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My kids are young so they only have a few books each, but I have TONS of books from my childhood that I really don’t want to get rid of. Because the trunk isn’t super convenient for getting things in and out of on a daily basis I keep the 3 books that the kids are currently using in a basket by the piano. This same concept could be used with any existing table, bookshelf, or end table that will fit a filing crate in it! Welcome to Music Filing and Storage Systems, your one stop shop for sheet music filing systems and storage systems for School Music Departments.
Music Filing & Storage Systems is the first filing and storage specialist focused on the needs of schools' music departments.

Our rail kits let you utilize your Wenger System or existing wooden shelves, and still enjoy the benefits of our sheet music storage compartments.
Simply provide your email, and we'll send you updates to the catalog and any news about events in your area. The Music Fiing System has made our music library more accessible, while allowing us to reclaim space that was previously cluttered with file cabinets.
A rustic chest with a distinctive lettered front is the ideal spot to stash away home office equipment. And, after failing 3 different times to find a successful method for storing my kids’ piano books I finally emptied the quilts out of my trunk coffee table and added some filing crates.

BUT, the other books are still nearby and the kids can find what they are looking for easily. Use the top as an extra display space and include a music system to help while away the hours. I love that all the books are in the music room but I don’t have a random filing cabinet or book shelf that the room is too small for. I also like that I can organize them by level and type so they are easy to find (especially sheet music).

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