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If you're looking for special and unusual gift ideas, nothing is more personal than a handmade unique jewelry box.
For more real-life testimonials from my customers, please click here to visit the Testimonials page. I give handmade gifts to others who do handcrafts, because they are the ones that really appreciate the time and effort put in. I have received beautiful gifts from other crafters … jewelllry, a framed photo from a photographer friend, shopping bags in quirky fabric, etc.
One year I made journals from leftover notes pad (I cut off the advertiser’s info) and covers from wall paper scrapes.
A card with the information about Artist and his paintings is also included in the package.

When purchasing more than one item, please wait for invoice before paying.  - If you have any problems with this item please contact me firs, to we can resolve the issue promptly.
I tried to read the words on your spoon bracelet by turning my ipad screen and the darn thing kept turning around to right itself–like a cat!
I’m considering that as a gift for Grandma and Grandpa since they are the hardest ones to gift to. Oh by the way, it really isn’t the dog that paints but the kitties with their whiskers.
And I’ll be saving the spoon idea for a new friends wedding next year (so I have time to find some pretty vintage silver). I too like to give experiences and really try and do that with my 13 almost 14 grandchildren – they rarely need much but that gift of time anyone can use.

Please note that these are estimates; Post Office and customs delays can occur, if so, please check the information at your local post office, if you still can not get the package, please contact us. I’ve been thinking about a photo wreath lately… and you just happen to have one! We put it in the box the next day and she sent him a reply – Thank you so much, Hand Made Originals Are Just The Very Best.

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