said the CH-5 is capable of launching various air-to-surface missiles and laser-guided bombs and will be able to conduct early-warning operations after an upgrade.
The country will provide more financing support and other favorable policies to export enterprises to boost foreign trade amid sluggish global demand. Financial institutions were encouraged to provide loans to export enterprises that have new orders and earn profits, according to an executive meeting of the State Council on Wednesday presided over by Premier Li Keqiang.
More export-credit insurance financing will be provided to exporters, and short-term export credit insurance will be increased for them, a statement released after the meeting said. For the first time during the past 10 years, the 2016 Government Work Report, delivered last month by Li, did not set a growth target for foreign trade, indicating that the sector has undergone difficulties. Last month, imports decreased by 1.7 percent year-on-year, so the meeting decided to carry out a proactive import policy with a focus on advanced equipment and technologies.
Wang Zhuilin, a professor of international business at Wuhan University in Hubei province, said the export measures are intended to ensure a capital chain for quality export enterprises and to ease their burdens. She met Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping during her visit to Beijing in October 1986, less than two years after China and the UK agreed on the future of Hong Kong and at a time of increasing British-Chinese trade. Over the next 30 years, the Queen welcomed three top Chinese leaders, including former presidents JiangZemin and Hu Jintao and current President Xi Jinping. President Xi, who heralded a golden era between China and UK after his state visit to the UK last year, sent birthday greetings to the queen when he met with her son Prince Andrew in April in Beijing. Queen Elizabeth famously has two birthdays: her actual birthday on April 21 and her official birthday, which is in June. On her actual birthday, the queen generally demonstrates her commitment to duty with a routine engagement in Windsor. The celebration will end with a huge street party on June 12 at which 10,000 guests will enjoy a picnic and performances.
People are fascinated by the queen's longevity as the UK celebrates the 90th birthday of its monarch, whose reign of more than six decades has overtaken that of her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria. She has had 12 prime ministers, from wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill to the incumbent, David Cameron.
The queen and her husband have both shown enormous interest in Chinese religion, especially Taoism, according to Palmer, who has worked with the Taoists of China for more than 20 years.
A delegation from Taiwan has arrived in Beijing to discuss a recent cross-Straits telecommunication fraud case that led to 45 Taiwan residents being deported to the Chinese mainland from Kenya, the Ministry of Public Security said on Wednesday.
Led by Chen Wen-chi, an official from Taiwan for cross-Straits legal affairs, the 10-person delegation will discuss with the ministry joint efforts to combat wire fraud. Regarding the 45 suspects from Taiwan, Chen said: "We need to make sure they have protection of legal rights during the investigation.
Seventy-seven Chinese, including the 45 Taiwan residents, were repatriated to China from Africa on April 13 and are being investigated for suspected telecommunication fraud. In the Kenya fraud cases, all the victims were from the Chinese mainland, so the mainland has jurisdiction in the case, said Ni Yongjie, deputy director of the Shanghai Institute of Taiwan Studies. Wire fraud criminals from Taiwan have obtained more than 10 billion yuan ($1.55 billion) annually from the Chinese mainland, despite repeated crackdowns launched by both sides of the Straits. When Taiwan suspects have been handled by the island, many were not punished, and money obtained through fraud was not paid back to victims on the mainland, the ministry added. China is developing and testing the Tiangong II space laboratory, Shenzhou XI manned spacecraft and Tianzhou I cargo spacecraft amid a massive space exploration drive, according to the country's major spacecraft maker. The State Council announced in late March that starting this year, April 24 - the day China launched its first satellite into space in 1970 - would be marked as China Space Day. In the first half of next year, a next-generation Long March 7 rocket will transport the Tianzhou I cargo spacecraft to dock with Tiangong II to resupply fuel and other materials and test in-orbit replenishment technologies, according to the China Manned Space Agency. China's multibillion-dollar manned space program, a source of increasing national pride, aims to put a permanent manned station in space in the near future.
By 2022, the Chinese space station will become fully operational, according to the China Manned Space Agency. Currently, there are 106 spacecraft developed by the China Academy of Space Technology that are in active service.
Tomorrow, the Supreme People's Court is scheduled to hold a media briefing related to intellectual property in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, where there has been a rapid rise in the number of cases linked to the sector in recent years.
Tomorrow, an international tourism forum is set to be held in Zhouzhuang, Jiangsu province.
The village of Dawang in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, has been nicknamed "Didi village" because more than 1,000 of its residents drive for car-hailing platforms such as Didi Kuaidi or Uber. Municipal authorities plan to train 200,000 cadres through evening courses and classes to upgrade their skills.
The boom in spare-time education has considerably helped to bridge the gap between the need for trained personnel in the city and its limited facilities for regular education, Vice-Mayor Bai Jiefu said.
