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As always, we appreciate input from you regarding issues of safety or anything else that might be fitting and helpful to any section or project through-out this site.
Use treated lumber that has been lying around for a while and allowed to become surface-dry, (not fresh and wet from the processing treating plant). Platform beds are very fun to build and even more fun to give your bedroom that unique look and style. Either way, I recommend you look into a set of platform bed plans written by a professional. I’ve been primarily using one woodworking design site for all of my projects and the results have been fantastic. Downloadable format so you get instant access and can print the plans out right from your computer. Instructions are complete and tell you what tools you will need, which type of wood is recommended, what finishers and adhesives to use, and anything else important that you need to know. Before starting on your platform bed project, decide if you want quality or want to save a few bucks following poorly written plans. I made this site as a resource for all of you that are the DIY type like me and enjoy the craft of woodworking. When you decide to add a home bar to your home, you might already have a vision in mind or you may need to find home bar designs to give you some inspiration.
In addition to home bars that you have been to, there are a number of books on the topic that you can use, many including home bar design templates and plans.
You can also find designs and templates from a number of sites online; some even have plans that can be purchased for home use. Sometimes clamps are good for securing templates to workpieces, but tape is usually even better! A plunge router and template are two must-have tools for wood inlay work, and to get tight-fitting inlays, you’ll need some way to make sure your work pieces don’t move around while you’re routing.
You’ll find that double-sided carpet tape is one of the most useful things to have on hand when doing inlay work.
Learn the fundamentals of inlay work in Inlays Made Easy from Popular Woodworking University. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. This isn't just for safety; using tools properly can also make the work easier and give your projects a much more professional look.

Even if you are only using a non-electrical hand drill, you should still wear goggles as a drill bit can sometimes snap and fly through the air. Wear gloves when handling treated lumber and use a dust mask when cutting or sanding where dust is generated. Before you start on this project, you should first decide on the design of the platform bed. You could find some free plans out there on the internet but most of them are poorly written and will leave you with a lot of guesswork and frustration. If you’re like me, you would much rather have a unique and stylish looking platform bed that impresses your wife and other people who see it. It's a great feeling of accomplishment when you build something entirely from scratch with just some wood and some hand and power tools. Each of these will have guidelines for sizes and dimensions as well as recommendations for the wood that you are using.
Again, these sites will have suggestions for size and dimension of the final design, which may or may not work for you, and they will recommend one type of wood over others.
They can get it drawn out on paper but may not be able to come up with the dimensions or the beginnings of the lay out. Clamps usually work, but there isn’t always room. When you need to secure a template to a work piece for routing, double-sided tape is usually your best bet. You can get a roll of plastic carpet tape for two or three dollars, and depending on how often you use it, a roll can last for weeks, months or longer.
It’s helpful anytime you need to secure a template to a work piece or hold something down without clamps.
This four-week course will teach you about the tools and techniques you need to make all kinds of inlays. He's been a professional cabinetmaker since 2003, and has worked in architectural millwork, cabinets and countertops. When I’m building any sort of woodworking project, I always get plans designed by a professional woodworker. You get access to over 14,000 different woodworking plans and of course, there is a good variety of platform bed plans. One of the best things about woodworking is the feeling you get when you look at something you crafted with your own hands and it amazes others as well.
I hope that the more people that come to this site, the more can walk away learning a few things about the craft.

It’s not that he serves the freshest peanuts or that he is all that much more interesting than the other guys on the same block. Remember a home bar design should be partly your own, so if you would like to adapt the bar’s design for a different size or a slightly different shape or you would prefer a different kind of wood than what is suggested, then it may be possible.
You want your piece to have your full vision, but you also want it to be built safely and correctly. You won’t have to worry about running into clamps or having to reposition them during a cut. It’s useful for more than just templates; I use it all the time on my CNC router to keep material in place during routing. Cold can also be a problem, and you might notice that your tape doesn’t stick when your shop isn’t quite warm enough. Once you join the site, you can immediately download all 14,000 plans to your computer and print them out as you need them. The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product.
So, why then, when it came time to build your own home bar, was his the one that you thought of first? Before you completely rule out the changes that you would like to make, talk to the experts at Rino’s Woodworking Shop and see if they have suggestions.
You may be able to get some suggestions from Rino’s Woodworking Shop for the sizes and placements of angle and joins so that your home bar is a beautiful, durable and fully functional work of art for years and years to come.  To get you project underway, call Rinos at (440) 946-1718 to order your bar rail or simply order online now! However, if your shop is too cold for tape to stick, it’s probably too cold for glue to dry properly, and you might want to save your woodworking for warmer weather. Do not use preserved wood under circumstances where the preservative may become a component of food, animal feed, or beehives. It might come down to the design and the fact that you admire that one enough to adapt it for your own space. No matter what size, style or species of wood that you would like, they can custom cut it for you and have it shipped right to your door.
In fact, it sticks so well you’ll probably have a hard time getting it off your work when you’re done with it.

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