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We will keep you informed of local entertainment news, events, new venue openings, competitions and some special offers from related local businesses. This indicates that the public house had previously been a cottage, hinting at quite a long history. Days' brewery was sold at auction in 1919 and the Three Horseshoes seems to have been bought by Bedford brewer Charles Wells as it appears in an album of Wells houses put together about 1925 [WL800].
In 1927 Swineshead was valued under the terms of the Rating and Valuation Act 1925; every piece of land and building in the country was assessed to determine the rates to be paid on it.
We are a brand new bespoke luxury salon located within Jansel House, ideally situated in Stopsley Village, Luton.
A walk in rolling hills between Preston and Kingswalden with its splendid former deer park. 5 At a footpath sign go right by a modern farmbuilding, then go diagonally left, descending across some arable land and keeping to the right of Whitehall Wood. Kingswalden Bury house can be seen from the adjacent churchyard and from the footpath to its north.
As you look down the lime avenue it would be reasonable to assume you are looking at a Georgian mansion that goes with the park's 18th-century character, but this isn't so.
Back in Preston you pass the entrance to Princess Helena College, a girls boarding school, which moved here from London in 1935.
The hamlet of Cox Green, west of Preston has a number of impressive, 16th-century farm buildings.
The English Defence League was set up in a car park Luton in 2009 by a massive paedophile, a coke dealer and a guy who head butted an ex British serviceman after some Muslims allegedly sold drugs, got into some fights and abused some servicemen coming back from Afghanistan. Tommy, son of Irish football hooligan and former Luton Town midfielder Tommy Robinson Senior, went on to threaten to shoot a Muslim security guard and pretend he was a Norwegian mass child murderer. Bored with annoying the security guard, he went on the pretend to be a frog before throwing some stones at some policemen across the road in an effort to defend England from Muslims. The next day the documentary showed Tommy waking up in the spare room complaining that he felt like Hel Gower had sat on his head. Tommy has previous convictions for domestic violence, football hooliganism, assault on a police officer, head butting an ex-serviceman and wearing a daft beard in public. In the description of the Three Horseshoes it is also called Hewitt's Cottage and noted that it had been previously part of the estate of Henry and Hannah Baker. In fact, in 1952, the building was listed by the former Department of Environment as Grade II, of special interest.

Retrace your steps uphill, past a fine yew hedge, and at a footpath sign on the right, 'Frogmore Bottom 1' turn right. Across a lane the footpath climbs on a grassy track, then runs alongside hedges and through a horse paddock to reach a lane. The deer park is a particularly happy one, sloping from the house into a superb dry valley which means that, as it disappears downhill, the owner could be forgiven for thinking it stretched to infinity.
Built by Edward Gilbert around 1720, the mansion was altered and then radically recast in 1887 for the Bowes-Lyon family. First, to the left of the route, Leggatts Farm has a late medieval hall and Tudor cross wing. The league has gone on to attract nearly five hundred people at their last demo in Hyde, Greater Manchester. A brick and tiled closet, timber a thatched barn, hay place, stable, brick and tiled coal place and timber and tiled coach-house with a loft over stood outside. The valuer remarked that it was an old house and comprised a tap room, parlour, living room, kitchen, cellar with three bedrooms on the first floor. The former public house is now a private house and Swineshead no longer has any public houses. On reaching a lane go briefly left, then right at another footpath sign, to head diagonally right through pasture.
Follow the track until it turns left - here your path turns right, along the edge of a wood.
Its grassland, dotted with fine parkland trees - mainly oaks and sweet chestnuts - is now grazed by sheep. Turning right you descend to Wantsend Farm with a big four-shaft early 17th-century chimneystack and a Tudor cross wing.
The ground floor is made of brick whilst the first floor is rough cast over a timber frame. The outbuildings were in good condition ("just been done up") and consisted of a cart shed with a loft over, a barn, a stable for two horses and a coal barn. Passing between a shelter shed and Pond Farm, bear left and follow the field path to a kissing gate. Out of this turn right to the road, then left past School House and left again, signed 'Offley, King's Walden'.
Before you reach this part of the park you will have crossed a lime avenue that frames a view to the house's north front. Their altered and enlarged 17th-century house was drastically recast in Neo-Elizabethan style by the new owners in 1890.

The Georgian core was built for Benedict Ithell in 1714, but the rest of the building is by Edwin Lutyens and E J Lander who swamped it in 1908-11 and 1935 respectively.
Its superb, 40 acre (16ha) gardens have changed little since they were laid out in the late 1720s. This means that Selina Manfield first went to the public house in 1890, which ties in with the fact that we know John Manfield, presumably her husband, was there in 1891. Here turn right on to a green lane, called, lugubriously, Dead Woman's Lane, the parish boundary between Preston and King's Walden.
At the end of the field turn right, over a stile, into a lane to descend to King's Walden Church. At the boundary wall of Temple Dinsley park, now home to Princess Helena College, turn left, back to Preston village green. It was finally demolished to make way for the current house which was designed by the then leading contemporary practitioners of the revived Georgian or Palladian style, Raymond Erith (1904-73) and Quinlan Terry (1937-). The single storey brick extension to the east is 19th century and a single storey lean-to at the rear and a two storey extension to the north gable end are 20th.
This trade was about nine gallons of beer per week and about half a gallon of spirits per month.
Just beyond an oak, at a footpath post, bear left towards a house with a big gable, outside the park. Temple Dinsley gets its name from the Preceptory (a small community) of the Knight's Templar, founded here in 1147 by Bernard Balliol.
Quinlan Terry's best known solo work is probably the Richmond Riverside complex by the River Thames. When the Templars were suppressed in 1312 it passed to the Knights Hospitallers until the Dissolution of the monasteries. In Kingswalden Bury the pair produced a mansion of which Andrea Palladio himself, the great 16th-century Venetian architect, would have been proud. A house replaced it in 1540 but was subsequently demolished and only a few stone coffin lids have been dug up over the years.
It has pantile roofs and a five-bay centre, with a pediment and two storeys of columns, flanked by simpler two-bay projecting wings.

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