Last year, there were more than 7.49 million graduates from rural areas entering the job market, according to industry reports.
The education sector has recorded significant development in the past three decades, fueled in part by the rapidly growing economy and more measures from authorities to promote learning and skills training.
The number of colleges and universities nationwide reached 2,852, second only to that of the United States. It seems no matter where you travel in this vast country - Beijing or Harbin, Shanghai or Macao - it's next to impossible to stroll the streets or shopping malls for more than a few minutes without spotting the ubiquitous interlocking "NY" insignia of the world's most fabled professional sports franchise. From toddlers' jackets and backpacks to weather-beaten caps donned by grizzled street cleaners and stylish handbags toted by cute coeds (or their sheepish boyfriends), a growing array of products worn or carried by trendy Chinese - male and female, young and old - advertises their unwitting affinity for the New York Yankees. To be sure, there are a couple of wealthier teams in the wide world of sports - soccer's Real Madrid and the NFL's Dallas Cowboys - but in terms of public profile, all the other teams in all the other sports are mere satellites in Yankees Universe. Stylishly simple, with an understated yet compelling coolness, the iconic "NY" constitutes one of the most pirated copyrighted insignias on the planet, adorning a plethora of unlicensed products worldwide. Today, the interlocking "NY" can be spotted on caps and clothing in every corner of the globe - from the red carpet at glitzy Hollywood premieres to the frozen Canadian Arctic and refugee camps in the Middle East.
But here in China, most recruits to the ever-expanding Yankees Universe don't have a clue about what the insignia means.

Over a recent two-week period, with language assistance from a Chinese friend, I asked 50 Beijingers spotted wearing Yankees gear if they knew anything about the ball club.
As long as the coolness quotient of the greatest insignia in sport continues to captivate discerning citizens in the world's most populous country, Yankees Universe is unfolding as it should. State Councilor Yang Jiechi and India's National Security Adviser Ajit Doval made the remarks as they met at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing for the 19th round of talks between special representatives on the border issue.
They also said that "the border area has been peaceful and stable in general", the Foreign Ministry reported in a news release.
Indian newspaper The Hindu said the talks are taking place against the backdrop of a "sharp decline in border incidents, following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to China in May 2015".
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Tuesday that the talks come at a crucial stage of negotiations on a settlement framework. She said the two countries will try to work out a fair and reasonable plan that is acceptable to both at an early date. The two nations began a three-stage process when the special representatives were appointed in 2003. They first reached an agreement on guiding principles and setting political parameters for a settlement in 2005.
Wang Xu, executive deputy director of Peking University's Center for South Asian Studies, said, "Both Beijing and New Delhi had a stronger will to consolidate bilateral ties after President Xi Jinping's visit (to India) in 2014 and reached higher consensus on controlling border conflicts.
India's Rediff News said Doval traveled to Beijing not merely as a special representative for the border talks, but in a much broader role as the prime minister's special envoy to discuss a wider range of bilateral relations.
State Councilor Yang Jiechi and India's National Security Adviser Ajit Doval meet for the 19th round of talks on the border issue in Beijing on Wednesday. President Xi Jinping urged the Chinese military on Wednesday to continue to improve its joint command capability.
Xi, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, gave the instruction on an early-morning visit to the commission's Joint Command Headquarters in Beijing.
During the visit, it was announced that the president had become commander-in-chief of the CMC Joint Command Headquarters.
Xi told officers at the headquarters to concentrate on studying the art of command and operation and to build a professional and efficient joint command system.
He told them to regard their positions at the headquarters as their combat positions on the battlefield, ordering them to effectively handle any kind of contingencies and to resolutely safeguard the country's sovereignty, security and development interests. Xi said one of the major goals of the ongoing military reform is to strengthen the capabilities of the CMC Joint Command Headquarters.
Xi also told the headquarters to improve personnel grouping, streamline operational procedures and share its experience with regional joint commands. The president wore a camouflage uniform during his visit, which was the first time a Chinese president had inspected a top military body in a combat uniform and the second time Xi had appeared in public in such a uniform. Xi wore a camouflage uniform for the first time in January 2014 when he inspected a border defense regiment in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.
Xu Liangcai, a senior officer at the Joint Staff Department under the People's Liberation Army Southern Theater Command, said modern warfare features a high level of joint operation and sophisticated command, requiring a joint command system with good control of information and excellent precision in maneuvers.
