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This hardwood garden bench has been constructed using solely mortise and tenon joints for maximum strength.
This bench has been made using Idigbo, which is a hardwood often referred to as a great alternative to oak. All sizes are approximate as small natural variances can occur, If you require a specific finished size, please call us on 01398 332266.
This is only one example of what we can do, if you require different sizes, designs or materials please get in contact and we can provide a free written estimate for you. We can also make these benches for memorial benches with a plaque and engraving of your choice.
Modern scheme with garden office with veranda, fake artificial grass with large raised beds and smooth 90mm balau hardwood decking. A garden or terrace without an elegant, quality wooden garden furniture has become unimaginable.
Outdoor furniture made of hardwood will last two to three decades if taken well care of, while pine furniture lasts only about 10 years. Garden furniture made of hardwoods is significantly more expensive than softwood furniture but you do not need to spend a fortune to get a quality wooden garden furniture. There is no doubt that hardwood garden furniture is a lot better choice than furniture made of softwood because it withstands outdoor conditions a lot better than softwood but there are major differences between different types of hardwood as well, for example between teak and oak. Very popular types of wood for garden furniture are also iroko and shorea both of which have similar properties as teak but are less expensive.

There are major differences between different types of wood and for that reason you should not rush when choosing a new garden furniture.
All the leading experts in the field recommend to choose hardwoods because they are extremely durable and are expected to last two to three decades. There an enormous choice of wooden garden furniture and finding one that fits perfectly into your garden or terrace should not be a problem.
Many types of hardwood can be easily left outdoors both during summer and winter as well as during sunny and rain days without the fear of decay or rot, while furniture made of softwood needs to be physically protected either by covering or storing which is very unpractical. In addition, hardwood is more durable than softwood which means that in long term, it is even more cost-efficient than softwood garden furniture. Teak is considered the best wood for any type of outdoor furniture including garden furniture because it is resistant to water, termites and weather changes, and is extremely durable. Both are resistant to water and insects, however, shorea is less durable than teak, while iroko which is almost as durable as teak offers less stability. Each wood has uniques properties and each has some advantages and disadvantages that should be kept in mind when choosing between different pieces of garden furniture. Among hardwoods, it is recommendable to choose teak because it is highly elegant, requires virtually no maintenance and is the most resistant to the effects of both weather and time of all types of hardwood. However, it is highly important to pay attention to the type of wood the garden furniture is made of because it is going to be exposed all kinds of weather conditions.
Softwoods are inexpensive, easily-worked and are widely used in construction as well as furniture industry.

Whether you choose garden furniture made of softwood or hardwood you will need to coat it with an oil or varnish at least once per year, depending on your climate and the type of wood you choose. In addition, it requires virtually no maintenance and cleaning except for treatment with teak oil once per year to preserve its natural color. Some types of wood are resistant to splintering, some to mold, some to insects and the others to the effects of weather and subsequently decay. In order to make sure that your wooden garden furniture will be able to withstand the intense UV rays and rain as well as the effects of time as long as possible, you should choose quality over design though they do not necessarily exclude one another.
Hardwoods such as oak, mahogany and teak are more expensive, more difficult to work and more expensive.
Oak, on the other hand, is less resistant to the effects of weather and requires more maintenance than teak in order to prevent decay. It is expected to last as much as three decades which makes an investment in a teak garden furniture a lesser expense than it may seem at a first glance. However, they are also more durable and are also more resistant to harsh weather conditions such as direct sunlight and rain which makes them ideal for outdoor furniture including garden furniture.
If you are looking for pure elegance that requires virtually no maintenance, teak garden furniture is most certainly the best choice.

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