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We get some unique mail here at Fine Woodworking, like carvings, miniatures, wood samples, and I once even got a block plane. Wanna Build It?If you're interested in building a rig like this, be sure to check back in the coming weeks for a link to the plans. Router Glides on SlidesOne pair of slides lets the router move toward and away from the workpiece. Precise ControlThere is a rule and cursor so that you can control the exact length of a mortise and get repeatable results.
The PDF of the Plans which includes the drawings and detailed instruction, parts list and sources is done! OTW writes: I have finsihed the Buillding Instructions (text) and am working with Dave Richards to complete the illustrations. It has taken much more time and effort to put all of this together than it did to build it.
We are almost done with the plans with the help of a most venerable SketchUP guru and contributor to blogs.

That concern, plus what others have mentioned about dust in the ball bearing (that will eventually gum them up terribly) makes this machine a non-starter in my book. It's better to stick with a stationary mounted router and 'slide' the workpiece across a fixed table (IMHO).
I think that a set of plans with construction details and an operating manual would answer a lot of your questions. That said, angle grinder sparks most definitely can set stuff on fire at close enough range.
I ended up filing the holes out a little with a chainsaw file to allow me to mount it level. The router base is left attached to a homemade aluminum insert that rides in a plywood carriage. But the most interesting thing I've gotten in the mail has to be the horizontal router table sent to me by a reader from South Carolina.
Matthias Wandel has plans for his version of a horizontal slot mortiser, which by the way, I just completed.

I've cut long sliding dovetails and other sorts of edge detail of long stock (well not all that long, but longer than the rail travel of this machine). Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. We've run articles on horizontal router tables in the past, but this one is a bit different. I learned enough about what I liked and disliked in the first one that I now have a second one.
To get a sense of how the table works check out this quick (and rough) video of me using it back in the shop.

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