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Not only will you get a bike dialed to your body, but you’ll get the option of a few special colorways unavailable through their stock offerings. The program sticks to preset frame colors and designs, but you get to pick things like saddle and bar tape color, the shape and width of the handlebar, stem length, saddle width and model, etc. The BG Fit is an additional cost, but if you’ve already got bike fit numbers, you can plug those in.
It would be quite difficult to spot the frame crack if you paint like that in the first featured picture.
This is taking all the best features of Project One and getting rid of them, then adding only boutique super high end way too expensive frames and not offering any mid-range models or components. Buy a used S-works frame and get it custom painted by someone who knows what they’re doing for 25% the price.
There are a lot of ways to satisfy your ego through the purchase of a bicycle that do not involve funding the Bullies at Specialized. I know of the Cafe Roubaix debacle which was a huge PR blunder, but where has Specialized succeeded in suing a company out of existance?
I really like the black on black look but I’m never going to buy a Specialized product again.
Once all of these bikes are wrapped up and sent off to auction, the builder with the highest grossing auction price will go home with whatever the prize under the cover is.
We check in as the builds get underway under the roof of Gas Monkey Garage and each Monkey puts their very own custom twist on their bike in a project that might just provide a little bit of stress relief.
Check out the video below to check out the progress that these guys are making with their builds so far. Simon converted his Specialized Big Hit into an electric bad ass in under 3 months time and on a  tight  budget. One of our favorite things about this electric bike is that it is not a simple hub motor conversion. Also most performance hub motors are heavy, and that unsprung weight in the wheels makes the bike feel heavy and unbalanced, and not as good for jumping. Simon decided to run this motor at 40A with a standard ebike controller, and power the controller with a maximum of 75 volts of Hobby-King LiPo. Simon was able to accomplish this amazing build with no fancy CNC equipment etc to pull it off. To begin the project, Simon stripped the bike of all her components and then bead-blasted her until raw. The Crystalyte HS3540 is normally a hub motor that weighs a bulky 18 pounds, a lot of weight to carry in the back wheel. In the below picture you can see how the E-bike’s custom altered frame hides all the electrical components in a neat and tidy shell. One of the most challenging aspects of building a DIY Lithium-Polymer powered ebike is battery management. He uses a sophisticated RC charger in a custom box to make sure the cells are charged properly, and do not go over their critical maximum voltage. Like all E-bike builders using RC technology, Simon has to cleverly adapt a technology not perfectly suited for his application.

And then when it is time to ride, this custom removable bus-bar effectively connects the sub-packs in series again to triple the voltage.
DIY’s have been learning from each other, and technology has been building on itself. This bike is currently for sale as a used bike with the added feature of a $1400 Rohloff as a transmission. Eric Hicks Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco.
The only catch to that type of build for a DIY person is that those welds are absolutely professional grade welding that is done by an expert welder. The problem is the bike is done for one type of motor and one type of batteries…if one of those parts break and ceased to be produced, the frame gets useless. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
A chopper bicycle is a bicycle that is designed to get attention and provide a smooth comfortable ride. While the term "chopper" is generally used to describe a motorcycle or bicycle that has had some of its original parts replaced with custom parts, today's definition has grown to include custom motorcycles and bicycles that are low to the ground, usually with extended forks creating a long front end. Bicycle Dance Teams — The first inklings of bicycle dancing can be traced back to the dawn of the invention.
Raleigh Bicycle Company — The Raleigh Bicycle Company is a bicycle manufacturer originally based in Nottingham. But it's a matter of retraining one's sense of balance - about 15 minutes, depending on the person. Confirmation Page (for freight calculations) without making entries in the credit card fields.
Currently, the program is only for the S-Works editions of the Tarmac (regular or disc) and Epic FSR.
The bikes are sold at a set price for the complete frameset with cockpit, wheels and tires, then the dealer orders the drivetrain and brakes to complete the bike.
You can also pull from any of the inline (stock) frame color options for these models, too.
Surely Specialized needs to re-evaluate their business strategy when it comes to brand protection, in the name of PR, but copyright and trademark lawsuits are nothing new. No company large or small would invest in R&D if any Joe on the street could steal their design and run with it. Specialized spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, had infinite resources, and took 4 years with a secret team in Switzerland to create the Specialized Turbo. In all, Simons development and build cost him less that the $7,000 price tag of what a single  Specialized Turbo would cost the consumer to buy. Building a full suspension mountain ebike is tricky enough (where to put the battery in the small triangle etc), but building one which the frame must also fit the motor and controller is an insanely difficult task.
The Specialized Big Hit is a favorite candidate for electric conversion because of its massive full suspension and the light weight of its aluminium frame construction.
In this build, the motor has been fitted with larger bearings and machined down to shed 3 pounds in weight and will be situated just above the bottom bracket, so the rider and the motor can both share the same driveline in tandem.

RC motors, controllers and batteries are designed for lower voltages than what is typically run on high performance electric bikes.
This bike is a perfect example of a myriad of ideas that have been exchanged on the technical E-bike forum endless-sphere, and a bike has ensued that has wowed E-bike builders everywhere.
This is a rare opportunity for someone to own a one-of-a-kind build, and one of the better electric bikes ever built. Unless someone can weld professionally or somehow weld that well, then there is no way to attempt that build without farming-out the welding to someone (very expensive option) that could do it. Even as commercial interests are taking note of the popularity of choppers and expanding their lines[1], most riders of choppers have hand built choppers and encourage others to make their own. The dance of mastering the steel beast, the shuffle of the rough terrain and the climb up to the top of a Lamplighter bike. The parts will be pulled from the vast library of Specialized cockpit options, tires, wheelsets and cranks, leaving only the brakes and drivetrain up to you and your dealer. Of course, you’ve got the option of upgrading wheels and other items at additional expense. All come with the Fox Auto-Sag rear shock, forks are either the RS-1 or a Brain-equipped SID.
This name is incredibly difficult to protect and if Specialized wants to make life easier, with fewer PR blunders, then the company should put more effort into marketing brand names that are not shared by bike races, cities, and other bike companies.
What is ironic is what Simon built out of his garage is probably more desirable to most consumers (and much faster) than the expensive big company creation the Specialized Turbo.
It has LED readouts and data-logging so that Simon can monitor the health of his battery pack. Simon is running 66V on this bike (22V x 3) , but the charger is only made for a pack one third of that voltage. I also would use a much smaller geared hub motor that is much lighter in lower weight & significantly smaller in size too. By welding in the battery compartments, that area of fhe frame regains some of its lost strength. Such groups encourage all chopper bicycle riders to join them on rides celebrating different events and holidays. Look around, nearly every corporate company in existence has been involved in trademark and copyright disputes. If Specialized used something that was not theirs, and not generic, then said company has the responsibility to bring legal action, and shame on them if they didn’t.
As you point out, the welds absolutely must be professional quality to retain the integrity of the frame.
What this does is effectively separate the main battery-pack into three sub-packs in parallel for charging.

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