The development was disclosed by the nation's leading AIDS specialist in an exclusive interview with China Daily. Wu Zunyou said all possible outlets, from online shopping platforms to brick-and-mortar drugstores, would be approached in the initiative, which is scheduled to begin soon, although no starting date has been released. Despite policy restraints, "we will pilot and then promote HIV self-testing by making the kits easily accessible", said Wu, head of the National Center for AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Control and Prevention. China's health authorities have long urged the public to seek free HIV screening at the 2,000 government-operated voluntary counseling and testing clinics nationwide. However, many people are reluctant to be tested, fearing their HIV status will be confirmed and become widely known, which could result in discrimination. While the number of HIV tests performed rose by more than 400 percent between 2007 and last year, the detection rate fell by about 50 percent, according to Wu, citing data from the Nationwide Epidemic Surveillance Network. Last year, more than 100 million tests were carried out, mainly in government-run outlets, such as voluntary counseling and testing clinics and public hospitals. Wu hopes the greater anonymity offered by the new outlets will encourage more people to be tested. A recent sales report by online medical provider Ali-Health, a subsidiary of e-commerce giant Alibaba, showed a substantial rise in sales of HIV self-testing kits that use oral swabs to collect saliva, particularly among men age 20 to 29. However, the initiative could prove controversial, because the kits are only approved for use by medical professionals, and Wu said that selling them to individuals online remains a gray area. Ling Yu, sales manager for the Aware brand of self-testing kits, said the products have been widely available online since 2012, and sales continue to rise. Wu said online platforms, such as social networking services, are seen as efficient tools for delivering information and support to self-testers, but further research and investigation are needed to introduce self-testing to more people.
Pilot projects in which the kits will be available at selected drugstores are underway in the Shijingshan district of Beijing and in a number of cities in Yunnan province that have a high prevalence of HIV. A gay man in Beijing, who identified himself as "Xiao Tian", said he had bought testing kits online several times. He was speaking at a special United Nations session convened on Tuesday to discuss the global drug problem. UN member states are addressing international drug control at the session, which began on Tuesday and will end on Thursday.
World leaders, public health officials and human rights activists are calling for reforms to an objective proposed during a special session on drugs convened in 1998, which focused on eliminating illegal drugs. Guo said countries should avoid political factors in anti-narcotics efforts or using drugs as a pretext to interfere with nations' internal affairs, adding that developed countries should provide funding and technical assistance to developing ones.
China's efforts to combat illegal drugs include seizing more than 750 million tons of drugs in the past decade and prosecuting more than 1 million drug cases. State Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun on Tuesday sentenced Liang, 28, to five years of probation and community service after Chun took the rare step of partially setting aside the jury's verdict and reducing Liang's conviction from manslaughter to criminally negligent homicide. Liang and his partner were on patrol in an unlighted stairwell in a public housing project in Brooklyn on the night of Nov 20, 2014, when Liang testified he heard a noise and his gun went off. From top: Peter Liang (left) walks out the court after a judge sentenced him to five years of probation and 800 hours of community service. In February, Liang was convicted of second-degree manslaughter and official misconduct and could have been sentenced to as much as 15 years in prison. Chun said he made his decision in part after reviewing video of Liang entering the housing project where Gurley was shot. Last month, Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson said his office would not seek prison time for Liang. After Chun read his decision to reduce the manslaughter conviction against Liang to the lowest-level felony possible and the sentence, Assistant District Attorney Joseph Alexis, who prosecuted the case, registered his objection.
Leaving the courtroom, Gurley's aunt, Herntencia Peteresen, called out in the hallway: "There is no justice. The indictment and prosecution of Liang, who is of Chinese heritage, created uproar among Chinese-Americans who said he was being made a scapegoat to compensate for white police officers not indicted in which unarmed black men were killed.
After his trial and conviction, rallies organized primarily by Chinese-American groups in support of Liang were held in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and other cities.
In a statement, New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim commended Chun for "rendering a difficult verdict in one of the toughest cases this city has faced in recent years. New York police officers are rarely indicted by grand juries, much less put on trial, for deaths they cause in the line of duty. Locklear gave the keynote speech at the release of the report, US-China Relations in Strategic Domains, by the National Bureau of Asian Research, in Washington on Tuesday.
In 2014, the US invited China to participate in RIMPAC for the first time, which Locklear called "a very big success". China has confirmed it accepted a US invitation for RIMPAC 2016 and will send ships to take part in the drill, according to Hua Chunying, Foreign Ministry spokesperson, in response to US Defense Secretary Ash Carter's remarks that the US is "reassessing" China's participation. Last December, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy Escort Task Group 152 visited Hawaii, which has "helped further strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the Chinese and US navies", said Wang Jianxu, commander of the Chinese fleet. Zhu Yinghuang, former editor-in-chief of China Daily, said the current international system and governance needs to improve, especially in the case of representation of emerging countries. President Xi Jinping called on Tuesday for "more tolerance and patience" toward netizens and welcomed online criticism, "whether mild or fierce", as long as it arises from goodwill.
