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The Department of Livestock Production and management is maintaining a Livestock Farm which was started during the year 1989 with units of Jersey crossbred cattle, Mecheri sheep, Tellicherry and Jamnapari goat and a horse. The livestock farm is very much useful in teaching and hands on training for both students and farmers.
A total of 105 Large White Yorkshire pigs and 15 Duroc pigs are being maintained in this unit. This swine unit is utilized for education, research and for imparts training to the progressive pig farmers in around and Namakkal District.
The wash water generated from the pig shed utilized for green fodder production and cultivation of coconut and banana production. To impart teaching and hands on training to the under graduate students in the field of Swine husbandry. During the course of the work the students were allowed to work themselves in the swine farm. As per ICAR guidelines, 50% of the Net profit generated during this period will be be distributed to the students. Two breeds of broiler rabbits namely White giant and Soviet chinchilla are reared in this unit. Goat farm design plays an important role in the overall production and health of your goats. A good goat farm design must have to include a suitable house or shelter, pasture, numerous mobile shelter for taking rest, sufficient grazing place, free from noise or sound, properly fenced, good source of fresh and clean water and some other necessary facilities.
In general a house with high-roof shed covered with fire-proof materials has been found as the best for goats. Fire-proof tar-coated roofing materials has been found as most effective, among all the roofing materials. Always try to keep the places surrounding your farm as green as possible for avoiding heating up of the shed for good ventilation.
For commercial goat farming, an area with 1 acre land (for producing green feeds) will be sufficient enough for raising about 100 goats (you need to have proper irrigation system and choose fast growing grass for producing feeds throughout the year).
A good goat farm design really plays a very important role in overall farm profit and production. Dear Sir, the information I got from you is very helpful for my new project on commercial goat farming. For this type of large scale commercial project, you have to consult with any expert in your area. You will need some land for producing foods for your goats, if you want to expand your farm. Sir I want to start goat farm with 20-25 goats because I have only two acre land and out of which I can use only one acre for goat fodder. Please review the goat farming project report on our website for having some ideas (adjust the estimation with current market price in your area). Provision of simple shed with low cost housing materials is enough for sheep and goat for its optimum production efficiency. Sheds with mud floor are suitable for most of parts of the country except where high rainfall is observed.
Fodder trees can be grown around the shed, which acts as a source of feed for the growing goats. However corrugated asbestos sheets can also be used for organized farms to minimize the recurring costs andto have longer durability. When the animals are taken for grazing during the day time and sheltered only during night, the covered space will be enough. There is no restriction for the length of the shelter, however breadth of shed should not exceed 12 meter and optimum breadth of shelter is 8 meter. Separate feeders and water troughs should be placed for concentrate feeds, green fodders and water. The shed shall be 15m (l) x 4m (w) x 3 m (h) and can accommodate not more than 60 ewes or does. In low lying and heavy rainfall areas, the floors should preferably be elevated and in temperate regions they may be made of strong wood.
These sheds shall be used as maternity rooms for pregnant ewe or doe and are housed individually in these sheds.
In cold climates some warming device, like a room heater shall be fixed in maternity pens, so that new borns are protected from cold during winter. Lambs or kids from weaning upto attaining maturity are housed in these sheds at the rate of about 25 animals per shed. By making suitable partitions in a larger shed, unweaned, weaned but immature and nearby maturity lambs can be housed separately.
On larger farms however, three separate sheds may be constructed to house three categories of kids or lambs. The shed shall be with a dimension of 7.5m (l) ?4m (w) ?3m (h) to accommodate not more than 75 animals. Away from the other sheds one or more sick animal sheds may be constructed with a dimension of 3m (l) ?2m (w) ? 3 m (h).

