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Step One: Creating a Home Page Through this PowerPoint, you will learn how to create a webpage using Macromedia Dreamweaver; there are many programs available, but these directions are based upon Dreamweaver! Step Two: Creating a Home Page Now that you have set up your Welcome page and saved it in your WWW folder, you have set up the page to be accessed from the Internet. Making Links Okay, so lets say that youve said all you want to say on your homepage, and you are ready to link some other things to it– how do you do that?! Adding Images [Background Images] Now that we have gotten the basics down, we can decorate our page!!! Making Your Page Pretty To change the background color of the page: Right click in an empty space on the page. Making Your Page Pretty Continued To change the Links or Visited Links color: Right click in an empty space on the page. How to use the internet The internet is a wide ranging network that thousands of people use everyday.
Getting Started Setting a Theme Setting up Pages Making a Menu Adding Video to your Page Setting Up Your Contact Page Extra Website Content. Table of Contents II: Customize your TOC Change the appearance of your TOC You’ve created an automatic table of contents, but now you feel like making. There is a huge growing trend of people using blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger to build websites quickly – without having any knowledge of HTML or how to make an actual website or page. The first thing to do is actually create a new HTML document that will become our web page.
The final step in this tutorial is to add a paragraph of text to introduce your site to the visitor and include an image for them to look at too. And, in case you want to see it live and working in your browser, here is a link to the example.
If you want to share your web design masterpiece, make a name for yourself and get more traffic, sign in now!
Some people can read instructions on how to do things and can immediately go out and do them without any problems. Building Your First Web Page by Hand - This is a basic tutorial on coding a web site completely by hand using a text editor. Killer PHP Video Tutorials for Web Designers - This site offers a bunch of free video tutorials covering PHP from start to finish, including Writing Your First PHP Script, PHP Loops, and more. Creatin' CSS Layouts in Dreamweaver - This is the first video in a three-part series on working with CSS in Dreamweaver. How to Turn any Web Template into a WordPress Theme - This tutorial is aimed at non-geeks who are design challenged, and is a great thing to learn if you ever work with WordPress. Easy Setup of Login, Registration and Password Protected Areas on Your Website - This PHP tutorial covers exactly what the title says.

Introduction to Microsoft Expression Web: Understanding CSS - This video tutorial is part of a series on Microsoft Expression Web and shows how to work with CSS in that environment. How to Add Navigation Menu Buttons to Your Website with Nvu - This tutorial shows how to add navigation elements if you're using Nvu, a free web design program. Building Your First Webpage - This tutorial from Utah State University is a basic overview for anyone who's never built a webpage before. How to Build a Web Page - This tutorial is perfect for someone new to HTML who wants to build their own site. Step One: Creating a Home Page Through this PowerPoint, you will learn how to create a webpage using.
Remember, everything you save for your Web page MUST be saved in the [Z:] drive and WWW folder, just as you did on the home page.
To link other web pages to your web site, type in whatever title you would like the website to have. If you wanted to put a background on your page, and wanted this background to be an image, the steps are simple. You can use this knowledge to edit the page to your liking, and expand on it as much as youd like! EF 105 Computer Methods in Engineering Problem Solving Week 2: FrontPage Introduction to Software Use to create Web Pages.
Slide 1 Dreamweaver has 2 screens that do different things The Document window where you create your WebPages The Site window where.
A Museum box is a way of presenting information that allows you to create a cube project that can be shared with others. Basic Vocabulary > Slide - Presentation - Slide layout – > > > a single page in PowerPoint all the slides for a speech all the slides. Fixed Layouts Your sample.htm file contains some code and content that you could reuse on every page in a multipage website.
Basic Vocabulary Slide - Presentation - Slide layout – > > > > a single page in PowerPoint all the slides for a speech all the slides for. 2 This Meeting (class) Purpose: Provide users of the Content Management System with the information they need to be productive in the system. The script created will allow a user to register, log in and out, change their password, and retrieve a forgotten password.
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When you open the program, it will automatically open a new blank page, and you may use this.
Just to make sure you set your page up correctly, let me tell you how to view it from the Internet.

For example, lets say I wanted to link Augusta States web site to my home page: I would title it Augusta State Universitys Web Site. Creating a folder on the hard drive – c drive Go to the c drive under my computer on the desktop Create. This is fine if you know someone who can show you how to do things, but if you don't, it's a little harder. Here are 10 that show you the basics of web design, from some basic PHP to creating your first website to creating WordPress themes. From here, you can browse through the images you have saved and choose the one that you want to use. The Jaguar [Z:] drive also has the name of whatever login name you use to access the computer at ASU. For example, my access name is MPrice6 and so I saved my homepage under Mprice6 on Jaguar [Z:].
There will probably not be anything in the space provided, but just choose to Browse through your files, and choose an image from your www folder.
To change the color of the Visited Links, click on the box under Page Properties that is titled Visited Links. We wanted to link it to a web site– Augusta States web site, for example– so we would go to the URL option towards the bottom of the box and type in the URL address. When the page is viewed under Internet Explorer, links will be this color once theyve been visited. Under Save In you will need to choose the option of saving the file in the jaguar [Z:] drive. Once you have opted to save it in the jaguar [Z:] drive, then choose to save it in the WWW folder. 4.Name the document Index (since this will be your main home page that every other page will be linked back to!) and choose save!! You may link anything you have saved in your www folder to your webpage: simply click on it and hit OK. Though you will still see dotted lines, they will not appear when the web page is opened from a web browser.

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