Xi made the remarks at a rare high-profile meeting as the country's 700 million internet users get more say in social governance and public events. The president also urged speeding up legislation of a cyber-law, improving legal supervision and preventing risks caused by the internet.
The government should take constructive advice from netizens, help those who are in difficulties and explain to those who don't understand the situation, Xi said.
Government officials should get close to the people through the internet, listen to online public opinions and suggestions, and answer the public's concerns in a positive manner, he said. The meeting was attended by entrepreneurs of internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, experts on media research and officials of internet management. Premier Li Keqiang and senior publicity official Liu Yunshan, both on the seven member Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, attended the meeting as deputy leaders of the central internet security and informatization leading group. Xie Xinzhou, director of Peking University's School of New Media, said the government should improve its skills in communicating with the public, especially young people, since more people are using smartphones to get information, socialize and entertain themselves, he said. Zuo Xiaodong, vice-president of the China Information Security Research Institute, told China Daily that the internet is a good platform for government officials to better understand public opinion. In recent years, many governmental departments have established their own Weibo or WeChat accounts to post information, "but a majority of the mare often silent when an emergency occurs or have concerns about saying something wrong," he said. Some local governmental officials have banned online comments as some netizens challenged their work, which is not sensible or effective for problem solving, said Ning Jiajun, director of the Experts Committee of the State Information Center. They should learn to get closer to the public by surfing the internet from time to time to better understand what people are thinking about and what they want. Online criticism of the government, whether mild or fierce, should be welcomed and taken seriously by the officials on the condition that it is made out of goodwill. China's hunger for cutting-edge technologies and quality assets has pushed its companies to seal 142 big-ticket acquisition deals abroad in the first quarter of the year, the Ministry of Commerce said on Tuesday. Chinese enterprises acquired foreign companies in 15 industries including infrastructure, construction machinery and service businesses in 36 countries and regions.
Shen Danyang, spokesman for the ministry, said the worldwide economic slowdown and change of landscape in the global industry chain have offered opportunities for Chinese companies to purchase overseas assets.
Within the country, a relaxed policy environment, abundant cash reserves and a rising private sector have spurred Chinese companies to learn from their foreign rivals and seek bargains overseas via merger and acquisition activities.
The largest acquisition deal during the first quarter was sealed by China's Three Gorges Corp, the world's largest hydropower producer. The US and Hong Kong were the largest destinations for private and State-owned Chinese companies to carry out acquisition activities, according to data from the ministry.
China COSCO Shipping Corp, the world's largest bulk vessel and oil tanker operator by fleet size, became a majority stake holder in Piraeus Port Authority SA earlier this month. Under the deal, the Chinese company will pay 280.5 million euros ($318 million) to the Greek government for the initial acquisition of a 51 percent stake. Only one cargo ship, the Canadian vessel Nunavik, has made a solo voyage through the Northwest Passage, but "there will be ships with Chinese flags sailing through this route in the future," Liu said, without giving a specific time frame. Wu Yuxiao, senior official at the maritime administration who helped write the guide, said the route will lower transportation costs and be important to China.
In 2014, the administration offered guidance on Arctic navigation of the Northeast route, which crosses the Arctic following the coasts of Russia and Norway. Despite the economic value of sailing through the Arctic, Wu said it poses many risks, including the potential for shipwrecks caused by ice and possible damage to the fragile Arctic ecosystem.
According to the ministry, Chinese-language guidance on navigating such major passages as the Antarctic, the Strait of Malacca and the Suez and Panama canals, also will be released.
Russia opposes actions "internationalizing the South China Sea issue" and favors direct negotiation between the countries involved, as China aims to uphold "the authority of the law" by rejecting unilateral arbitration. The show of support came as a tribunal at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague prepares to issue a ruling, expected in late Mayor early June, in Manila's sovereignty case against China.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, while meeting with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Moscow on Monday, said Moscow supports direct negotiation by countries directly involved to resolve disputes. According to a Foreign Ministry media release on Tuesday, Wang told Lavrov that Beijing's rejection of the Philippines' unilaterally proposed arbitration case is a move meant to "uphold the dignity and authority of the law". On Monday, Wang said China is "entitled to choose by itself, in accordance with relevant laws, ways for resolving disputes". Reuters noted that the court has no powers of enforcement and its rulings have been ignored before. Wu Shicun, president of the National Institute for South China Sea Studies, said that the tribunal "has triggered concerns over it assertively expanding its realm of jurisdiction as well as its impartiality". Wu said the Philippines and Western supporters, including the United States, are attempting to force China into a corner, and the disputes "will not be resolved by the arbitration, but will flare up and worsen". On the 400th anniversary of his death, William Shakespeare is more popular abroad than in Britain, and his popularity contributes significantly to the UK's prosperity and influence, according to a survey published on Tuesday.