The lower half of the door may be made of wooden planks and the upper half of wire-netting. One room may be exclusively meant for storing wool and shearing equipment and the other for keeping feed and medicines. This room should have clean smooth floors and walls lined with glazed tiles upto a height of one and half metre. The shepherd's house meant for caretaker shall be located at a convenient place in the yard.
The flooring may be either of moorum or of strong wooden battens and, where the rainfall is quite heavy; the latter type of flooring may be preferred.
The wooden-batten flooring shall be constructed at a height of at least one metre above the ground level.
In the case of moorum flooring, a plinth wall between 15 cm and 30 cm in height shall be provided.
For the shearing and store room and shepherd's house, the flooring may be of moorum or brick in cement mortar, and the floor shall be levelled properly. The roofing material may be either plain or corrugated galvanized steel sheets or asbestos cement sheets and where the rainfall is not heavy, it may be of thatch.
Each shed may be provided with one or more gates either on the long or broad sides of the sheds depending upon the dimensions of the shed. The manger may be either of cement concrete or of wood with two compartments for providing feed and hay. A separate hay rack may also be provided by fixing at level or slightly below the heads of the animals. With the help of clamps, the manger may be raised within the height ranging between 450 and 600 mm from the ground. The water trough may be of cement concrete or galvanized steel pails or buckets and may be fixed or hung from a hook fixed to the walls. To protect the animals from infection a dipping tank may be made either of galvanized steel sheets or constructed of stone or brick in cement mortar, whichever is likely to prove economical, according to local conditions. If a galvanized steel tank is used, it shall be well bedded down and the soil rammed tight against it to prevent the sides of the bath from bulging when it is filled. A footbath made of galvanized steel sheets or brick in cement mortar shall be provided at the entrance to the yard to protect the animals from foot-rot disease. Grazing the sheep and goat in the entire pasture and leaving them there for the whole season is the extensive system of rearing. Rotational grazing should be practiced under which the pasture land should be divided by temporary fences into several sections. Under this system, it is advisable to graze the lambs first on a section and then bring in ewes to finish up the feed left by the lambs.
It consists of provision of stall feeding, shelter at night under shed and 3 to 5 hour daily grazing and browsing on pasture and range.
It is a system in which sheep goats are continuously kept under housing in confinement with limited access in which they are stall fed.
It implies a system where goats are not left to fend for themselves with only minimum care.
Intensive operation of medium sized herd of 50 to 250 heads or more oriented towards commercial milk production goes well with this system particularly of dairy goats. It merits exploitation of the system of feeding agro-industrial by products as on fodder grass with carrying capacity of 37 to 45 goats per hectare.
Application of lime powder once in a month will reduce the disease occurrence in the shed. In heavy rain seasons, the litter materials should not be over wet to prevent which would cause ammonia gas production.
The elevated sheds will be clean and urine and dung will be collected in the floor and periodical removing is required once in six months. Later on Large White Yorkshire pigs, Soviet Chinchilla and White Giant rabbits and Murrah buffaloes were added.
Students from other colleges, schools and rural youths and farmers from various parts of Tamil Nadu are visiting this farm frequently.
The piglets produced form this unit is being supplied for teaching and research institute, progressive farmers and slaughter studies for the students. Hands on training was imparted to the students during the study period regarding tail docking, identification, castration, heat detection and breeding.
In our college horse riders club has been formed and the students are trained for riding of horse by our faculty members.
The rabbits produced from this unit is utilized for research purpose and also supplied to the progressive farmers. A good designed goat farm with all types of facilities, ensures higher production, maximum profit and good health for goats.
So, before making final goat farm design consider the following factors.First of all you may have a question. And this system is much cooler than the the conventional goat housing system made by using reeds, hay thatches, bamboo poles and asbestos sheet.

Houses made in this system ensures the maximum flow of fresh air, light and cooler environment inside the house. By painting the side walls with white color outside, it will help to reduce the surface temperature inside by 12 to 22 degree centigrade. So, before starting, make a suitable farm design that fulfill your all demands and keeps the goat healthy and productive.
Small breeds can also perform better if you go through a proper plan (if they have average production capacity).
I am planning to start a goat farming project on 10000 acres of land to be used as a supply source for my meat export business. You can raise Boer, Sirohi, Black Bengal, Sojat, Beetal, Osmanabadi (or any other local breeds) for quality meat production purpose. I need your guidance to start farm in low cost , type of goat breed, which folder can I cultivate in my land,diseases and their vaccination.
Actually one acre land is suitable enough for raising about 100 goats (in stall feed system). Visit some existing farms within your area for gaining practical knowledge about this business. The compartments having dimension of 5m (l) ?4m (w) ?3m (h) shall be used to keep the unweaned animals and other compartment with dimension of 2.5m(l)?4m(w) x3m(h) shall be used for keeping the weaned animals. There shall be a door of one metre wide and two metres high on the long side of the shed facing the passage of the yard.
There may be four windows; one of these facing the passage of the yard and the other three facing outside.
The number of mangers and water troughs in each shed may vary according to the number of animals.
By the time the entire pasture is grazed, the first section will have sufficient grass cover to provide second grazing. Depending upon the availability, breeding stocks are being supplied on cost basis to the needy farmers. The animal are sent for grazing for 3 to 4 hours in the forenoon as there is vast grazing area available and supports the animals in monsoon and winter. Among the exotic breeds Large White Yorkshire breed is most widely utilized in our country for pure breeding and as well as for cross breeding. The biogas utilized for boiling of milk, sterilization and cooking of swill feed for pigs.
The students were also taught on weight recording to calculate the weight gain, feed formula for pig ration, methods to reduce feed cost by introducing waste and greens in the pig ration and disease management, preparation of project report and marketing strategy. You will need additional 3-4 acres land for cultivating green grass for feeding the goats (on an average, one acre cultivable land for 100 goats). They are also trained in how to detect estrus in goats and The best time for doing Artificial Insemination.
The trainees can spend the whole day at the farm and learn about various aspects of Goat Management viz .
Machine milking is followed since 10 years and the milk collected are sold to the card holders and others.
Two improvised modern pig sheds were constructed (Rs.17 lakhs ) and Rs 2 lakhs is utilized as revolving money.
If you are new in this business then you should visit as many goat farms as possible to have some practical knowledge. An adult goat need about 40-50 squire feet of area for running passage and about 16-17 squire feet of area under the shed according to the strength of breed you can construct a shed. With 8 hours of grazing, pregnant and lactating animals are fed with little quantity of concentrates. Now the farmers in this region is showing much interest to introduce Duroc breed for their better feed conversion efficiency and to get less fat and more meat.
If I start with 300 of black Bengal female and 15 male(adult) goat from which approximately 1200 goat yearly can be raise for sale.
The animals are periodically vaccinated against Foot and Mouth disease, Haemorrhagic septicaemia etc.,.
The microclimatic variables and its impact on the performance of broiler rabbits were studied.
And after gaining practical knowledge about goat farm management you can construct a high-end infrastructure farm design.
You can get more information about goat diseases and vaccination in the following webpages.
The compounded feed is made available from the Department of Animal Nutrition of this institute. The performance in the new shed was better than the rabbits reared under conventional tile roofed shed.

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