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At first, I considered just making a new fence for that saw but I immediately realized that it would probably be a wasted effort - I really wanted more. I looked at various fence systems and settled on the Biesemeyer design as the best all round. There is a piece of angle that is welded to the fence and wraps over the front of the rail as the main 'T' (keeps the fence square to the front rail). The fence rides slightly above the top and the only contact is at the end, where a sealed bearing acts as a roller.
The outfeed table is attached to the rear of the saw, in line with 'main street' on the saw (the area where the majority of material that is cut will be).

This, on its own, catches about 98% of the dust from the saw, with a very small amount spilling out the front into that bin (see earlier pics). There are many details that I'm leaving out: a lengthy text would be the result of a complete documentation on a complex project such as this.
These are on the four corners of the main cabinet, plus the two rear legs of the outfeed table. Join 11,264 of us on the Homemade Tools forum, and get your free 50 Must Read Homemade Tools ebook. Indeed, there were several hours spent on what most would consider a minor detail - minor details that are comprised of many details themselves.

Given the larger radius of the scale, it was much easier to mark accurately than a smaller one would be.
It is attached to what is in essence a funnel that channels the dust that is expelled into a standard size recycle bin. The pointer for the degree scale below for example took no less than 4 hours to design, construct and configure.

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