The British Council, which commissioned the YouGov survey of 18,000 people from 15 countries, said the results showed that internationally, Shakespeare is widely known, liked and understood. The council, which fosters cultural relations between Britain and other countries, said Shakespeare's influence internationally helps generate a positive attitude toward the UK. Over a third of people questioned said that Shakespeare made them feel more positive about Britain in general, with the greatest proportion of respondents holding this view in India (62 percent) and Brazil (57 percent).
The survey also found that in terms of being liked, understood and still regarded as relevant today, Shakespeare was more popular overseas, at 65 percent, than in his home country, at 59 percent. But his popularity in other English-speaking countries such as Australia and the United States was significantly lower than in the non-English speaking countries polled, including China, Turkey and Mexico. The British Council said his popularity had a direct influence on Britain's economy, not just in terms of attracting visitors to Shakespeare's theaters, but also by contributing to the country's standing in the world, which it said has attracted tourists.
Shakespeare's work, which includes 38 plays and 154 sonnets, has been translated into over 80 languages and is performed throughout the world.
At the invitation of State Councilor and Chinese Special Representative on the China-India Boundary Question Yang Jiechi, Indian Special Representative and National Security Adviser Ajit Doval is scheduled to attend the 19th Special Representatives' Meeting on the China-India Boundary Question in Beijing today and tomorrow, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The torch for the Rio 2016 Olympics is set to be lit in Greece's ancient Olympia site tomorrow before leaving for Brazil.
But the reason I really know the inside story on siblings is that my parents went way beyond two - finally calling it quits at a patience-warping seven children. Until you've had siblings, you have no idea how utterly insane a cross-country vacation in an automobile can be, much less the seating arrangement at a crowded dinner table or the frenetic fight for the best position in front of the TV. In the Roman Catholic area where I grew up in the United States, large families were common. Such a youngster, referred to as an "only child", experienced neither the many delights nor the countless tribulations of having siblings. Consider the common assumption, for example, that a second child will benefit from an older sibling's protective instincts.
And the jealousy that occurs when a new sibling arrives, shifting the parents' focus of attention, should not be overlooked. Once, while my parents were out shopping, I unhooked our electric dishwasher, which was on wheels, and chased my younger brother Jack around the house with this massive chunk of unfettered metal. Younger siblings also might face the embarrassing, occasionally horrifying, phenomenon of "hand-me-downs", the practice of passing along clothing that an older sibling has outgrown. All told, however, I'm glad my parents had no second thoughts about bringing another child into this downright crazy world. The country continues to be the world's top investment destination, with the most prospects for this year and next year, a survey by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development showed. Recent measures to provide a good environment for investment include the Belt and Road Initiative - which refers to the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiatives, transport infrastructure projects linking Asia and Europe, proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013 - and the establishment of free trade zones with preferential policies. In 2014, China took in $119.6 billion in non-financial foreign investment, overtaking the US for the first time as the world's largest foreign investment receiver, the Ministry of Commerce said. China will properly manage disputes while boosting bilateral cooperation with India, making contributions to Asia's economic growth, Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday. Li made the remarks while meeting with Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, who is on a five-day visit to China, which began on Saturday.
The premier said India was the first stop on his visits to foreign countries since he took office in 2013. Peaceful coexistence and cooperation between the world's two most populated countries will be beneficial to both nations and the international community, he said, adding that China will promote mutual trust with India and expand common interests by managing disputes well. Li said he hoped the defense ministries and armies of both countries can strengthen exchanges, dialogue and communication to safeguard peace and stability along the border, which will create a good environment and atmosphere for bilateral ties.
Parrikar said further exchanges in defense and military fields will help to promote economic cooperation and trade for both countries.
Sun Shihai, director of the South Asia Research Institute at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said: "Due to border disputes, India doesn't have enough political trust toward our country.
India aims to strike a balance between major powers and will probably compete with China on some regional and global issues and cooperate in other fields in the next few years, Sun said. Parrikar met with his Chinese counterpart Chang Wanquan on Monday as well as Fan Changlong, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission. Ajit Doval, India's national security adviser, is expected to meet with State Councilor Yang Jiechi on Wednesday for border talks. Trump has proposed tariffs of up to 45 percent on Chinese imports to force Beijing to change its trade policies, and Lou added, "If he were to do this, it would be in violation of the rules set by the World Trade Organization. Lou gave the interview on the sidelines of the G20 finance ministers' meeting in Washington during the weekend.

Trump, the front-runner in the Republican Party's presidential nomination race and its primary in New York State on Tuesday, said that if he is elected president, China "will learn to deal fairly and justly or we will not deal at all". In a statement from his campaign issued on Sunday, Trump said China is "in total violation of WTO regulations" and the US "has incompetently allowed (it) to get away with this" and has failed to impose "equal or greater taxes and tariffs" on China. At a campaign rally on Staten Island, New York, on Sunday, Trump said: "I'm not angry about China, in fact I respect them.
