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But when it comes to your bedroom, you start thinking of cost cutting measures and furnish the room with bare necessities like a bed, a dresser and a wardrobe.
Your bedroom is your recluse, it is the place where you relax and rewind, thus the bedroom ought to be decorated tastefully with things that suit your personality.
Innovative Homemade Bedroom Decorations Homemade Bedroom Decorations for the Walls Wall decorations put life in the interior of your home.
Paint an inspirational picture of Swastika or OM and hang it in a corner that is used for yoga or meditation.
Make two or three pockets on the board with more card board, paste pictures of greeting cards on them. If you do not have enough material in one colour, you can mix and match and make curtains in two contrasting colours or you can cut long strips of the material and sew them together in alternate rows of different colours.
Homemade Table Decorations Table decorations serve two purposes, one they are there just for decoration and another they can be there for utility as well as for decorative purpose. Vetiver is an herb of Indian origin which is scientifically known as Chrysopogon zizanioides. Decorating your house for festivals, parties or get-togethers has become very common in today’s day and age. Home DecorToday we’re so excited to have our first guest blogger Alice from Yorkshire Linen with some decor tips for creating a beautiful bedroom. Give your bedroom some bold style this season by picking using one or two of the following bedroom decor ideas to maximise the impact of your decor. Sometimes using bright bold colours in decor can make the overall effect of the decor become too intense and gloomy: the total opposite of what is desired!
Introduce pops of unusual colour into your decor (orange and turquoise are particular favourites with designers and decorators this year) to enliven the decor and showcase the other, perhaps more traditional, decor colours.

Similarly, the addition of significant metallic points can enhance and dramatise your bedroom decor admirably. Add a marine theme to your bedroom by using clear, bright blue against a cream or white background with mere touches of red and yellow.
While few people want to return entirely to the 60s or 70s (although I daresay there are a few of you out there!) the occasional nod to retro decor can be an effective tool in your interior design arsenal. While it may not seem obvious, the use of plants and flowers (whether real, fake or merely fabric designs) can add a certain something to the decor of any room, and the bedroom is no exception. You can make a wall hanging with old card board, cloth pieces, ribbons and old greeting cards. To make homemade centre pieces for your bedroom you can use discarded crockery items like empty wine bottles, small bowls or glasses and mugs. Paint them in different colours with glass paint, wrap a colourful ribbon around the neck and place them in alternating height on your centre table or a corner table to put flowers. Literally lighten up this unwanted effect by using plenty of white, cream or other similarly pale colours with your chosen bright and bold shade.
If you are unsure of which unusual colours to introduce, why not opt for a vibrant work of art which is likely to create a different effect depending on where in the room it is placed and on which colours it is set against. Pop into a D-I-Y store and have a chat about which paint is best for achieving the desired effect and make sure that you undertake the work slowly and carefully. If you want a dramatic and bold decor, yet abhor bright colours and gaudy colour schemes, you can use white instead: crisp and clean and very noticeable, perfect to showcase your bedroom features. For a bedroom that looks understated and restrained but is still lively and eye catching, this vivid contrast between black and white is the perfect solution. You can opt for something functional like a large wall-clock or something frivolous and purely ornamental depending on your personal tastes.

This colour scheme can be teamed with seashells, seaweed and other marine features or simply be allowed to speak for itself. Pop a retro-inspired cushion on your bed, or hang a pop-art poster on your wall and see how this adds texture to your bedroom decor. Thanks to Alice for sharing with us, don’t forget to stop by Yorkshire Linen and see what else she has been up to.
These innovative pieces can be made out of discarded materials that you would generally throw away. You can use this wall hanging to keep your posts, letters and pen and a writing pad for easy access. These are just a few ideas for homemade bedroom decorations; you can use your own imagination and unleash your creative skills. Rather than diluting the effect of your strong colour, as might be expected, the lighter notes stop the strongest colour from overwhelming the decor. You will quickly learn that you do not have to use masses of colour to achieve a bold look.
To make homemade wall decoration for your bedroom, you can make a collage of your family photographs or your honeymoon pictures so that you can relive the moments while relaxing in the room. You can make colourful curtains out of your old saris, dupattas and other discarded clothes.

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