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Build a cardboard pirate ship with your child and you'll discover how fun homemade toys can be. Dec 17, 2013 · Making a cardboard ship for children can be fun activity full of imagination. It’s an old joke that children have more fun with the box their gift came in, than itself. When I was at the airplane museum once with my kid, I picked him up a chinese plastic Mustang P-51D. So I started planning to design a Mustang in cardboard- one he could assemble, if not cut, himself. From my first model I'd understood cardboard can be used to quickly assemble 3d shapes from layering 2d cutouts.
As the Fiddler's Green plans use a foldaround 3D construction, I'd need to start working from 3-view scale drawings instead. A few thing I'd need to keep in mind; without knowing the thickness of the cardboard several bits would need to flexible. I finally found a bunch of great reference drawings by a guy named oosiksmith- didn't find a site for him. These would supply a lot of detail to the model that would make it look as real as it's simple construction would allow.
The first thing I noticed was that the dihedral meant the wings were obscuring part of the fuselage.
This proved to be the most difficult part until I decided to just turn the wing until it fit. And then I dropped this approach and decided to rather spread the cutouts over several pages.
Today we are going to show you how to make cardboard doll house furniture, decorations, and wall hangings.

Check Out Our Doll House and Doll House Furniture Making Crafts Section for more of the same types of crafts. You can make sturdy little tables, chairs, beds, bureaus, etc out of all the little boxes that find their way into your house. You will then have the sturdy little one-piece table which is illustrated in the picture above. The previous arts and crafts project that we did was to make a cardboard doll house out of old cardboard boxes. IF WE HELPED YOU WITH THIS CRAFT, PLEASE HELP US AND SHARE IT WITH OTHERS USING THE SHARE BUTTONS BELOW! It was a large and sturdy model, which he could play with, and a love for all things Mustang was born.
I'd print out the plan on paper, cut out the parts, then glue them onto cardboard and cut out the cardboard.
These were line drawings, but then with the laser pritner at work I wasn't going to get any color on them anyway. Now this part is covered by a cowl that goes up to a specific line on the references I saw- but not on the H model the drawing shows. On the top these would have to suggest rounding, at the back they would include the horizontal stabiliser, and on the bottom the wings would be attached. I'd liked to have had it lined up in such a way that I could print it on one cardboard sheet at one point, but then again that would require multiple fuselage prints etc. I put the wing in the middle of the a3 and decided to aither print it as an a3 or have people assemble the wing from two parts. This is a great activity for a group of girls at a sleepover slumber party, for girl scouts, or for a boring rainy day. This has been transformed into a chest of drawers simply by outlining drawers and drawer knobs on the face of the box.

Just cut out the four sides of your box in the way shown by the colored lines in the picture above.
Make your awesome model airplanes even more awesome by crafting them out of sturdy cardboard instead. Even better suited to my pacifist nature, the Mustang has as much history as a race plane as it has as a warbird. I decided to go and cut the rear outer fuselage in such a way as to move the inner fuselage more upwards. To shape the arms, draw lines on each side of the facing walls, as shown by the colored lines in the picture above. Check out this crafting video to learn how to build a RC airplane that's impressively large. Incidentally, none of this compared very well to the references, which didn't compare well to eachother. To make sure it could adapt to the wing I'd need to make it oversize, then cut to size after. And the horizontal stab likewise would be an extension of the outer hull, with toothpicks for reinforcement. It was tempting to make landing gear doors that could be cut out- however, those refinements could be added in later models- plenty of cardboard!

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