Trump's proposed 45 percent tariff has been criticized by US economists, Democrat presidential contenders and others, including his closest challenger, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who said that it would be passed on to US consumers.
Wayne Morrison, a specialist in Asian trade and finance at the Congressional Research Service, said Trump's tariff proposal would not make much sense.
Xi also said the central government welcomes foreign internet companies as long as they abide by Chinese laws and regulations. The government should make strategic arrangements to allocate more human resources and capital for the development and research of such technologies, Xi stressed.
Government departments could explore ways to publicize the need for core technologies, and all companies - whether big or small - can have access to bid for the projects, Xi said. The president also encouraged companies to become the main force for research and development of core technologies, to take part in international competition and to seek development opportunities overseas. Government agencies should create a good environment for enterprises' development, ease companies' burdens and break through systematic barriers, he added. During the meeting, Xi also listened to speeches by 10 representatives from companies, colleges and government departments who gave suggestions on cybersecurity, public opinion and the development of core technologies.
Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Alibaba Group, said his company is hit by more than 200 million hacker attacks a day.
The Pulitzer Board, in conferring the most prestigious honors in US journalism and the arts on Monday, also honored the Los Angeles Times for breaking news reporting for its coverage of the massacre by Islamist militants in San Bernardino, California. This year's announcement at New York's Columbia University marked the 100th anniversary of the Pulitzers, which began in 1917 after a bequest from newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer. The AP's prize-winning "Seafood from Slaves" report was an investigation into the mistreatment of workers in Southeast Asia used to supply seafood to American supermarkets and restaurants. The reporters "found captive slaves, countering industry claims that the problems had been solved," AP Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll wrote in her nomination letter to the Pulitzer judges.
The New York Times, with a record 117 Pulitzer prizes and citations before this year's announcement, added two more in 2016, taking the prize for international reporting in addition to its photography award. The Boston Globe, the Tampa Bay Times and The New Yorker magazine also won two awards each. In the awards for letters, drama and music, the musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda won for best drama. Viet Thanh Nguyen won the fiction award for The Sympathizer, an immigrant story about a "man of two minds" and two countries, Vietnam and the United States. The Reuters photo coverage of Middle Eastern migrants arriving in Europe was led from Greece by Yannis Behrakis, chief photographer for Greece and Cyprus.
The Tampa Bay Times and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune shared the 2016 prize for investigative reporting. A Syrian refugee holds onto his children as he struggles to walk off a dinghy on the Greek island of Lesbos on Sept 24, 2015.
When she accompanied her husband President Xi Jinping on a trip to Seattle last September, Peng visited the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
The visit's purpose was for Peng to learn more about collaborative efforts between the center and China. During her visit to the cancer center's campus, Peng was briefed by Jonathan Bricker, head of the Tobacco and Health Behavior Science Research Group at the center. Peng has led a campaign to lower smoking rates in China, where an estimated 1 million die each year of tobacco-related causes, according to the World Health Organization.
After Bricker told Peng that a similar app could help 16 million people a year in China quit, Peng said, "In my own family there are three smokers. But Cheng Feng, a professor and chief physician at the Research Center for Public Health and School of Medicine of Tsinghua University, read the media coverage of the conversation and was very interested in Bricker's work.
Cheng's research interest is in prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, strengthening the health system, big data and healthcare, aging health, China health development aid and its role in improving global public health. Now Bricker and Cheng are working to create a new way to help China's 316 million smokers quit.
In addition to noting the good chemistry between them, Bricker said that Cheng has a passion and vision to reduce the smoking rate in China, and has demonstrated his commitment through quality research.
Like the US app, the Chinese version will focus on Bricker's paradigm, called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT, which uses an innovative method that provides tailored exercises and ongoing support messages to help people notice and accept smoking urges instead of trying to suppress them.
Asked to comment on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's comments on protectionist policies, Lou said: "Trump is an irrational type.
Trump has proposed tariffs of up to 45 percent on Chinese imports to force China to change its trade policies. Lou gave the interview on the sidelines of the Group of 20 finance ministers meeting in Washington over the weekend.
Trump, the front runner in the Republican Party's presidential nomination race and its primary in New York State on Tuesday, said that if he is elected president, China "will learn to deal fairly and justly or we will not deal at all".
In a statement from his campaign issued on Sunday, Trump said China is "in total violation of WTO (World Trade Organization) regulations" and the US "has incompetently allowed them to get away with this" and has failed to impose "equal or greater taxes and tariffs" on China.
