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We are building pool in Kona Hi and we are trying to figure out how much decking is too much. Tanby Swimming PoolsEverything about this house and pool is large - from the expansive views over the countryside to the house, grounds and terrace area.This enables the client to have many entertaining areas for different purposes. Exteriors of DDB Design Development & Building Houses, Landscape Design by Nathan Burkett Landscape Architects, photography by Urban Angles.The trees at the back are ficus Hillii and the Bamboo is slender weaver clumping bamboo.
DDB Design Development & BuildingUnfortunately Bamboo doesn't change its nasty little habit of shedding when it is next to a pool. DDB Design Development & BuildingThese Ficus trees are planted in front of a solid brick rendered wall so their root system at this stage is not an issue. DDB Design Development & BuildingAgain, you would need to consult a Landscape Gardner , Architect or nursery for that information as we are builders , not gardners and the Landscaping was provided by Nathan Burkett Landscape Architects. DDB Design Development & BuildingThe Bamboo here is slender weaver but you would need to consult a Landscape Gardner , Architect or nursery for that information as we are builders and the Landscaping was provided by Nathan Burkett Landscape Architects. On the mountainous backdrop of this swimming pool, the custom waterfall design and grotto provides a peaceful retreat.

Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming PoolsDolphin Waterslides manufactured the slide.
Could you please tell us what material and specs you used for the pool deck and where we could buy the same material? We planted Slender Weaver Bamboo which grows tall and slender and has a non invasive root system. Use pleached trees or tall, thin plants Pleached trees (where the foliage is trimmed to form a hedge) are ideal for small gardens as they let in light above and allow space for planting below.
The artificial rock formation accurately mimics one of naturea€™s unique wonders by providing a natural escape behind the privacy of a large waterfall. As a rough rule of thumb for clients wanting a pool we give them a range from $80,000 to $150,000 to install once you include all the surrounds, fencing, cleaning equipment etc. Fills in the space quickly, adds a hedge and isalways green, Certain Clients are happy to live with a bit of shedding but it is your choice.
The concrete matches natural stone formations with meticulous placement, specific coloring, and purposeful cracks and crevices.

Conveniently, the Saddle River NJ homeowners can swim into the grotto from the pool, or they can enter and exit through a rugged gap in the stone, leading directly to the cabana.
This photograph shows how pleaching fig trees help to keep their growth under control while the raised canopy is very uniform.
The light coloured trunks are accentuated to create nice geometric lines to suit the sophisticated, linear pool. Deciduous plants can spell disaster as can many other trees and shrubs that drop leaves regularly.
If you have children that are likely to splash a lot youa€™ll need very tough, chlorine or salt tolerant plant choices to ensure survival.

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