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Emphasizing horizontal progression, or making your character different from others, is fine if you can truly create a game where players can be different without gaining power, all the while not creating a completely boring experience.  I have never played a MMO offering me the ability to truly seek after ways to make myself different from others in such a way that I feel like I have truly PROGRESSED horizontally. I believe a game with mostly horizontal progression can have a ton of depth if it involves player skill. I don’t know any RPG that has entirely horizontal progression as shown on your diagram. Dying your armor a different color may not be progression for you but you should play with some of the people I’ve played with over the years! From the other side, Horizontal Progression exclude players who want the traditional RPG style of play, to see their characters grow stronger. I would also like to add to the my first paragraph in my previous post, that even in vertical progressions it is very often to find players of the same progress to fight each other, where skill matters. It seems more relevant to me to look at how a game actually effects progression rather than think about what type of progression the game is using.
DOTA games are becoming very popular and PvP focused games would do well to look at what’s making them work well.
It seems like the games that people really felt were truly great had something to offset the progression somehow. I rolled around in bed all night wondering if I should just stop contributions into my retirement account for a while to fund this crazy purchase. I’m still looking forward to playing this game when it comes out, and I may regret my decision, but hopefully you will post interesting things about this game to keep me entertained for the next two years. Also, if you really think about it, funding this way is sort of the ultimate F2P years in advance of the actual game. All In One Printer Support We Provide Service Free of Cost and the Solutions Provided by us are Effective! Horizontal white lines while making copies from Printer usually indicate the ink cartridge is running out of ink or has some clogged ink nozzles.
Note: If the problem is not corrected by cleaning the ink cartridges, replace the ink cartridges. Hi, I am Bestbet and I have been freelancing and helping people on Software and Hardware issues related with All-in-One Printer for many years and I created this blog to posts my experience on some cool stuff and issues related with All-in-one Printer, if you have any ideas or queries, please post a comment to let me know. Diagonals are one of the strongest and most fundamental compositional elements– something that we all know quite well.
So now you see we have drawn a (rough) reciprocal line cutting through the original diagonal line. One of the questions that might be going through your head is: what is the point of drawing the reciprocal line through the original diagonal line? This is a superb photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson (that honestly many of us can emulate). So now you see in figure 2, the reciprocal line intersects and brings focus on the intersecting point in the middle.
So if you see in figure 3, it is a clearer sign of the point of interest that the intersecting lines make. If you remember our previous lesson on triangles, let us also see if there are triangles in the shot. At the end of the day, I don’t think this photo is powerful because it has all these fancy triangles and diagonals. So the content (what is going on in the photo) of the photo is strong, and the form (composition) is strong as well. So in this shot that HCB shot in Marseille, there are two men who are taking a rest in the day. Now do you see the secondary diagonal line that connects the man lying down with the other man (on top) who is chilling? So if you see in figure 2, the diagonal line which connects the two men isn’t perfectly the reciprocal- but it still works.
If you take a look at Figure 1 above, you can see that if you start from the far right of the frame and work your way upwards– you see the diagonal line unifies all of their hands together. Once again- I doubt that HCB saw these little red triangles in his mind when he was taking the shot.