At a campaign rally on Staten Island, New York, later on Sunday, Trump again criticized China. Trump's 45 percent tariff has come under criticism from numerous US economists, Democrat presidential contenders and others, including his closest challenger, Texas Senator Ted Cruz , who said that it would be passed on to US consumers. Wayne Morrison, a specialist in Asian trade and finance with the Congressional Research Service, told China Daily that Trump's tariff proposal "just wouldn't make much sense". There are no less than five that can be seen from the road, plus additional dinosaurs inside the shop, as well as other metal non dinosaurs. Horse statues, horse murals, horse decorations, horse trails, and all things pertaining to horses are all over town.
The newest and largest capacity combat drone in the series, the CH-5, is awaiting government approval for export.
Its CH series drones have been sold to 20 military users from more than 10 foreign countries and are the largest military drone family that China has exported, Shi said.
The larger ones - the CH-3 midrange combat and reconnaissance drone and CH-4 mid-altitude, high-endurance armed drone - immediately attracted buyers seeking a powerful, affordable unmanned combat aircraft. Earlier reports by Western media cited Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates as known buyers of CH drones.
Since then, the buyer has become a loyal user of CH series drones and is negotiating the purchase of some CH-4s, he said. Therefore the 5,000-meter altitude is high enough to ensure the safety of our drones," Shi said. Meanwhile, export tax rebate rates will be raised for some machinery and electronic products. More pilot projects will be conducted to expand cross-border e-commerce, and the government will endorse enterprises to provide comprehensive foreign trade services such as establishing overseas warehouses. On each occasion, she invited them to stay as her guest at Buckingham Palace, seen as the highest honor under royal protocol. The official birthday is always marked with a traditional parade known as Trooping the Colour. The discussion is based on an agreement signed in 2009 by both sides of the Straits for a joint effort to fight crime and for mutual legal assistance.
Only 200,000 yuan has been recovered, according to the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council. It is set to perform a lot of space scientific and application experiments and make preparations for our future space station," said Liao Jianlin, deputy chief designer of Tiangong II at the China Academy of Space Technology in Beijing. The "experiment cabin" will be hermetically sealed, with astronauts living in it and conducting their missions, while the "resource cabin" will contain solar panels, storage batteries, propellant and engines.
The Shenzhou XI spacecraft, which will carry two astronauts, will be launched in the fourth quarter and will dock with the space lab. It added that the Tiangong II, Shenzhou XI, the two Long March 2F rockets that will send them into space, as well as the Long March 7 rocket and Tianzhou I, are all being assembled. The station will consist of a core module attached to two labs, each weighing about 20 metric tons. The module will have five docking hatches capable of connecting with a cargo spacecraft, two manned spaceships and two experiment cabins.
It noted that China will become the only owner of a space station in 2024, when the International Space Station will retire.
With a designated life span of two years, it has been in service for four-and-a-half years and is in good condition.
The academy is capable of producing 30 spacecraft and developing 80 more each year, it said. The court is expected to release numbers involving intellectual property cases in the country and deliver a report on related hearings to detail how courts handle such litigation. The forum will focus on protecting historic towns with rich cultural heritage, and aims to provide a platform for cultural specialists and village representatives to exchange views on the sector, according to organizers. Among them are many taxi drivers who gave up driving cabs and turned to the car-hailing apps instead. Originally created by jewelry craftsman Louis Comfort Tiffany for a medal presented to police officers shot in the line of duty, it was replicated on the caps and uniforms of the New York Highlanders, who were renamed "Yankees" in 1913. While 14 of the guys indicated they knew the "NY" had something to do with bang qiu, only one young woman was cognizant of the connection. The countries are now at the second phase of working out a settlement framework, and the final step will be drawing a border line based on the framework agreement. He stressed that headquarters officers must have a clear sense of crisis and hone their ability for "informationized warfare". A ricocheting bullet struck and killed Akai Gurley, 28, who was visiting his girlfriend, a floor below. New York State Assemblyman William Colton speaks to Liang supporters outside the Kings County Supreme Court on Tuesday. Instead he recommended that Liang receive five years of probation, including six months of home confinement. They cited the cases of Eric Garner, a Staten Island, New York, man placed in a chokehold by police officers, and Michael Brown, a teenager shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri.
Following the trial dozens rallied outside of New York police headquarters in support of the Gurley family. Colton said Liang is "a scapegoat and a distraction" of the government's failure to address the "terrible, deplorable conditions" at the pink houses, such as the darkened staircase and high crime rate. The most recent officer to be convicted of a line-of-duty killing was Bryan Conroy, who in 2005 was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide in the fatal shooting of an unarmed African immigrant, Ousmane Zongo. Netizens' complaints should be addressed quickly, and wrong online attitudes should be corrected. It gained 30-year concession rights to operate two major hydroelectric projects in Brazil, with a total investment of $3.7 billion. The majority of their investments went to high-end manufacturing, information technologies, commercial services and infrastructure development. It will pay an additional 88 million euros within five years for another 16 percent, provided it has implemented the agreed-upon investments in the port. Guidance from China's Maritime Safety Administration, released on April 5, offers elaborate information on the route, which follows the northern coast of North America via waterways through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. He said the lack of support infrastructure and an unstable climate also lower the efficiency of Arctic transportation.
