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Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Many custom furniture makers and cabinetmakers use only a well-tuned table saw for all their precision cuts. A sled is a movable contraption that slides in the table saw's factory- machined miter gauge slots. Although the miter gauge that comes with your saw can be used for crosscutting, it's less safe and accurate than a well-made sled. Note: You can download Figure A and enlarge it in the Additional Information section below. Clamp the left runner even with the line and clamp a straightedge tight against the runner to keep it straight while you mount it. Sprinkle sawdust in the right slot, press double-faced tape onto the second runner and lay it tape side up into the slot (the sawdust shims the runner above the table surface so the tape will stick to the sled bottom). Clamp the stiffener flush with the outfeed edge, keeping the right end of the stiffener even with the right end of the sled table.
I am looking forward to an informative, constructive and educational discussion on this issue.
If you check the woodworkers' magazines you will find plans for practically every power tool from table saws to router tables.
Interesting in theory, certainly attainable, and in fact I would not be surprised to find some ideas in one of mine or my dad's Popular Mechanics from the 40's, 50's, or 60's, quite a few of which I still have in my shop, occassionally for reference, but more often than not for a few grins.

I am exploring the idea of purchasing the Dewalt DW745 table saw and I noticed that you are using it for woodworking projects. Their secret for making perfect crosscuts and miter (angle) cuts is to use a table saw sled even on wide boards. The workpiece then rests against a wooden fence at the front of the sled, a setup that keeps the work from slipping and ensures a clean, perfectly square cut every time. If the sled sticks or binds, run it back and forth through the slots 20 or so times then flip the sled over and examine the runner edges. You can build one in about 2 hours, then hang it on the wall near your table saw until you need it.
Align the sled table with the infeed edge of the saw table, then lower the fixed left runner into the slot and lower the right side of the sled onto the taped runner.
Take your time and mill the runners (Photos 2 – 4) so they easily slide in the miter gauge slots without any binding or slop. Times were different though; the options for a homeowner, or even smaller contractors, were very limited, comparatively, and discetionary income was not what it is today. Sneak up on the runner widths by ripping off small amounts of wood until you get the perfect fit. Even though my Sears unit is made in China and far from top of the line, I think it would beat anything I could build.
So, can it be done, yes, but a fair amount of work, and it would be hard to match the accuracy and convenience of today's table saws.

Melamine is cheap, easy to find at home centers and doesn't warp with variations in humidity the way plywood sometimes does. Ripping thin, narrow boards is dangerous, so be sure to use push sticks—not your fingers—when sending work through the saw. The other thing that comes to mind, significant in my opinion, is the fact that when I use my table saw I am often using a circular saw as another part of the process, so having to switch back and forth would be a pain. However, the dust collection works better on the Dewalt than on the Bosch (I need to make some improvements to the Bosch saw to get the dust collection to work at its full potential) Hope this helps! If you own a bench-top table saw, consider building a smaller sled that will work for small projects such as picture frames or the occasional shadow box. The only drawback is that you must keep it dry or the edges will swell up like a pro wrestler on steroids. I will say though that I have seen few off-the-shelf cabinets that I like, so I would suggest buying a table saw, sans a stand, cabinet, or whatever, and focus on customizing that. In fact that is one of my projects this winter; I built what I thought was the ideal cabinet, and somehow things have changed over the 20 or so years since, so I have some basic plans drawn up, and this one should take me to the end of my sawing days. Install only one pivot screw at the right end of the fence and leave the clamp on the left side.

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