So you can see in Figure 1, all of the diagonals in the shot which add a sense of movement and energy to the shot. So diagonal lines don’t have to always be perfect diagonal lines from corner-to-corner in the frame.
In the shot, you see the elegance of all of the ballerinas – and the mirror in the top right of the frame that sucks you into the image. If you follow the movement of the ballerinas, and the geometry and architecture of the building– you will see all of these diagonal lines which add depth and a sense of space, movement, and elegance to the shot.
Rene Burri (another great Magnum photographer) often shot from high vantage points- and is also a master of composition. So you can see in Figure 1, the men are staring straight at the women – in a diagonal manner.
So ultimately what makes this shot great (aside from the fact of the great story of the men staring at the women walking by)– is the geometric and compositional elegance of the shot. When I took the shot, I liked the strong diagonal line in the background of the shot (the wall) and the man walking by it.
After looking at the shot on my computer, I realized it was the strong diagonal movement and motion is one of the compositional elements I liked about the shot.
These are just some examples of diagonals and how you can incorporate them into your photography.
As we saw in the above example, one of the strongest ways to compose your photos is to put the subject (or subjects) of interest at the intersecting points.
The great thing about diagonal leading lines is that they lead the viewer’s eyes through the frame- which gives it more space, depth, and movement. As you see in this shot by Rene Burri– what makes is so compositionally powerful is the intersecting and criss-crossing diagonal lines. So practically when you are on the streets, keep your eyes out for diagonals–whether it be the way people position their bodies, the way the light hits, the way people move, the direction they look, or diagonal shapes in backgrounds. All photographs in this article are copyrighted by their respective photographers and agencies. I truly believe a game relying solely on horizontal progression is destined to lack depth and become boring.  At the same time, if vertical progression is emphasized at the expense of horizontal, then an equally boring game about nothing more than chasing the next tier with absolutely zero depth will be the result. Not only is it more realistic, it allows the feeling of achievement to continue indefinitely without destroying game balance.
There are many skilled players who also like their character progress in strength depending how much time they devote on them. What you achieve in the game, should not seem worthless in 3-4 months or be easier to achieve from other players.
The only reason linear progression is broken in today’s MMOs is that there is no counterbalance anymore. Credit goes to Adam Marelli for teaching me about this important design element which can help street photographers all around the globe. They also go in degrees of intensity (the horizontal line being the least dynamic and the diagonal line as the most dynamic). If you think about anything in nature that is horizontal — it is at rest and unshakeable.
This means, you draw a diagonal line and then draw a line that is perpendicular to it (remember geometry class?) and creates a 90 degree angle.
If you remember geometry class, adding up all those 90 degree angles add up to 360 degrees (the degree of a circle). One on the bottom is totally sprawled out– hand on his waist, and his other arm perfectly curved almost like he were a sculpture. Not as interesting as faces (as seen in the prior HCB shot on the train) — but still compositionally it works.
You see three characters in the shot, with the person in the middle being the most prominent.
This is a little bit less obvious than the previous photos of HCB – but it still works. But the photograph he took has a beautiful sense of balance and elegance- I feel part of this has to do with the balance of the triangles in the shot– and the strong diagonal that leads through the photograph.

The figure in the top is a bit small to see on the screen, but if you look closely you can see him.
Do you see all the diagonal lines which create the leading lines all to the point on the top right? In one of his most famous shots, he saw three men hanging out- with beautiful streaks of light.
To have all of these intersecting diagonal lines adds more energy and movement to the shot.
And in terms of content, I like the dark silhouetted figure of a suit looking kind of like a ghost in the shot- and the dark feeling of the shot too. The more diagonal lines you can add (in different directions as well) the better the composition will be. No, in fact a bad RR8 player would still be killed by a good RR2, but the RR8 was technically elevated above the RR2.
For example, in Camelot Unchained, which will be quite open and give players free reign over the battlefield, too much vertical would destroy the game. Trees are tall and powerful, but if they didn’t have strong roots they would be easy to tip over. After all, in nature anything that is diagonal is far more unstable than both horizontal things and vertical things.
I do have a good feeling that he did see the diagonal elements (Figures 1-3) of the shot and took it.
Of course both are necessary, but I still feel that being a human being– the emotion of a photo is far more powerful than its composition. And his left knee is up, creating a nice little triangle, with his other leg straightened perfectly out.
New players would arrive, get completely flattened by the high level players and quit in disgust. I guess most Dev teams would love to do both if only they had the people, the time and the money.
Vertical progression is a fun mechanism for PvE single player games, but Camelot Unchained is going to be a PvP multiplayer game and so vertical progression makes no sense, unless you can isolate new players in a different game play experience until they are able to progress.
Skyscrapers which go for hundreds of floors upwards are very unstable, and a earthquake could easily topple them over (versus a flatter structure which is more stable and close to the ground).
Do you see how her body is sprawled across diagonally in the frame- nearly corner to corner? The person has masculine features in the face, but looks quite dainty and has perfectly sculpted eyebrows and some eyeliner around the eyes. If there was no vertical progression it would mean that whatever you get horizontally doesnt matter and is meaningless.
I’d really like to start seeing games depart from Avatar strength and start challenging the players to really become more skilled at interesting mechanics given to them instead of a leveling treadmill and endless rotations. Eventually the pieces on the board run out and players expect the game to go on, but it can’t. On the other hand, if you get horizontal abilities that do things different and if that is in any form superior then it is a form of vertical progression.
This is the reason why games like DOTA 2, Planetside 2 (yes it does have vertical progression and I enjoy the design when it’s used in doses like this), and other that challenge me as a player instead of asking me to spend time or money on artificial satisfaction. Then you hvae the other two characters in the frame looking a little uneasily at the photographer (HCB) while performing some sort of play with their hands. It is the balance between reducing the skill gap and keeping things from being meaningless.

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