The tribunal was established in 2014 at Manila's request, and China has rejected the arbitration process since the request was filed. Observers say India is seeking to strike a balance between China and the United States in its frequent high-level meetings with Chinese officials this week. The torch for the Summer and Winter Olympics is traditionally lit using a parabolic mirror and the sun's rays at a ceremony at the site of the ancient Olympics, with the first torchbearer starting out from the stadium.
Meanwhile, self-testing for the disease is set to be largely promoted to further improve public access to testing methods and facilities.
One of my friends had 16 siblings and told of how his mother tied them to trees in the backyard to keep track of them. On the contrary, my older brother never missed an opportunity to tease, torture or torment me (which I, in turn, showered upon the third-born child). I have a friend, a first-born, who described how, when her brother came home after birth, she had to be physically removed from the room because she tried to scratch his face with her fingernails. If there's mischief in a one-child home, it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out who's responsible.
When he began chasing me instead, my parents returned unexpectedly, and I emerged as blameless as an angel.
I frequently wore pants that were far too short, eliciting taunts at school about my "flood pants" - the mocking term for trousers whose legs appeared to be hiked up to cross a raging river. Parrikar's first visit to China since taking office in 2014 is focusing on border areas, showing that both nations have made great efforts to tackle boundary disputes while boosting bilateral ties. He made the remarks at a meeting attended by senior officials, scholars and entrepreneurs of leading internet companies such as Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu. The coverage resulted in the freeing of 2,000 slave laborers and sweeping reforms, the board said.
The two Florida newspapers won for collaborative reporting on violence and neglect in the state's mental hospitals. She met with center president and director Gary Gilliland, philanthropist Bill Gates and others. He spoke about his research using a clinically proven smoking-cessation app for US smartphones. In 2012, she and Gates appeared together to promote an anti-smoking campaign in Beijing, ahead of the 25th World No-Tobacco Day. They are working to develop Smart Quit China, a mobile app that could make smoking cessation widely available. It is not uncommon to see people riding horses through town and there are even hitching posts at many of the business in case you wish to take your horse to go shopping instead of your car. She also said she hoped a procedure could be developed for cross-Straits handling of such cases in the future. He made the remark to Chinese reporters in an open house for the media to mark the first China Space Day on Sunday.
It also will have a hatch for astronauts to exit the space station for activities outside the spacecraft, according to Zhou Jianping, chief designer of the country's manned space program. The space lab has successfully conducted six automatic and astronaut-controlled dockings with the Shenzhou VIII, Shenzhou IX and Shenzhou X spacecraft. China Daily will track the latest developments in the field with in-depth reports in the days ahead.
Or, as jealous fans of any of the 29 pretenders to Major League Baseball's throne of immortality like to call 'em: The Evil Empire.
AIDS discrimination is still rife in China," he said, adding that he is concerned about the accuracy of the self-testing kits. During the meeting, Xi talked with 10 representatives from colleges, companies and government departments and heard their suggestions on cybersecurity, core technology and public opinions.
With a house full of siblings jockeying to avoid due punishment, it's much more complicated. China yesterday gave the green light to increased use of foreign investment to exploit the country's undeveloped resources. Studies show that using the app is two to three times is more effective than trying to quit cold turkey.
Last week, they received data on the content of 66 existing stop-smoking apps available for smart phones in China. We have more in common than sets us apart," China's Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said during an interview with the Wall Street Journal published on Sunday. The most common species is the metal T-Rex, and he's often found alone, much like a real T-Rex.
The main road in town also has a patriotic theme to it, as the white dotted line separating lanes has a red dash to the left of it and a blue dash to the right. It once used a CH-3 for about 300 hours in a single month, and the drone had no problem at all," he said.
Noting China's large number of internet users, Xi said that cyberspace should be regulated to make it a clean place for netizens, especially adolescents.
China Daily will track the latest developments in the field with in-depth stories in the days ahead.
However, there are several high concentration areas of dinosaurs spread throughout California; areas where not one, not two, but often half a dozen or more dinosaurs gather band together to greet roadside travelers. Mammoths, giant apes, giraffes, tapirs, deer, horses, and even a giant sea serpent all have gotten in on the metal sculpture craze and can often be found with their more common dinosaur friends. Augustine (which also had such artifacts as a leather jacket once worn by James Dean and Jayne Mansfield's death car!).

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